Dev Blog - Warmode

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Warmode Channel

Something that we have seen increasingly more and more common is the "division" in the community between PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) content. In many ways, it feels almost perfectly split down the middle of those who are primarily stimulated and excited about PvP content or PvE content. For full disclosure, our Creative Director (Knighter), is an almost exclusively PvP player in games, and this is a huge focal point for the team in development.

However, we also understand many thrive off the PvE experience, mystery, secrets, and complex problems to solve/overcome. Both are important elements to making a truly special MMORPG.

While PvP is a core component of Ravendawn as a whole and its design, we currently have a significantly higher weight behind PvE systems. We know frequency of PvP will organically increase on launch of Ravendawn, as systems such as Tradepacks and Creature Hunting locations will naturally create Player vs Player conflict. However, we also want to allow those who are heavily focused PvP players/guilds the ability to be much more engaged in PvP than current.

Many PvP players have asked us to reduce the impact of the Infamy System. While there will very likely be some changes to the Infamy System, this system is required to avoid heavy griefing to PvE & newer players. However, as mentioned, PvP is a core part of Ravendawns design and something we also want to reward to active PvP players in Open World systems as well (as there will already be a lot of incentivization for organized PvP through Castle Sieges & Arena).

Because of this, we have created Warmode.

Warmode will be a unique Channel on each World where every region in the world of Ravendawn (except a couple specific areas like Ravencrest) will be PvP and you will not be punished with Infamy for killing a player. Additionally, the Warmode Channel will be appealing for non-PvPers as well, as if you are playing on that channel you will receive +10% Tradepack Value, Experience & Loot Drop. This experience bonus will not apply to Crafting and Gathering however. At anytime you can choose to join/leave this Channel as you can any channel.

While this system will likely have further adjustments and changes to it, we are excited about the opportunity it will provide to PvP dominant players, who want a wild west PvP experience that they can elect into without feeling forced to commit the life of their character to a PvP-E World!

The Ravendawn Team