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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Outfits Dev Blog

For the Beta we will have 14 Outfits, 8 male & 6 female. We plan to have 20+ for launch, and many more being added frequently.

All outfits have a full color wheel system as well, allowing a player to customize their colors to match friends, guild/team colors, or simply what they feel looks the best!

While players will have a large range of outfits they can choose to wear, each of these outfits also have cosmetic slots. These cosmetic slots allow the player to further customize his/her outfit choice to fully personalize their character.

Players can wear any outfit combination they so choose. In our Archetype teasers, we showoff a specific outfit that fits with the Archetype shown, but remember, you as a player have 3 archetypes active to create your full class. In the end, the outfit & cosmetics chosen will be what you feel best represents your character!

Currently the plan is that the base of all outfits will be available to a player. Cosmetics will be unlocked through progression and likely our store. However, we are not currently set on this decision, we will update closer to launch our specific plans for this.  

Here you can see an example of the Barbarian Outfit with different Cosmetic Variations equipped!

From The Dev's

We just want to take a moment to thank everyone once again for all the overwhelming support. While some things feel very minor to you guys, they mean a lot to us and are very motivating! Things like reacting to our posts on discord, sharing & commenting to friends on our facebook/instagram posts, but especially sharing about the project with your friends and gaming groups!  

Hope you all had a happy holiday <3

2021 will be a year to remember for Ravendawn players!