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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Holy Devblog | Archetype Changes



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Holy Skill Tree


Active Spells

Flash Heal

Flash Heal is the only Tier 1 skill that requires casting and, since Holy basic Aether generation was feeling off compared to other Archetypes, we’ve slightly increased the Aether generation for this skill.

Aether generated increased from 20 to 30 per cast.



To facilitate the understanding and the usability of the skill, we decided to remove the increased damage per Aether accumulated. Because of that, we've increased the base damage of Smite, making it way more simple and straightforward to understand.

Base damage increased from 60% Spell Power to 100% Spell Power.

Ability doesn't deal bonus damage per 10 Aether accumulated anymore.

(New) Smite: Deals (100% Spell Power) skill damage to the target.



With the intent of giving more possibilities for players to get more value from Ravencards interactions, Mend now has a considerably longer duration. Since we didn't want to increase the healing of the skill, we made minor adjustments to make it match with the new duration.

Mend duration increased from 6 to 10 seconds.

Base healing decreased from 40% Healing Power to 35% Healing Power.

Bonus healing per 10 Aether consumed decreased from 20% healing power to 10% Healing Power.

(New) Mend: Heals the target for (35% Healing Power) health per second over 10s. Healing increases by (10% Healing Power) per 10 Aether consumed.


Healing Channel

Since Prophet (the passive that reduced Healing Channel's cooldown) got changed, we applied its design to the skill as a natural feature of it. We like the idea of Healing Channel being a reliable big heal, so we decided to lower its cooldown so it’s part of your healing rotation more often.

Cooldown decreased from 40 to 25 seconds.



One of the main ways for Holy to generate Aether, Devotion got a really big hit with the passive Prophet being changed, so we decided to make the old Prophet passive a natural feature of the Devotion skill..

Cooldown decreased from 30 to 15 seconds.


Generous Influence

With internal testing, we noticed that Holy didn't have the best Aether generation on specific situations. Since Generous Influence is a supportive skill that you usually press when the situation is dire, we've slightly increased its Aether generation. Now, we expect that Holy has less of a hard time to pump these huge skills that require Aether to be effective anymore. 

Aether generated increased from 30 to 50.

Generous Influence now generates additional 10 Aether every 2 seconds over 10 seconds to the user.

(New) Generous Influence: Heals a target for (300% Healing Power) health. If used on yourself, it increases healing received by 20% for 10s. If used on another player, it increases healing received by 30%. You will gain 10 Aethers every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.


Living Saint

Since Living Saint is a Holy skill, a supportive Archetype, and almost everything scales out of Healing Power, we decided to change Living Saint’s buff from Spell Power to Healing Power. The duration of the skill was increased so you can get more value out of it, having more Global Cooldown time to heal someone.

25% Spell Power increase changed to 50% Healing Power increase instead.

Defense Power increased from 25% to 50%.

Duration of Living Saint increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

New (Living Saint): Increases (Defense Power) and (Healing Power) by 50% for 12s.



Since there can be multiple people affected by strong debuffs at the same time on your party, we are lowering the cooldown of Purify. This way, Purify will demand a micro-management skill from the players, that will now be able to cleanse more allies over time. Tha mana was increased to prevent the players to spam the skill, and Weakened Spirit comes into play as a virtual cooldown for Purify, meaning that players can still receive debuffs if they were recently Purified.

Mana cost increased from 6% to 12%.

Cooldown reduced from 30 to 2 seconds.

Ability now applies Weakened Spirit to targets affected by Purify for 15 seconds.

Targets affected by Weakened Spirit cannot be Purified again.

(New) Purify: Removes 2 random harmful spell effects from the target and apply Weakened Spirit. Players with Weakened Spirit cannot be affected by Purify again for the next 15 seconds.


Passive Spells



We know that healers usually spam their healing skills. Because of that, the players used to ran out of mana quite frequently, and they were obligated to spend a lot of their Attribute points on Wisdom to cover that. This is where Prophet comes into play: by reducing the mana cost of Healing Spells, we expect the healers to have more freedom on their Attribute choices, both for points obtained through items or level.

(New) Prophet: Whenever you cast healing spells, there is a 10% chance to reduce its mana cost by 50%.



Invigorated Healing

Trying to bring something different to support Archetypes in general, we decided to sprinkle a little bit of crit on the base stats. Big number, big fun!

(New) Invigorated Healing: Doubles the base crit chance for healing spells.


Now that you already know all the changes that are coming to Ravendawn, tell us: which Archetype will you choose to start your new adventure?!

Ravendawn Team