Dev Blog - Attributes Softcap

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Attributes Softcap System

After extensive playtesting and considering valuable feedback from players, we made the decision to revamp the current Attributes hardcap system with the main goal to make it much easier to balance and, most importantly, simpler to understand. Let's check out how the new system looks like?

Simplifying Complexity, Embracing Intuitiveness

The old Attributes hardcap, while functional, was definitely counterintuitive. Players often found themselves confused when designing their builds because, at certain points of character progression, item-derived stats could actually weaken a character instead of making them stronger. This took away the sense of progression and the feeling of increased power, which we consider essential to our design philosophy. Thus, we made the important decision to create a brand new and entirely intuitive system.

In short, we will no longer have a hardcap. Instead, we will be implementing a softcap system to manage character power progression. This means that attributes and even stats redistribution will no longer have a limit. The previous limitation mechanic is being replaced by a new multiplicative formula that ensures diminishing returns during the player's experience in the smoothest way possible.

For those of you who are more mathematically inclined (or just really hardcore adventurers), here's the new formula:


MULTIPLIER = 6 (this value may change in the future)

Even a Limit Needs Limits

Another crucial aspect of this change is that the softcap will be applied individually to each of the Secondary Attributes. Let's use physical prowess as an example for those who enjoy overcoming enemies in the world of Ravendawn: the softcap will not directly influence your AP or Might, but instead, it will be applied to Weapon Power. This aspect distinguishes our new approach from the old hardcap, which affected all Attributes collectively during the process.

In-Game Screenshot: Highlighted columns will always display the total amount of Attributes/Stats.

Now, you may be wondering how diminishing returns will affect character progression. For every 1 Attribute/Stat above the softcap, the extra point's relevance will be reduced. This reduction will be applied for every additional point exceeding the softcap and will stack based on the number of points added above the cap. It's important to note that there will also be a limit for the diminishing returns themselves, so you won't experience 100% hardcaps anymore.

In-Game Screenshot: Highlighted column will always display the softcap, considering diminishing returns.

To illustrate, here's a quick example:

Level = X

Softcap = Y

Reduction per Point = Z

While increasing your stats from 0 to “Y”, its multipliers will act with 100% efficiency. After reaching “Y”, multipliers will start to give diminishing returns, so:

Assuming that “Z” = 0.2

1 Point Above Y: this point’s multipliers will have their efficiency reduced by 0.2.

2 Points Above Y: this point’s multipliers will have their efficiency reduced by 0.4.

3 Points Above Y: this point’s multipliers will have their efficiency reduced by 0.6.

So, these three points will be worth (0.8 + 0.6 + 0.4) = 1.8 when considering their multipliers.

Sources of Power

Lastly, this new approach will consider every single source of Attributes/Stats towards the softcap. This means that buffs, rings, trinkets, enchantments, and any other sources of power available in the world of Ravendawn will contribute to the softcap. This ensures balance and provides a smooth progression experience with individualized capping of character parameters.

Despite the technical nature of this DevBlog, we firmly believe that absolute transparency regarding the changes we make to the game is crucial for the success and longevity of Ravendawn. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the recent changes and that they enhance your overall experience in the upcoming phases.

We look forward to sharing more updates in the next DevBlogs!