Dev Blog - Estates

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Dev Blog - Estates

Find a Plot of Land, Design & Build the Home of your Dreams

In Ravendawn, the world is yours to conquer! The vastness of Ravendawn’s landscape means you can build virtually anywhere — in the middle of a dense forest, along the ocean’s sandy coast, even on top of a desolate mountain. With real-world house and farm-building, all you have to do is claim a plot of land and let your imagination run wild. Join forces with other adventurers, pool your resources, and claim a string of islands for your new alliance! Whether you want a simple log cabin surrounded by farmland, or a stone mansion that towers over your guests, Ravendawn is your canvas.


Claiming Land

Land claiming in Ravendawn is a simple process. For that, a Land Deed is needed which you can get it through a Reputation NPC, but only if that NPC is willing to trade with you. This scroll can then be used to claim a small plot anywhere in the Ravendawn world where land is available. While the story only provides a small land deed, larger land deeds can be purchased in-game with Silver, Ravendawn’s primary currency. Everyone can look forward to having some land, but only exceptional and committed players should expect to own large and far-reaching properties.


Houses Designs 

While we plan to have close to 30 different house designs for the Closed Beta, there will be hundreds of design options and house variations for players to choose from in the full game. House Design templates can be obtained in various ways throughout Ravendawn, including during certain stories and hidden quests, as well as purchasing with in-game currencies.


Over 24 different types of crops to grow, each with its own varying grow time, yields and purposes, your land can be cultivated to exactly the produce you wish to grow!  


Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Chickens! These are but some of the animals you will be able to tend to your estate! Whether it be sheep for wool, chickens for eggs or cows for milk, that decision is entirely up to you!


While crops are some of the main uses of Farmland, it can also be used to grow a dozen different trees which can either be cut down for lumber or picked for their harvest!


The practice of breeding is its own profession in Ravendawn, which is handled and managed through the stables built upon your property. The more property you own, the more breeding you can expect to do. In a future Dev Blog, we will dig deeper into Professions and how this can further affect breeding.



No one likes an empty home! Decorating not only brings your residence to life, it can also come with certain benefits… Progressing through the Carpentry Profession allows you to make dozens of different furniture items to fill all that empty space.



Oops… made a mistake? Got a new house design? Simply want to repurpose your land? Not to worry! Every piece of your estate can be torn down and made new whenever you choose. Choose carefully, however—while you receive all your designs back in full, it will cost a small portion of your construction materials to make the change.


Estate Examples

To finish off the dev blog we have a few estate examples to share with you guys that our team put together!

Choosing to build their estate along a river, this farmer has chosen to use their land for simple crops and livestock. While pigs may not provide an immediate or reoccurring return, a full-grown pig is worth its weight in silver. 

This landowner prefers not to live right next to a smelly pigsty. Even simple farmers still have friends to impress, and who wants to invite guests to an estate reeking of pigs!? Sheep are much cleaner livestock and provide wool on a continuous basis.

For this lumberjack, a modest cabin out in the woods is more than enough. It’s a secluded life, but a peaceful one. Though he’s far from people, the sound of crickets and a crackling fire keep him company through the night. A small flock of chickens provide eggs for his daily breakfast and with lumber as his trade, he has no problem feeding himself and enjoying a simple lifestyle. After all, Ravendawn is a quickly developing world and good lumber is always in demand.