Infamy (PvP) System

Monday, September 13, 2021

Infamy (PvP) System

It's been a while since our last Dev Blog! We've been hard at work in development, making sure Ravendawn is delivered as the best possible game to all of you, but also as fast as possible, as we all want you in the world of Ravendawn! However, this is a big one, and we had to share it with you before Phase 2 as it's included in Phase 2!

We hope you all have been enjoying the large amount of teasers & developer updates in the meantime <3

The Infamy System is what keeps the devious and the justified apart. Infamy is earned in Ravendawn by committing murder to another player.  



Anytime you kill an innocent player (or their wagon) you will receive 100 Infamy. Multiple players participating will all receive a minor amount of Infamy, with the player to do the last blow receiving a full 100. Additionally, an added benefit to the Tradepacks you may have plundered, by committing murder you will gain Criminal Reputation as well.


After murdering another player, you will have the murderer status for 15 minutes, all those who helped commit the murder for 5 minutes. During this time, other players are able to kill you and by doing so will not only reduce their own Infamy (if they have any), but also will earn Order Reputation.  


Reducing your Infamy

Infamy will go down by committing useful deeds around the game world, some of these being charitable, others being nefarious. Currently for phase 2, 500 Infamy is removed every 24 hours simply for testing purposes.


Downsides of Infamy

While plundering other players has its rewards, it also has its downsides... By having too high amounts of Infamy, your strength and cunning will suffer for it. These are the following negatives that will come with too high of Infamy.

1000 Infamy Points - You deal 20% less damage to innocent players.

2000 Infamy Points - You deal 30% less damage to innocent players.

2500 Infamy Points - You cannot create Tradepacks.

3000 Infamy Points - You deal 40% less damage to innocent players.

4000 Infamy Points - You deal 50% less damage to innocent players.



The Ravendawn world is split into many different zones. Each of these zones have a zone status at any given time. The zone status is decidedly semi randomly and changes with time. To see the status on a Region, you can either enter the region, where it will show the regions status and the duration of that status, or you can check your world map which now includes the status of all regions and their transition stage.

Peace Zones

While murderers can enter peace zones after committing a fresh murder, they can still be targeted by any players in this zone and are not safe like innocent players are.

Conflict Zones

In a conflict zones, murder can occur. Conflict zones will last a set amount of time and guaranteed go back to Peace after the conflict has ended. When we introduce War Zones, Conflict zones will have a chance to become War Zones based on how many murders are committing in the zone during it's duration.

War Zones

War zones are not currently included in Phase 2, however will be added in a future phase or the beta when PvP is a larger focus for us.


We hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about the PvP system on Ravendawn, this system is still in it’s infancy and will be polished & enhanced with time leading up to launch. We cannot wait to have you all joining us on September 21st for Alpha Phase 2!