Glaceforde: The Frozen Continent

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Glaceforde: The Frozen Continent


To the far north of Ravendawn lies the continent of Glaceforde, shrouded in raging snowstorms and frigid winds. Blanketed by deep snow, the landscape might appear featureless if not for the towering mountains and glistening lakes that dot the region.

This harsh and unforgiving land is home to many creatures that match its hostile nature. In light of these perils, it’s no surprise that only the hardiest and bravest of folk dare to make a life here. Though spread across vast distances, from the howling peaks of Wolfhold to the icy shore of Newvik, the common thread uniting all of Glaceforde’s settlers is their independent spirit and resilience in the face of this feral, untamed wasteland.

Despite its dangers, success can still be found here. The Vikkar Bay Fur Company’s president, Lord Chester, epitomizes what an endless well of ambition can purchase. Running the port town of Vikkar Bay as his own personal kingdom, few can deny he has thrived where so many others have perished. Whether driven by an adventurous heart or a lust for power, no one can say, for all Glacefordians are known to hold their cards close to their chests.



Glaceforde, though perilous, is renowned for its abundance in rare resources: arctic wolf hides, snow spider fangs, yeti paws and — most precious of all — shards of Igneous Ice. Ancient and imbued with potent, unstable magic, those who seek the mysterious power of these shards may uncover the true history of the continent. All the wonders of Glaceforde are within reach, if one is courageous enough to seek them out.

To rise above the common trapper and earn respect from those who rarely give it, you will have to contend with the might of cunning frost trolls, who unlike their warmer climate cousins, work together to crush their enemies. On the other hand, roving bands of Iceforge Dwarves and the human-led Winterborn Alliance do not distinguish between friend and prey, never hesitating to resort to violence to fiercely protect valuable hunting grounds. Not even the waters are safe, for deep below the icy surface of Glaceheart Lake, a true titan awaits…



Survive long enough, and your path may eventually lead to the ancient halls of Castle Thergard, which stands dark and foreboding on Glaceforde’s southeastern shore. Its gray, frostbitten walls rise high above the sea, but what secrets they guard is anybody’s guess. Even the bravest hunters steer clear of the old fortress, knowing all too well that those who enter rarely leave again. Still, the promise of treasure, knowledge, and glory are ever certain to lure the most ambitious to this icy tomb of stone.



Good luck, adventurer, and remember: while most in the capital consider sailing to Glaceforde no more than a fool’s errand… the real fool is they who turn away from greatness!



Thank you very much for reading and prepare for the Winter ! ?