Open World House Building

In Ravendawn, the world is yours to conquer! The vastness of Ravendawn’s landscape means you can build virtually anywhere — from a simple log cabin in the middle of a dense forest, to a majestic stone mansion along the ocean’s sandy coast. All you have to do is claim a plot of land and gather enough resources to establish your territory and build your own home. Ravendawn is your canvas, and with real-world house and farm-building, you can paint it as you please!

  • farming


  • housing


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  • customization


Endless Character Customization

In Ravendawn, customization is key! By mixing and matching together abilities from three different Archetypes, you can shape your character as you see fit. Unlock powerful classes through endless combinations: charge through the battlefield while raining down ice storms as a towering Dreadknight; turn into the perfect assassin as a Shadowstriker or harness the raw magical power of an Arcanist. Don’t settle for just one playstyle, make your own!

Unlimited Customization

Every one of Ravendawn’s Archetypes offers a combination of unique skills and abilities. Whether you prefer bull-rushing into the heat of combat or sniping your enemies from afar, there’s an Archetype for it! A healer that can also wreak elemental havoc on the battlefield? Mix and match from up to three Archetypes to truly customize your playstyle!

  • Archery

    With the eyes of a hawk and the swiftness of a falcon, Archery users outpace their opponents with speed and vision. Ranged combat is this Archetype’s specialty, empowering its users with an array of deadly arrows to be shot from afar. And if an enemy gets too close—an Archery user can draw upon disengage abilities to slow their opponent and create enough separation for a killing shot. The Rohna Brotherhood has been able to evade the Ravenguard for decades, largely due to the strength of this Archetype.

  • Spiritual

    Users of the Spiritual Archetype have a supernatural calm, able to focus intensely upon the invisible threads that tie the world together. With a honed mind, they can summon these forces to aid their allies—protecting them with barriers of wind, hastening their movements, and refreshing their dwindling stores of mana. An adept of Spiritual Magic is an invaluable member to any team.

  • Warfare

    With a ravenous appetite for bloodshed, Warfare is the favored Archetype of orcs and barbarians. Users of this Archetype specialize in brute force combat, able to draw upon the lifeblood they’ve spilled to heal themselves and strengthen their savage attacks. A Warfare user in the throes of bloodlust and hatred is a terrible sight to behold.

  • Holy

    Channeling the restorative light of the Dawn, White Magic is the primary healing Archetype in the world of Ravendawn. While this Archetype focuses on keeping its user and their allies alive on the field of battle, the full power of the Dawn should not be underestimated… skilled users can call down its holy force to smite their enemies where they stand.

  • Witchcraft

    An Archetype said to have originated from ancient vampiric cults, Witchcraft users mix occult powers with the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others. There is no one better than a Witchcraft user at finding an enemy’s flaw and exploiting it to their advantage… which makes them incredibly dangerous foes.

  • Wizardry

    Bending the elements to their will, Wizardry users harness the power of Ice and Fire to devastate their enemies. Whether igniting foes in flames or ensnaring them in ice, Wizardry users call upon powerful single-target and area spells to deal massive amounts of damage on the battlefield. With the potential to single-handedly shift the tide of battle, a user of this Archetype is truly an arcane force to be reckoned with.

  • Protection

    Strong-footed and brave, these users never lose their unbreakable spirit in the heat of battle. The preferred Archetype of the mighty Ravenguard, users of Protection are often found in the vanguard of armies, defending their allies and bashing in the skulls of their enemies. Their morale in battle is legendary, a powerful force which affects friend and foe alike.

  • Shadow

    Using the shadows as a cloak, users of this Archetype prefer to extinguish the lives of their victims without ever being seen. The Shadow Archetype makes use of toxins and deception to weaken targets before dealing a fatal blow. Shadow users are heralds of death—by the time you’ve seen one, you’re already dead.

Player Driven Economy

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Professions of Ravendawn

  • Fishing
  • Carpentry
  • weaving
  • cooking
  • breeding
  • Breeding
  • Mining
  • farming
  • farming
  • husbandry

World Influencing Political System

  • In Ravendawn, every player can participate in a full political system.

    The world of Ravendawn is administered by a full political system in which any player can participate. However, landowners may play a more impactful political role by becoming Lords, if they have both the silver and the support of the people to do so. While nobility doesn’t come cheap, the rewards can be fruitful... As a Lord, you can pick and choose which Royal Decrees are active, effectively changing the very laws of Ravendawn to suit your own endeavors!

