Dev Blog - Shadow Archetype

Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Shadow Archetype

Using the shadows as a cloak, users of this archetype prefer to extinguish the lives of their victims without ever being seen. The Shadow archetype makes use of toxins and deception to weaken targets before dealing a fatal blow. Shadow users are heralds of death—by the time you’ve seen one, you’re already dead.

Archetype Bonus: Increases Dexterity by 2 Points Per 3 Levels

Active Skills

Quick Slash

Deals (x) spell damage.


Deals (x) spell damage and applies bleeding that deals (y) spell damage every second for 4s. Increases damage and bleeding damage by 20% per Aether consumed.

Crippling Dagger

Throws a dagger into the target, dealing (x) spell damage and slowing them by 50% for 2s.

Sinister Plot

Gains 2 Aether every second for 10s.


Dashes behind the target and slows them by 50% for 2s. Can be re-activated within 2 seconds to go back to the original location.

Shadow Kick

Interrupts a target's spellcasting, slows their spell casting and spell global cooldown by 20% for 6s.


Snares the target for 2s. Duration is increased by 0.5s per Aether consumed.

Coup de Grace

Deals (x) spell damage to the target, and an extra (y) spell damage if used within 2 seconds after Stalk. Increases damage dealt by (z) per Aether consumed.


Dodges all incoming targetable attacks for 4s.

Death Blossom

Consumes up to 5 Aether. Deals (x) spell damage in a small area. Damage is increased by (y) per Aether consumed.

Anti-Healing Venom

Deals (x) spell damage to the target and reduces healing received from spells by 50% for 5s. Duration is increased by 2s per Aether.

Venomous Weapons

For the next 15s, basic attacks reduce target's weapon defense by 2% for 5s, up to 20 stacks. New stacks reset their duration. Increases duration by 2s per Aether consumed.

Shadow Passives

Deadly Duelist

When dual wielding, increases your atack speed by 10%.


Lethal Toxins

Increases abilities' slow effectiveness by 25% of the base amount.


Shadow Proficiency

Lowers the cooldown of Illusive, Stalk and Coup de Grace by 50%.


Killer Instinct

Deal 10% more damage to targets under 50% health.



Your basic attacks and spell castings have, respectively, 5% and 10% of chance to throw a dagger at the target dealing x spell damage.


Cheap Shot

Using an ability has a 10% chance to increase your Critical Strike Chance by 30% for 5 seconds.