Dev Blog - Attributes

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Attribute System

For Ravendawn, our goal is to reimagine the typical, repetitive system found in most MMORPGs. You all know the same boring drill… you’re a mage? Load up on Intellect. Playing as a warrior? Focus on Strength only. Rogue? Agility.  

Our attribute system completely throws this old, tired design out the window! We’ve replaced that rigid, cut-and-dried design with a flexible system that works with your unique playstyle. Instead of forcing you down a predictable path, in Ravendawn every attribute was developed to have relevance to any class, any playstyle you choose.


Primary Attributes


- Increases Melee & Ranged Attack Power

- Increases Max Health



- Increases Attack Speed & Spell Haste (Cast Speed & Global Cooldown Reduction)

- Increases Physical Damage Mitigation Chance



- Increases Magic Attack Power and Healing Power

- Increases Max Mana



- Increases In-Combat Regeneration of Health & Mana

- Increases Magic Damage Mitigation Chance


Secondary Attributes

Physical Attack Power 

- Increases Physical Damage Dealt

Magic Attack Power 

- Increases Magical Damage Dealt


Physical Defense Power 

- Lowers Physical Damage Received


Magic Defense Power 

- Lowers Magical Damage Received


Healing Power - Increases Healing Output

Haste - Increases Attack Speed, Spell Haste and Global Cooldown Reduction

Health - Increases Maximum Health

Mana - Increases Maximum Mana

Health Regeneration - Increases In-Combat Health Regeneration

Mana Regeneration - Increases In-Combat Mana Regeneration


Where do these attributes come from?

Attributes are found in a couple different ways. The main way is from Equipment, which has both Primary and Secondary Attributes. Every piece of Equipment found in the world of Ravendawn can have any combination of Primary & Secondary Attributes. Attributes can also be obtained from Passive Ravencards. More will come on the Ravencard system and the difference between Active and Passive Ravencards, but this system offers more ways of gaining specific Primary and Secondary Attributes.


Final Words

Our Attribute system is designed to further compliment the depth in the Archetype, Equipment, Ravencard and overall customization options to forge the exact character you want to play!  

Want to create the most explosive, high-damage mage possible? Try loading up in Intelligence, while sacrificing survivability from Might, and casting speed from Dexterity.  

Want to be an unending well of healing for your team? Try a strong balance of Wisdom for regeneration in combat, and Intelligence to fortify a strong mana pool.  

Is kiting and raining down arrows more your style? Kill your foes before they can even get close by loading up on Might & Dexterity for maximum damage and attack speed.  

In Ravendawn, the possibilities to further customize an already deep character-building experience are endless!