Dev Blog - Gameplay Updates #2

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Gameplay Updates #2

After two action packed Open Beta weekends, we have another Open Beta Weekend approaching, with the Ravencrest gates opening up again tomorrow, August 10th!

A complete changelog with all the recent additions, improvements and fixes will be posted before the Open Beta goes live in our Discord, but we wanted to share a couple new more exciting features to you all now already!

In the past days, we have worked tirelessly to address some concerns raised during the Open Beta, but have also been working on a few new features being added for this Beta Weekend! Let's check out some of them?

1. Ravendawn Supplybags

2. Archetypes & Reset Attributes Costs

3. Healing Power & Maximum Health

4. Tradepack Reset & Improvements

5. Effort on Player-Owned Lands

Ravendawn Supplybags

Progressing in the world of Ravendawn has become even better! Now, once reaching Level 10, you will have a chance to obtain Ravendawn Supplybags through gameplay!

There are three different rarities of Supplybags. Basic, Luxury and Legendary. These have a chance to be obtained by virtually any piece of content in the game based on experience gained. Whether that is hunting in your favorite creature spawn, crafting a new legendary weapon, open world gathering or simply working on your land!

Supplybags will not only contain extra Silver & Infusions for you to progress your gear faster, but also rewards such as Ravenpacks!

This addition is to provide additional ways to obtain Ravenpacks through standard gameplay as well as the current milestones throughout your journey. Continue your adventures and expand your collection! 


Archetypes & Reset Attributes Costs

As you may have noticed with the recent changes we've implemented in Ravendawn (Skill Points and Attributes for Inactive Archetypes), we want to encourage and provide more freedom to those wanting to try different Archetype combinations and classes and not feel forced to focus on just 3 Archetypes. However, switching Archetypes and resetting Attributes became an expensive endeavor as you progressed later into Ravendawn.

So to allow for the further freedom, we have reduced the costs of changing Archetypes and resetting Attributes by 80%. While we feel some amount of Silver is important for systems like this, we want it to be neglible enough to not discourage exploration of builds and Archetypes.

Healing Power & Maximum Health

Since the implementation of Vitality as one of the Primary Attributes, we have been closely monitoring how players would build their characters. After receiving some feedback regarding the relatively low impact of Maximum Health from Vitality, as well as concerns about Intelligence being an Attribute that was providing Spell Power and Healing (resulting in an imbalance for builds utilizing Might), we have decided to make the following changes to address balance and provide a more sensible distribution of Attributes:

Vitality: Increased the Maximum Health per Vitality from 10 to 20 per point.

Intelligence: Reduced the Healing Power multiplier from 0.50 to 0.25 per point.

Wisdom: Added Healing Power with 0.25 multiplier per point.

Base Health: Reduced the Maximum Health per Level from 80 to 70.


Tradepacks System

We are always keeping a close watch on what happens in Ravendawn, as well as constantly with our ear to the ground with the community and listening to your feedback.

While the Tradepacks System is working as intended from a technical standpoint, we recognize the need for certain adjustments to polish the system up further for release — particularly in the early stages of the game. This is primarily due to the constrained variety of resources accessible to the majority of players, which consequently impacts the overall demand dynamics across the world.

While this would naturally rectify itself over time as more players gain the ability to create diverse goods required for more variety of Tradepacks, the early game has very confided and lopsided demand on packs. While some level of advantage is acceptable for the most dedicated players, it is an MMORPG afterall, and we are working on multiple improvements to make this more balanced moving forward.

The first change (of multiple) we are introducing to improve this is Tradepacks will now have a minimum demand of 50%, instead of 10%. Additionally, we will be resetting the demand on all Tradepacks back to 100% tomorrow.

We have further changes coming that are already planned, but they require more time to implement and we felt bringing in the change above as soon as possible is worth doing.

Effort on Player-Owned Lands

We have heard your feedback and understand the concerns of the small set of players that have been using multiple accounts to own additional Player Land. The Effort System was a great addition to Community Lands, and we are now also adding it to Player Lands as well. This addition is being implemented to address certain concerns raised from players and to uphold a fair, well-balanced, and enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone.

However, for your Player Land, you will earn Effort at twice the speed in comparison to Community Lands, and the Effort pool will grow based on your land size. While we will finetune these values (below), the intention is that for someone normally playing their character, they will never feel the effects of Effort, it is strictly for detering multi-accounting Player Land.

Small: 1600 Effort
Medium: 2400 Effort
Large: 3200 Effort

If you want to know what Effort is, click here and read the Dev Blog to understand how the system works. While the linked Dev Blog is related to Community Land, the core funcionality of the System remains the same for this addition.


Download and Play Ravendawn for Free!

Our Creative Director will also be doing another Livestream Q&A before the Open Beta Weekend starts and will be speaking more on the changes mentioned! So get some energy drinks and chat with us on Discord while we wait for the next Gameplay Weekend to start!

Stay tuned — while we are getting closer to successfully completing the first 3 Gameplay Weekends of the Open Beta 2, we will be adding more weekends leading up to the Official Release!