Dev Blog - Ships and Warships

Dev Blog - Ships and Warships

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dev Blog - Ships & Warships

A Highly Customizable and Robust Ship System

Anything shown in Dev Blogs are currently work in progress and may not be the final result, please consider that if something doesn't look perfect yet <3 

One of the, if not the most, core principle in our game design is endless customization. Being able to play your character, exactly how you want to, with as few limitations as possible. But that doesn't stop with your character.. Ships in the world of Ravendawn are nearly as deep and customizable as your character itself.  

Ships are broken down into 5 key components.

The Hull

The Hull is the base of the ship and will impact a various degree of different aspects including the ship's overall weight capability, as well as extra support for certain accessories. The hull also has base stats that impact the direction of the ship itself, whether it being faster, more manueverable, harder to detect or better in naval combat! Currently we have 4 different available hulls for the Alpha - Merchant Hull (Focused on carrying capacity), Fishing Hull (Focused on fish carrying capacity), Clipper Hull (Exploration and Maneuverability) & Galleon Hull (Warship). While the Hull can point to a direction of the ships ability, it is but a minor part of what the ship's final capability is based on other components chosen. Sometimes a Hybrid approach can be incredibly valuable.

The Sails

Speed, speed and more speed! The bigger and stronger the sails, the faster your ship will be able to travel, as well as a higher speed ceiling. However a larger mast, adding more weight, will take it's toll on your ship's ability to change course on the fly!

The Cabin

Room for carrying extra products, Trade Goods, Large Ocean Catches on rear facing hooks, or leave it empty to lower your ships weight and thus increase it's speed and combat! The Cabin Component is much more than just actual Boat Cabins, this is the rear part of the ship where a multitude of attachments can be placed, a large hook for that Gargantuan Tuna you caught, dual hooks for 2 medium sized catches, a storage box for extra Trade Packs, the choice is yours!

The Auxiliary

The Auxiliary is a much more unique component to your ship, this attachment is the most diverse of all the possible attachments with a wide range of different options from Extra Cannons, to Reinforced Plating, Nets and Emblems to just name a few. Within those options as well there will be a wide range of variations, for example; gryphon cannons, siege cannons, serpent cannons & many more. The auxiliary component is one of the main ways for a user to decide the main intent of their ships loadout.

The Rudder  

The Rudder will improve the speed at which your ship can turn and manuever, a critical factor in ship battles, but perhaps less important for a simple merchant or fisherman. While a larger rudder will allow you to turn faster, it will come at a cost of extra weight and an overall slower top speed to your ship!


One of our teams core beliefs is there should never be a simply right and wrong way to play an MMORPG. Everything comes at a cost in the world of Ravendawn. Ships are no different. You can make the biggest, baddest, largest ship the Ravendawn Oceans have ever seen, rivaled by few in head on head combat! However, this will severely limit your ships ability to fish, carry trade goods, two important ways ships help you generate income.  

While you cannot change the components on your ship while out at sea, you are able to easily adjust ship components anytime you are in a harbor to any components you posess. Having a wide array of ship loadouts will be very valuable for different situations based on what you need, or your team needs.


No limitations to what can be explored!

Our favorite part about the Ship System in Ravendawn is no place cannot be explored. If it's on the map, you can visit it! A vast ocean, scattered with islands big and small, prepared to be charted and settled by you the player, but be careful, while you may feel you are the first to these islands, you dont know what else could be on that island... or beneath it..


Dynamic Ship Turning & Acceleration

Ships do not naturally come to full stop and full speed on the fly. A ship takes time to build up momentum and speed. Not only will ship's build up momentum as they cruise across the ocean with the wind at their sails, but conflict resulting in manuevers will also impact speed and acceleration. While changing course frequently is not ideal for getting to your destination, sometimes it could mean life or death.


Teaser Loadouts

We're going to finish off the dev blog by showing you some possible loadouts we put together, this is but a drop in a bucket of what is already available and will be available for the Alpha/Beta, and a drop in the ocean of what will be available on Ravendawn's Launch.

Equipped with three cannons on each side, a large sail for maximum speed, this loadout has nothing but the essentials for naval combat, remaining light and lean with the only weight being to increase it's naval warfare. While it may not be the biggest ship, it's prepared to out pace other warships and hit them when they're at their weakest.

Not everyone is eager for violence, some prefer generating wealth to hire others to protect them and take care of their enemies. However, for this fisherman, that is his future dream. For now he has a simple ship, equipped with a small sail and a single fishing hook on the back. It may not be glamorous, but while others are busy poaching the large fishing barges or firing their cannons at other ships for plunder, this fisherman goes under the radar bringing in hauls of fish along the coast of Ravencrest.

Speed, Protection and Commerce. This loadout has one goal in mind, to bring trade goods across the long and dangerous ocean passage from Margrove Hamlet to the Pirate Isles. While risk is high, the reward is extravagent.


Closing Words

We just want to finish off by thanking everyone so much for all their kind words, motivation, excitement, and most importantly sharing Ravendawn with their friends & gaming groups! We never could of imagined this kind of excitement and interest from how little we've shared. It really means so much to our team, and encourages us so much seeing others feel the same way as us, that we are making something truly special here.