Dev Blog - Effort System

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Effort System

A Land of Equality and Prosperity

The Community Land system is an integral part of Ravendawn, providing all players with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of land ownership, even if they do not have the resources to own their own land. However, it has been observed that there were several ways to misuse the Community Land and, over time, these issues could accumulate, leading to a snowball effect that would negatively impact the game's economy and the overall experience for players. As a result of these concerns, it has been concluded that the system requires attention to maintain a fair, well balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

To address the vulnerabilities of the Community Land while also rewarding dedicated players, we are excited to announce the Effort System, introduced in-game for the Open Beta! This system aims to cover the concerns while allowing you to progress and continue to use the system as you gain experience, without imposing limitations on your gameplay.

Hard Work Always Pays Off

Effort is a new in-game resource that will be required alongside the usual ones when undertaking any activity on Community Land. Acquiring Effort is simple: You will be rewarded Effort Points for Open World Activities such as killing creatures and participating in quests

The rule for how much Effort you earn while adventuring is quite simple: for every 100 Experience Points gained from the many possible activities available throughout the game, you’ll be awarded 1 Effort Point.

The amount of Effort required to take Community Land activities is also meant to be fair, varying from 1 (Potatoes) to 900 (Medium Cow Pen) Points. This means that if you are a dedicated player engaged in partaking in activities to evolve your character, your Community Land will always keep up with this growth!

There will also be a limit as to how much Effort a single character can have at any given time. Starting with 400 Points, the Effort cap will grow by an additional 400 points each time players unlock more space in their Community Land (Level 15, 25, and 35), to a total limit of 1600 Effort Points!

Effort costs that will be charged alongside the usual Silver fees will always be displayed to players and, at least for the time being, Effort will be charged only on Community Land actions. Individual house Lands and their activities will not be involved.

We are excited to see you in-game earning lots of Effort Points and evolving your Land!

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