Dev Blog - Harbor Isle

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Harbor Isle


The murky waters bathing the shores of the pirate isles weren’t always like this. Some say they began to darken during the Battle for Harbor Isle, when ash and blood from pirates and Ravenguard alike spilled freely into the oceans. 


While the pirate lords of old no longer rule the seas like they once did, the infamous League of Splinters has emerged in their place. This new pirate confederacy continues to grow in power—raiding, murdering, and terrorizing overseas trading routes.

Without a strong navy of their own, the Ravenguard is forced to turn the other cheek, knowing they lack the resources to do much about it. Even though Harbor Isle once had a glorious purpose in the history of Ravencrest and its people, the few guards who remain loyal to the Crown must overlook the crimes of pirates just to retain some remnant of civility.

As the decaying image of what Harbor Isle once stood for, Seabreeze and its streets are now unkempt, overtaken by ivy and moss. Sometimes, its grimy cobblestones also become the stage for drunken outlaws looking for a fight with whomever crosses their path. And with corruption rampant throughout the city, it’s rumored the League has roots woven deep within… 

Off the northeastern shore stands Mount Shiver. The mountainous island has a history as long as Seabreeze itself, having been both a silver mine and prison once used exclusively for pirates. An ousted Ravenguard general now controls the isolated fortress, running the prison with a bloody fist. As the destiny of any fool who steps out of line, Mount Shiver has turned into a place for every citizen of Harbor Isle to fear.

Pirate Thorps


Little more than collections of rickety shacks and huts, Harbor Isle's thorps are popular havens for wayward, shipless pirates. The only permanent residents of these small camps are often a few grounded pirates, who lack either the limbs or eyes to be much of use aboard a ship. Small pirate vessels are known to make occasional stops at the camps to rest and restock on salted meat, bread, and rum.

While the camps are dangerous at all times of the day, they are especially violent at night, when members of different crews mingle and drink themselves into angry belligerence. Fights breaks out over the smallest of offenses. Stray insults, cheating at cards, or a wrong glance are quick ways to earn a dagger in the back.


Some say that pirates are just bandits of the seas, but none can deny these folk are built to survive in hostile conditions. Used to a rough lifestyle, pirates spend much of their lives in deep waters, hiding from authorities. Comfortable with using force to get things done, these barbarians usually rely more on brutality than on actual skill in battle. In other words, they are not afraid to fight dirty, so they can fight another fight.

To some extent, pirates have ties to all oceans and shorelines around Ravendawn. Anywhere they can scam or steal is a business opportunity, and a true pirate never misses an opportunity to make coin - no matter what it takes.