New Player Catch-Up System

  • Quickly Catch-Up to your Friends and the Ravendawn Community with the Adventurer's Board!

    Start or continue your journey with Ravendawn's new Adventurer's Board! Embark on missions from crafting to combat to other activities in between. Completing these missions will provide you a significant bonus of experience and progression rewards to advance you to level 60. For Adventurers above level 60, you will receive additional progression rewards to further strengthen your character each day! The Adventurer's Board will already be available in Ravendawn's PrePatch before the Expansion on July 23rd so you can catch your friends and the community for Ravendawn's first Expansion - Horizon's Call!

Challenge New Bosses & New Progression Unlocked

Guild Wars

  • Fight Massive PvP Battles and Capture Flags in a Weekly Guild Wars Event

    Enter the Battleground in Ravendawn's New Guild Wars System! Battle in a Weekly 15v15 Guild v Guild War for Forts and Fame. Fight to control four towers and capture the Golden Flag in an all-new battlefield zone. Strategize to conquer your rival Guild and contend for the keys to obtain one of ten Open World Forts. Prepare for epic battles, leading your guild to triumph and eternal fame!

Claim Forts & Warforge Your Equipment

New 1v1 & 2v2 Aether Rifts

  • Battle in 1v1 and 2v2 Rifts for New Rewards and Glory

    Explore the new Aether Rifts, a dynamic PvP & PvE arena-style system in a new parallel dimension! Open portals for intense 1v1 or 2v2 battles against other players and powerful creatures alike. Compete for loot and leave early, or defeat your opponents to earn extra rewards! Will you be the Aether Conqueror?

mage Character warrior Character

Plunder Channel & Dueling

Herbalism & Alchemy

Redesigned Ocean Content

  • Experience the Redesigned Ship and Ocean Content and Challenge New Sea Creatures

    Get ready for the Ocean overhaul! Expect more strategic & satisfying Ocean battles with the new revamped ship mechanics, mastering the use of various weapons to your advantage. Set sail and be the first to discover fascinating new sea creatures, obtaining their unique materials to further enhance your character's progression!

New Hunting Territories & End-Game Legendary Rings

More House Customization is Coming to Ravendawn!

  • Construct New Attribute Enhancing Rooms and Find New Magical Trophies

    Unlock further new house customization in Horizon's Call! Enhance your Estate further with new unique Trophies, creating estates of extraordinary value and history.