Thief Character Thief Character

Creatures of Ravendawn

Ravendawn’s ruins and wildernesses contain hundreds of unique creatures and humanoids, both of the natural and unnatural realms... From the ethereal, mischievous genies of the Hadarak Desert to the two-headed yetis of Glaceforde, challenge awaits those who dare to step on these lands. No matter the level, a wide variety of exciting foes is waiting to challenge your rise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.1 What is Ravendawn Online?
    Ravendawn is a new free to play top down MMORPG, focused on Dynamic World Building, Community, Deep Character Customization and a Player Driven World above all else. Ravendawn brings everything that makes an MMORPG special, with a focus on player freedom and player community.
  • 1.2 What makes the world of Ravendawn special?
    With over 7 years of meticulous development, we believe in giving you the power to shape your destiny. In Ravendawn, the world is your canvas. Claim a plot of land anywhere to build your house and farm, customize your character further with RavenCards, collect valuable resources for crafting powerful weapons, and engage in open-world battles with other players. Whether you choose to be a skilled trader, a globe-trotting adventurer uncovering mysteries, a prosperous landowner, or a daring ocean pirate, the game promotes unparalleled player freedom. Evolve your character your way!
  • 1.3 When is the release date for Ravendawn Online?
    Ravendawn Online is set to launch on January 16th. For upcoming patches and additions, be sure to check our website's roadmap or the section News!
  • 1.4 Is Ravendawn Online focused on PvP or PvE?
    Ravendawn Online seamlessly blends both PvP and PvE mechanics. While the game allows players to avoid PvP if they prefer, engaging in PvP brings substantial benefits, including higher yields on Tradepack routes and rewarding combat incentives!
  • 1.5 How much does it cost to play Ravendawn?
    Ravendawn is entirely Free to Play! Creating an account, downloading the game, and immersing yourself in the adventure comes at no cost. Everyone is welcome to join, play, and have fun!
  • 1.6 How will the in-game economy function in Ravendawn Online?
    Ravendawn Online places a paramount emphasis on the in-game economy, considering it a cornerstone since the inception of the project. We have implemented a Tradepack system — a fundamental component of our economy. This system operates on a self-balancing supply and demand algorithm, designed to emulate a real-world market. In Ravendawn, there is no external interference; every resource gathered and item crafted is the result of community efforts, ensuring a dynamic and player-driven economic system!
  • 1.7 In what languages is Ravendawn Online available?
    Ravendawn Online is currently offered in two languages: English and Portuguese, with text and voice-over options in both languages. This means players can completely immerse themselves in the game, enjoying it in their preferred language. Whether you favor English or Portuguese, Ravendawn offers a fully localized experience!
  • 2.1 How does character building work in Ravendawn Online?
    In Ravendawn Online, players are not confined to selecting a class that locks them into a predetermined and uncreative path throughout their adventure. Instead, the game introduces a flexible and boundless build system known as Archetypes! Every player can wield three distinct Archetypes simultaneously, each equipped with 20 exclusive and unique spells for combating creatures or players. It's the combination of these three Archetypes that defines their class. With a total of 8 Archetypes available, players have the freedom to choose from an impressive array of 56 different classes, ensuring a truly customizable and diverse gaming experience!
  • 2.2 How does the Attributes system work in Ravendawn Online?
    In Ravendawn Online, the Attributes system revolutionizes the conventional design found in many MMORPGs. Departing from the stereotypical and predictable path, every attribute in Ravendawn (Vitality, Might, Intelligence, Dexterity and Wisdom) is crafted to hold relevance for any class, allowing players the freedom to tailor their character to their unique playstyle.
  • 2.3 How does character progression work in Ravendawn?

    In Ravendawn Online, character progression goes beyond the traditional method of solely gaining experience from creature kills. Virtually every in-game activity contributes experience points, offering diverse and enjoyable ways for character advancement.

    Progression Elements:

    • ❖ Legacy Level: There's no maximum character level in Ravendawn Online, but a soft cap is set at level 75. After reaching this point, experience gain diminishes significantly, resulting in a slower leveling pace.
    • ❖ Archetype Level: Each Archetype possesses its own level and experience bar. Experience gained is evenly distributed among all three of your current Archetypes. Archetype level unlocks skills within that Archetype, but it's contingent on the Effective Level.
    • ❖ Effective Level: This is the average level of your three current Archetypes and plays a pivotal role in skill unlocks and equipment limitations. For every 3 Effective Levels, you earn 1 skill point to spend on the Archetypes Spells' tree.
  • 2.4 Are Professions available in Ravendawn Online?
    Ravendawn Online introduces a diverse range of in-game activities, allowing players to shape the progression of their characters. The Professions system offers a unique progression path and contributing experience points to the character as they advance in their chosen profession. Players have the freedom to pursue as many Professions as they desire, offering a flexible and personalized gaming experience: Blacksmithing; Carpentry; Weaving; Cooking; Breeding; Mining; Woodcutting; Farming; Husbandry and Fishing!
  • 2.5 How does equipment influence character building in Ravendawn Online?

