Dev Blog - Ravencard System Revamp

Monday, September 5, 2022

Welcome to another Devblog, Adventurers! 

This time, we would like to share with you a few massive changes coming to Ravendawn! There are 3 major upcoming updates on systems that work hand in hand, and we are confident that these changes will drastically improve Ravendawn as a game, creating a far more fun environment for you players:

1. Archetype Spell Changes

2. Ravencard System Revamp

3. Archetype Passive Changes

These will not all be in live for the Closed Beta, but will be fully available in the Open Beta and, of course, Ravendawn's Release!


Archetype Spell Changes

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Over 49 spells have been changed across all 8 Archetypes! Yes, you heard that right... Over half of the current spells have been modified to make the combat experience much more fun, engaging and unique. All the spells now have a great identity with the world of Ravendawn, promoting a fun gameplay experience.

Leading up to the Closed Beta, 8 new Devblogs will be released to go over each Archetype specifically and all their spells changed and the explanation why the team decided to change them. Onto passive changes!


Archetype Ravencard Changes

Originally, the plan was to release Ravendawn with 50 Ravencards. This was already proving to have many of it's own complications with the current way the system behaved, where every Ravencard could be equipped into any spell. 

While this originally felt and sounded like we were providing more freedom, we realized it actually was doing the opposite effect: it was hurting the amount of Ravencards we could create, and ultimately the amount of depth provided to the player due to balance concerns.

We are excited to announce we will now have 192 Full-Art Ravencards for Ravendawn's Release, with 2 Ravencards made specifically for each spell.

To make far more unique and interesting Ravencard benefits, now every spell will have 2 Unique Ravencards to further enhance that spell. Instead of adding boring bonuses to the player or low damage to the target... how about something like:

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Saltdusk Bloodmage
"While Shackles of Pain is active on a target, Leech & Siphon is 150% more effective."


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Skeleton Pikemen
"Unbreakable no longer heals you. Instead, it will burst around you dealing 80% of the damage received during it's duration."


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Goblin Wizard
"Critical Strikes with Fireball reduce the cooldown of Pyroblast by 6 seconds."

We are very excited about the possibilities the new overhauled Ravencard system has opened up, and the fun and variety this will apply to everyone’s builds and gameplays!


Archetype Passive Changes

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The Passive System has always been a split system, where half of the passives modified that Archetype specifically, and the other half were general benefits no matter what Archetypes the player chose to play. 

With the hyper focus on modifying your chosen spells done in the new Ravencard System, we wanted to change the attention from the passives to be all general buffs, that while unique, will often serve as useful no matter what build you choose to do.

Just like the Spell Changes, we will share more information about the passives for each Archetype during the upcoming Devblogs.


This is what Ravendawn is about. This is the game we are wanting to build, a game you play your way. A world you experience your way.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey with us.

The Ravendawn Team