Dev Blog - Reputation System

Dev Blog - Reputation System

Friday, May 21, 2021

Dev Blog - Reputation

Ravendawn offers countless paths of customization for your character, however, few are as impactful on your experience as Reputation.  

In Ravendawn, the choices you make during quests, missions, and NPC interactions will shape your character in one of three paths: Order, Criminal, or Mercenary. Will you fight for justice, spread chaos, or simply focus on your own profits? Whatever you decide, is up to you, but your decisions will carry on your character forever.  

In the world of Ravendawn there are 3 primary reputation paths that shape your character. Order, Mercenary & Criminal.  

No person is simply good or simply evil. Everyone is a complex being and this is reflected in our Reputation System. You are not locked into simply one reputation path, and will likely progress your character through each path to some degree, while you may indeed focus more on whichever path you choose with your actions.

Your Reputation will not only change how you interact with certain NPC's around the world, but it will also change how you interact with certain locations and environments.


How to gain Reputation Exp?

Gain 15 Order Reputation by killing a Murderer.

Gain 5 Mercenary Reputation when turning in your own Tradepack.

Gain 5 Criminal Reputation when you turn in the Tradepack of someone you killed.

Quests Choices and Responses - Every quest in the world of Ravendawn has tough choices. How you handle these decisions will progress one of your reputation paths.

Random NPC interactions - Many NPC's in the world of Ravendawn offer additional small dialogues and discussions which will also progress certain reputation paths.

World Dynamic Events - More information will come on these in a future dev blog.

Environmental Events - More information will come on these in a future dev blog.



Uphold the justice of this new world through Order. Defending the weak from the wolves and fighting for the welfare of all, your honorable reputation precedes you. Though this path may not always yield the largest immediate reward, the respect you earn affords other perks that are surely worth their weight in gold. Those drawn to the way of Order seek a life of virtue, gaining valor through their actions and bringing light to Ravendawn’s darkest corners. Choose Order, and watch wickedness flee before you.


Royal Path

Commoners Respect

Gain a 10% discount on repairs.


Ravencrests Devotion

Increases the experience earned from quests by 5%



Pay 5% less taxes on mainland property.


Royal Passage

Gain the ability to use the royal charter boat.


Reduced Taxes

Pay 5% less taxes when crafting.


Blessed Path


Crops have a 5% chance to give you a double yield when harvested.



Creatures give 2.5% more experience.


Divine Protection

Increases your DP by 2.5%.


Hero's Luck

Synthesizing Equipment costs 2.5% less.



Your crafting abilities that increase Quality have a 5% chance to double the amount of Quality from the action.


Hero Path


Gain the ability to see Murderers (recently killed an innocent player) in a radius on the map


Reinforced Hull

Your ships have 10% more health.


Royal Legacy

You now have a 50% chance to not lose experience when you die.



Gain +10% increases in-combat regeneration.


Last Stand

When your health drops below 10%, Gain 500% Health Regeneration for 15 seconds. 15 minute cooldown.




Many claim that a Mercenary has no morals, but you know that’s simply not true—you just prefer to do best by yourself and your fellows. Avoiding extremes, you roam the land, profiting wherever profit can be found. A true Mercenary knows how to bend rules without breaking them, and if survival is threatened, is it wrong to shift your loyalties with the tides? With no obligation to society, Mercenaries make the best merchants and diplomats. They are often among the most worldly and well-traveled of Ravendawn, ever-following the flame that burns within their own hearts.

Shipmaster Path

Eagles Nest

Increases the size of your natural fish radar by 50%


Ocean Navigator

Gain 10% bonus movement speed with Merchant & Fishing Ships when with the wind.


Traders Passage

Gain the ability to use fast ocean travel to Gilead.


Well Travelled

Increases your Wisdom by 5%


Oversized Hull

Gain access to an additional Tradepack/Fish slot on your Ship.



Merchant Path


Move 10% faster on Highways


Route Runner

Move 5% faster with Tradecarts.


Aspiring Merchant

Your Fish & Tradepacks are worth 2.5% more when sold.


Mercenary's Pack

Once a day you get a free Mercenary Pack from any trade post that can be sold like a normal tradepack.


Oversized Cart

Gain access to an additional Tradepack/Fish slot on your Tradecart.


Negotiator Path


Pay 5% lower taxes for property on islands.



Gain 5% extra silver from quest rewards.



Gain a 10% discount on the purchase of Land Deeds.


Crafter's Touch

Actions that would increase progress during a craft have a 10% chance to double the progress amount of the action.


Dwarven Linguist

Gain the ability to trade with the Dwarves.




Those who choose the Criminal’s way have no use for boring rules or strict regulations. Walk your own dark road and live by your own laws, making the decisions that suit you best. Not bound by morals or righteousness, those with a criminal’s mindset have no problem with hard choices. Whether you are a true Criminal at heart, or a knight with a special taste for gold, every choice carves out your unique character.


Assassin Path


Gain +10% movement speed during night hours (In-game time)



Gain the ability to see anyone carrying a tradepack or fish in a tradecart in a radius



Increases your AP by +2.5%


Fast Hands

Increases your Haste by 5%


Assassin's Mark

Your basic attacks and abilities have a 5% chance to apply an assassin's mark on the target dealing a small amount of damage.


Black Market Path

Hidden Alley Sales

Gain the ability to purchase from Low Level Bandits.


Pirates Blood

Gain the ability to use fast ocean travel to Barituga.


Pirates Alley Sales

Gain the ability to purchase from High Level Bandits.


Underground Tunnel Network

Gain the ability to use the Underground Tunnel Network.


Underground Alley Sales

Gain the ability to purchase from Exclusive Bandits.


Criminal Path


Your mounts move 5% faster when not pulling a tradecart.


Pirate's Lookout

Gain the ability to see boats carrying tradepacks or fish in the ocean in a radius.


Slight of Hand

Creatures drop 2.5% more silver


High Impact Cannons

The damage from your cannons is increased by 10%



When your health drops below 10%, avoid all incoming damaging attacks (not already active dots) for 5 seconds. 15 minute cooldown.