Dev Blog - Witchcraft

Thursday, February 4, 2021


An archetype said to have originated from ancient vampiric cults, Witchcraft users mix occult powers with the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others. There is no one better than a Witchcraft user at finding an enemy’s flaw and exploiting it to their advantage… which makes them incredibly dangerous foes.

Archetype Bonus: Increases Dexterity and Intelligence by 1 point per 3 levels.


Active Skills


Throws a leech at the target, dealing (x) spell damage per second for 10s and receiving the same amount of health.


Arcane Pulse

Deals (x) spell damage and reduces target's Defense Power by (y) per stack for 10s, up to 3 stacks.


Applies (x) spell damage to the target every 3s over 18s. Gains 1 Aether anytime a creature dies with curse on it.

Eternal Worms

Consumes all your damage over time spells on the target dealing 50% of their remaining damage and snaring them for 1.5s. It also heals you for 100% of their remanining damage. Generates 1 Aether per DoT consumed.

Arcane Torrent

Channels at the target, dealing (x) spell damage every 0.2s for 1.5s. Increases duration by 0.2s per Aether consumed. Deals (y) more damage per Pulse Stack on target. Does not consume Pulse Stacks on use.


Removes 2 random beneficial spells from the target.

Magic Rupture

Slows the target by 15% and gives you 15% movement speed for 8s. Effectiveness is increased by 5% per Aether consumed.


Steals (x) mana from the target. If target is a creature, simply gives user (x) mana.

Mirror Image

Creates a copy of you that mimics certain ability casts at 30% of their effectiveness. These copies do not move and would be limited by range as well. Creates additional clone when used at least 3 and 5 Aether consumed.

Shackles of Pain

Target will receive a chain for 5s. If the caster receives damage from any source, the target will also receive 50% of the damage.


Turns the target into a toad for 2 seconds. Increases duration for 0.75s per Aether consumed.

Death Touch

Consumes a Curse on the target, dealing (x) spell damage. If the target dies from this, it will apply curse to up to 2 enemies within 3 squares. Increases damage by (y) per Aether consumed.

Passive Skills

Witchcraft Mastery

Decreases the cooldown on Witchcraft spells by 20%.


Cursed Touch

Increases the effectiveness of all Damage over Time abilities by 20%.



Anytime you deal damage to a target with a spell, it will reduce their Defense Power by 0.25% for 30s, up to 20 stacks.


Arcane Corruption

Your damage abilities have a 10% chance to reduce the target's received healing by 20% for 10 seconds.


Creeping Death

When a target falls below 50% health, damage over time spells deal 15% more damage each tick.



Increases healing from witchcraft abilities by 25%.