Simple FAQ about Ravendawn

Monday, July 27, 2020

Q: What type of game is Ravendawn?
Ravendawn is a fully open world sandbox MMORPG focusing on depth of gameplay, community and unique character design over empty graphics.
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Q: What regions will have Ravendawn Servers?
Ravendawn on launch will have North American (East) and Brazilian Based Servers. Based on server infrastructure and location, the NA server will have a <100ms connection ping for most European Countries.

Q: How much will it cost to play Ravendawn?
Ravendawn will be completely Free to play. Ravencards will be the only purchasable product which will allow further customization of your character and it's abilities, however these can be obtained entirely through in-game gameplay and are not required to be purchased to obtain.

Q: What are the classes on Ravendawn?
Ravendawn has a fully classless system where all players start equal. Players can choose to embark down the path of 8 different Archetypes, building out their character in 3 chosen Archetypes at any given moment, but can freely switch between all 8 Archetypes to create their ultimate character dream.

Additionally, through a massive Ravencard customization system all ability within each Archetype can further be modified with over 50 different possibilities each allowing for truly endless customization.