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Friday, September 23, 2022

Spiritual DevblogArchetype Changes

Spiritual Skill Tree


Active Skills

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Wind Wall

Wind Wall used to be a skill that you would always use to block a passage. By changing it to a crosshair ability and making it push targets backwards, Wind Wall can now be used to create more fun combat scenarios. However, since you can now place the skill almost everywhere, its duration got cut by half.

Casting of the spell changed from in front of the user to crosshair.

Duration of Wind Wall reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.

Wind Wall will push (1 tile backwards) any target that is occupying the same tile the tornados are occupying when casted.

(New) WindWall: Creates a 3 tile wide wind wall preventing projectiles from going through the tiles for 3s. Any player on the same tile of the spell casted area will be pushed 1 tile away from the caster.


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Air Aura

Air Aura used to be a really specific skill. Although we see the value in this kind of design, we want our skills to be useful in as many scenarios as possible. The new Air Aura is designed to be useful in a variety of ways: from predicting some huge damage that you or your allies would take to take advantage of it afterwards, to forcing an enemy to disengage in PvP situations. We hope you guys play around with it and discover all the possibilities this skill provides!

(New) Air Aura: Enchant a friendly target with a wind aura for 3 seconds. After wind aura expires, the target gains 150% of the damage taken as shield for 10 seconds.


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 We tried to embrace something that we really liked about Haste: a “huge buff button”. By doing so, we raised the haste it gives to the target significantly and made it give the target Aether instead of consuming yours. Because of that, we’ve also designed the status Exhausted, a protection for the players affected by Haste so they don’t become a killing machine.

The skill doesn’t consume Aether anymore.

Cooldown was increased from 60 to 90 seconds.

Base haste buff increased from 20% to 50%.

The skill now gives 50 Aether to the target creature.

Players affected by Haste will be Exhausted for 90 seconds.

Exhausted players can’t be affected by Haste again.

(New) Haste: Increases haste attribute by 50% for 10s for your target. It will now also give your target 50 Aethers and apply Exhausted. Exhausted players cannot receive Haste again for the next 90s.


Passive Skills


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Sins of the Many

Trying to maintain the group oriented passive, we’ve now designed this skill to benefit players that like to play in groups! 

(New) Sins of the Many: Increase your Healing Power by 4% per party member nearby to you.


Wind Mastery

Spiritual is an Archetype that has a lot of beneficial effects skills, like barriers, heals, Mana regeneration, haste, etc. With that, we realized that having a passive that applies a buff to those skills would fit nicely, making the Archetype a really helpful one.

(New) Wind Mastery: Your targetable beneficial or friendly abilities have a 20% chance to increase target’s haste by 10% for 5 seconds.


We hope you enjoy the changes coming to Spiritual. We still have 4 more Archetype Dev Blogs to be released before the Closed Beta!

The Ravendawn Team