Dev Blog - Fangwatch Fort

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Environment Developer Blog - The Deadlands

Few places in Ravendawn evoke as much terror as the Deadlands, a mountainous region in the northern corner of the mainland. Dry and lifeless, little survives in this festering territory. The plants are diseased, the trees black and withered. From some branches hang bones taken from once-living victims. The very ground itself seems dead, its soil hard and brittle, its hills marred with cracks.

Still, the new settlers of Ravendawn are a hardy people. The city of Sombershade perseveres in the cold shadow of the mountains, where the holy Church of the Dawn has a presence—for where better to shine light than in the land’s darkest corners? Across the mountains lies Fort Fangwatch, whose vampire hunters keep their eyes trained on the perilous mountain passageways.

And what secrets hide within Castle Greypike, whose dark spires can be seen over the mountains? Ancient creatures slumber within its crypts, pale and bloodless… However, Greypike’s once majestic halls stir with activity. Will the newly awakened Red Council seek to revive the old days, when their kind ruled over all the Deadlands with bloody claws? The schemes of vampires run deep and are not easily uncovered.

While even the vast wastelands of Hadarak Desert and Glaceforde harbor wildlife, the Deadlands has none. Not even the wind blows. The silence unnerves even the bravest adventurer. When traveling this forsaken place, one cannot help but look over their shoulder… as if the land itself is watching with a ravenous hunger.


Fangwatch Fort

Few ever make their way to this remote outpost, and of those that do, even fewer stick around. Still, Fangwatch Fort attracts all manner of adventurers: those escaping the law, those with a deathwish, or those who seek to test themselves against some of the deadliest foes Ravendawn has to offer. The Slayer’s Guild is headquartered here, a ragtag bunch of vampire hunters waiting on contracts and drinking themselves into early graves. When they aren’t out risking their lives, hunters and commoners alike mingle in The Empty Chalice, the fort’s lone tavern. Fangwatch is a rough place, where only the strongest survive.

"So you’ve killed a few vampires and now you want to join the Slayer’s Guild, eh? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Lots of big talkers come to Fangwatch to make a name for themselves… few stick around. We ain’t the Ravenguard, hiding behind the marble walls of Ravencrest, spilling more wine than blood. Think you got the mettle?"


Vampire Lore

If not for their red eyes, bat-like ears, and purplish skin, a Vampire would almost look human… almost. These undead beings are among the most feared and despised creatures of Ravendawn, partly because of their uncanny resemblance to living humans. After being turned, Vampires are fast, strong and survive by drinking warm blood. Completely emotionless, these fanged creatures manipulate and prey on unsuspecting victims, using the darkness of night to their advantage. As immortal beings, Vampires only get stronger as they age and become extremely skilled with their weapons