Dev Blog - Spiritual

Friday, January 22, 2021


Users of the Spiritual archetype have a supernatural calm, able to focus intensely upon the invisible threads that tie the world together. With a honed mind, they can summon these forces to aid their allies—protecting them with barriers of wind, hastening their movements, and refreshing their dwindling stores of mana. An adept of Spiritual Magic is an invaluable member to any team.  

Archetype Bonus: Increases Wisdom by 2 points per 3 levels.

Active Skills


A whirlwind deals (x) spell damage to a target, bouncing off to 1 other creature within 3 squares. Each bouce deals 50% less damage than the previous.


Restores (x) mana per second to a target for 10s.

Air Aura

Creates a protective sphere around yourself, reducing projectile damage by 25% for 15s.


Creates a barrier around target that absorbs (x), expiring after 10s. Absorbs additional (y) damage per Aether consumed.


Restores (x) health per second to a target for 10s.


Deals (x) spell damage and pushes the target back 3 tiles over 0.5s. Damage is increased by (y) per Aether consumed.

Wind Wall

Creates a 3 tile wide wind wall preventing projectiles from going through the tiles for 6s.


Increases target's haste attribute by 20%. Haste is increased by an additional 5% per Aether consumed.

Party Recovery

Restores (x) health and mana for 15s to the entire party. Restores (y) health and (y) mana more per Aether consumed.

Force Push

Pushes everyone around the user 3 squares away and slows them by 50% for 2s.

Healing Air Sphere

Restores (x) health per second for 3s to all party members within 3 squares away from the sphere. Increases duration by 1s per Aether consumed.


Places a typhoon that pulls targets within 2 squares to the edge of the typhoon, slowing them by 30% for 5s. Increases slow effectiveness by 10% per Aether consumed.

Passive Skills

Wind Mastery

Increases the strength of Barrier by (x) and the durations of Air Aura by 3s and Wind Wall by 2s.



Regenerates (x) health and mana per second during combat.


Lingering Impact

Increases the duration of healing over time abilities by 20%.


Reduces the cooldown of all spells by 10%.


Sins of the Many

Party Recovery and Healing Air Sphere now apply barrier to everyone hit by them.


The Cost of Restoration

Increases your Healing Power by 20% but at the cost of 10% Weapon Power and Spell Power.