Dev Blog - Mounts

Friday, May 7, 2021

Today we will be teaching you about the Mount system on Ravendawn!

 When Lucien and his adventurers first arrived on Ravendawn, they were surprised to find large herds of flightless birds roaming the continent. Impressed by the Moas’ unique combination of speed, strength, and temperament, they took an immediate liking to the strange beasts. The brave Moas became essential companions to the human settlers, resulting in a relationship of mutual respect and admiration that has lasted for centuries.

While you will get your first Moa early on in your explorations of Ravendawn, you may have many Moas throughout your journey, a player is able to have dozens of different Moas at one time, but is only able to use one at once. Future Moas can be obtained through Breeding, or from purchasing from another player who does Breeding. Breeding will not be covered in this Dev Blog however, as it will have it's own dev blog when we introduce the profession Dev Blogs.


Right now Moas are the only mountable creatures in the world of Ravendawn. It's unsure if future species will be mountable the same way a Moa is.


Mount Stats

Your Moa's stats are based on it's Tier. Your Moa's Tier comes from Breeding. Higher tier Moas are have a higher possible Strength, Speed, Height and Weight.

Strength - Your Moa's strength will impact how fast you are when pulling a Tradecart. A stronger Moa is able to move tradepacks and fish at a higher speed. 

Speed - Your Moa's speed will impact how fast you are when normally riding your Moa.

 Height - How tall your Moa is - this is purely fluff and does not impact your Moa's performance.

 Weight - How much your Moa weighs - this is purely fluff and does not impact your Moa's performance.


Moa Abilities

Moas are able to get unique abilities as well. Abilities such as Dash, Sprint & more. A Moa has a higher chance of obtaining one of these abilities based on it's Tier. Additionally, higher tier Moas have a chance of obtaining a higher rank of these Abilities improving their performance.  


Moa Color


The color of your Moa comes from Breeding. There are dozens of possible color combinations that a Moa can be, each with their own rarity. Certain colors being as rare as 1/100000 chance. Higher breeding skill can increase the chance of a rare Moa color.  


Moa Equipment

Moa Equipment will further improve the performance of your Moa. Making it faster, stronger, or reduced chance to dismount you when hit by enemies. These are just some of the ways you can further customize any of your Moas.


Misc Info

Mounts much like a traditional MMORPG, cannot be ridden in combat, and you will be dismounted when you engage or are engaged in combat.