Dev Blog - Shadow Archetype

Dev Blog - Shadow Archetype

Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Shadow Archetype

Using the shadows as a cloak, users of this archetype prefer to extinguish the lives of their victims without ever being seen. The Shadow archetype makes use of toxins and deception to weaken targets before dealing a fatal blow. Shadow users are heralds of death—by the time you’ve seen one, you’re already dead.

Archetype Bonus: Increases Dexterity by 2 Points Per Level

Archetype Resource: Shadow (Max 5 Stacks)

Active Skills

Quick Slash

Deals minor damage & Generates 1 Shadow.


Deals moderate damage & Generates 2 Shadow.

Crippling Dagger

Deals damage & Cripples (slows) the target for 2 seconds. For every Shadow consumed the crippling duration is increased by 0.5s.

Sinister Plot

Generates 1 Shadow per second for 10 seconds.


Dash behind the target, slowing them by 30% for 2 seconds & Generates 1 Shadow.


Snares the target for 1 second. For each point of Shadow consumed snare the target for 0.5 seconds longer.


Deals a massive amount of damage to the target. Dealing 40% more damage per Shadow consumed. Additionally, if used within 2 seconds of Shadowstep, Assassinate will deal 150% increased base damage.


Dodge all incoming targetable abilities for 4 seconds & Generates 1 Shadow.

Death Blossom

Hits the target multiple times, then exploding to nearby targets as well. Deals 30% more damage for every Shadow consumed.  

Anti-Healing Venom

Deals damage & Reduces targets healing received by 50% for 5 seconds. For every Shadow consumed the reduced healing duration is increased by 2s.

Shadow Passives

Deadly Duelist

When dual wielding, the user's attack speed is increased by 10%.

Lethal Toxins

Increases the slow on abilitys by 25% base.

Shadow Proficiency

Lowers the cooldown of Illusive, Shadow Step and Assassinate by 50%.