Dev Blog - White Magic

Dev Blog - White Magic

Friday, December 11, 2020


Channeling the restorative light of the Dawn, White Magic is the primary healing archetype in the world of Ravendawn. While this archetype focuses on keeping its user and their allies alive on the field of battle, the full power of the Dawn should not be underestimated… skilled users can call down its holy force to smite their enemies where they stand.

Archetype Bonus: Increases your Intelligence and Wisdom by 1 per 3 levels.


Active Skills

Flash Heal

Heals the target for a small amount, heals 20% more per stack of Aether (Does not consume the Aether on use). Generates 2 Aether.


Deals minor damage to the target, dealing 5% more damage per stack of Aether (Does not consume the Aether on use). Generates 2 Aether.

Holy Light

Heals the target for a moderate amount. Heals 50% more per Aether consumed.


Heals the target for a minor amount every second for 10 seconds. Amount healed per second increased by 5% per Aether consumed.

Holy Shackles

Slows the target by 40% for 3 seconds and deals a small damage over time. Increases slow and damage over time duration by 1s per Aether consumed.


Heals the target for a moderate amount. Generates 5 Aether.

Healing Channel

All your attention is focused on the target, healing them every 0.5 seconds for 2,5 seconds. Duration increased by 0.5s per Aether consumed.

Circle of Light

Heals everyone in an Area of Effect for 5 seconds. Healing increased by 10% per Aether consumed.

Holy Force

Deals a large amount of damage on a single target. Increasing by 50% per Aether consumed.

Living Saint

Increases Defense Power & Magic Attack Power (Magic Damage & Healing Power) by 25% for 10 Seconds. Gain 2 Aether.


White Magic Passives

Invigorated Healing

Increases the healing power of Flash Heal, Holy Light, Mend and Healing Channel by 10%.

Guardian Angel

Healing spells on a target under 30% health are 25% more effective.


Reduces the cooldown of Healing Channel and Devotion by 50%.


Binding Heal

When you heal another target, you are also healed for 5% of that amount.



After casting a heal on yourself, you receive +5% defense power for 5 seconds. Does not stack.