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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Witchcraft DevblogArchetype Changes


Witchcraft Skill Tree



Active Spells

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Siphon's previous design was way too strong, and stealing that amount of mana from the target in few seconds wouldn't be sustainable for an harmonious combat gameplay in the future. With the redesign of the skill, we’ve decided to maintain the amount of mana stealed, but offering some kind of ‘’Risk x Reward’’ situation for you, with the possibility for the target to counter-play. In addition to that, Siphon is now a Tier 2 skill. We believe this can bring interesting scenarios in PvP for the players in the future.

(New) Siphon: Steals a total of (200% Spell Power) mana every second over the 10s from the target and deals a total of (200% Spell Power) skill damage as well over the 10 seconds. Reduces the channeling by 1s per 10 Aether consumed, still full amount of mana drained and damage done. If the target is a creature, simply give the full amount of mana to the user. If the target runs more than the cast distance away, the spell is broken.


Passive Spells

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Witchcraft Mastery

Witchcraft Mastery has always been a good passive. We’ve decided to maintain the same base design, and now it offers the possibility of decreasing the Global Cooldown of all Archetypes that are currently active, by half of the amount that it was before.

(New) Witchcraft Mastery: Decreases Global Cooldown on spells by 10%.



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Bloodmancer followed the same path as Witchcraft Mastery, and matches our new design for passives: give them utilities for all Archetypes. This skill was adapted to DoT builds instead.

(New) Bloodmancer: Your DoT damage will heal you for 10% of the dealt damage.


We hope you enjoy the changes coming to Witchcraft. We know this is short one, but we are close to completing our saga with all 8 Archetypes! Are you excited for the Closed Beta tomorrow?! We still have 1 more Archetype Dev Blog (Holy) to be released!

The Ravendawn Team