Dev Blog - Warfare

Dev Blog - Warfare

Friday, December 18, 2020


With a ravenous appetite for bloodshed, Warfare is the favored archetype of orcs and barbarians. Users of this archetype specialize in brute force combat, able to draw upon the lifeblood they’ve spilled to heal themselves and strengthen their savage attacks. A Warfare user in the throes of bloodlust and hatred is a terrible sight to behold.

Archetype Bonus: Increases your Might by 2 per 3 levels.

Active Skills

Brutal Strike

Deals a small amount of damage. Heals the user for a small amount per Aether resource. This does not consume the Aether resource. Gain 2 Aether.


Deals a moderate amount of damage. Deals 20% more damage per Aether consumed.


Deals a small amount of damage and reduces the target's Defense Power by 5% for 5 seconds. Increases the Defense Power Reduction by 2.5% per Aether consumed.

Feasting Strike

Deals a small amount of damage. Heals the user for a large amount per Aether consumed.  

Bull Rush

Charge forward 6 tiles. Any targets nearby will be pushed back and stunned for 2 seconds. Gain 3 Aether.


Deal damage and Slow enemies around you by 50% for 3 seconds. Gain 3 Aether.


Deal damage and Stun targets for 1.5 seconds in a wave infront of you. Stun duration increased by 0.1 seconds for each Aether consumed.

Spiked Chains

Deals a small amount of target to the target & slow them by 20% for 3 seconds. Increases the duration by 0.5 seconds per Aether consumed.


Gain 10 Aether Stacks at the cost of 10% of your Defense Power for 5 Seconds.

Heroic Leap

Jump to a chosen location slamming the ground stunning anyone within a small radius for 2 seconds, or slowing anyone within a slightly larger radius by 50% for 2 seconds. Gain 3 Aether.

Passive Skills


Increases Healing from Warfare Abilities by 25%


Increases Attack Power by 10, but Lowers Defense Power by 10.


Increases the users Attack Power by 1 per 2 Stacks of Aether.


Physical Damage done now heals yourself for 5% of the damage dealt.



When below 30% health, you are now unable to be slowed or snared. This does not remove current slows/snares however.