    In Ravendawn Online, the versatility of character building is enhanced by the unique relationship between equipment and Archetypes. Unlike traditional systems, your choice of Archetypes does not limit the use of equipment, and vice versa. Few spells may require specific weapons, but overall, you have the freedom to use any equipment regardless of your Archetype choices.

    Key Aspects of Equipment System:

    • Every equipment in Ravendawn Online follows a Grade and Tier system, reflecting its strength.
    • The Primary and Secondary Attributes of each equipment piece are random and depend on the Tier.
    • Equipping different sets (Cloth/Leather/Plate) provides distinct stat bonuses, allowing players to tailor their character's strengths based on the type of set equipped.


    • There are 6 total Tiers for each armor and weapon type, determining the possible Attributes and sub-stats. These are randomized during crafting.


    • Equipment starts at the Basic grade and can be upgraded to higher grades through Infusing, which consumes Infusion Stones. Higher grades increase total AP/DP, Attributes, and sub-stats.


    • Infusions, obtained from creatures in the world of Ravendawn, are used to upgrade the Grade of equipment, providing experience and enhancing its overall capabilities.

    Quality Crystals

    • An upcoming update introduces Quality Crystals in crafting. These crystals, added during crafting, contribute extra Attributes and sub-stats. The quality bar determines the number of Quality Crystals, with higher-tier equipment allowing for more crystals. Quality Crystals can roll any of the 5 attributes and 11 sub-stats, with the quality of materials influencing the crit chance on Quality Abilities.
  • 3.1 Which regions will be available at launch?
    At launch, Ravendawn Online will have servers in the East U.S. We are actively exploring the possibility of setting up servers in additional regions to meet the growing demand. Stay tuned for updates on server expansions through our website and social media channels.
  • 3.2 Can I run Ravendawn on a less powerful machine?

    Absolutely! Ravendawn Online has been meticulously developed with accessibility as a core principle. We are committed to ensuring that anyone can enjoy playing Ravendawn Online, regardless of their machine's specifications.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Operational System x64 (Windows)
    • 4GB RAM
  • 3.4 Does Ravendawn have a Mobile Version?
    We're thrilled to share that while there is currently no mobile version for Ravendawn Online, we're actively evaluating the possibility of developing it. Keep a close watch on our Socials for exciting updates and announcements. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we explore this potential enhancement for the future.
  • 4.1 Can I upgrade my Supporter Pack by paying the difference?
    Certainly! You can easily upgrade your Supporter Pack by paying the difference between your current pack and the one you wish to upgrade to.
  • 4.2 Do I receive all Discord badges & titles from lower packages?
    For 'upgradeable' items, you will have access to the highest tier available for your pack, receiving all the previous banners.
  • 4.3 When will the name reservation start?
    Name Reservation is scheduled right before the Official Release, planned for January 16th. This opportunity is exclusively for those who have acquired any Supporter Packages, so stay tuned for more info about it! During the nickname reservation period, there is no priority given to higher packages.
  • 4.4 Patron Benefits

    Unleash the full potential of your journey in Ravendawn Online by embracing the benefits of Patron Account! See the exciting perks below:

    • T3+ Cosmetics: Enjoy exclusive Tier 3 and above cosmetics, allowing you to stand out and showcase your unique style in the world of Ravendawn.
    • 3x Faster Regen for Land: Speed up your land regeneration, ensuring quicker recovery and increased efficiency.
    • Waypoints: You no longer have to pay the fee to use a Waypoint.
    • 50% Less Marketplace Tax & Longer Listing Duration: Optimize your marketplace activities with reduced tax and longer durations for your listings.
    • Patron Chat Icon/Color: Stand out in the chat with a distinctive Patron chat icon and color, making your messages easily recognizable.
    • Rested Exp: Earn additional experience points during periods of rest, maximizing your character's progression.
    • Priority Login Queue: Enjoy priority access to the game with a dedicated login queue for Patron members.
    • Reduced Rangers Company Cooldown: Experience reduced cooldowns for the Rangers Company, providing quicker access to its resources.
    • Rapid/Swift Gathering (Except for fishing): Faster Gathering when successfully timing the Gathering Mini-Game.

    Become Patron today and unlock a world of exclusive benefits that transform your Ravendawn journey into an extraordinary and unparalleled adventure.