Dev Blog - Wizardry

Friday, January 29, 2021




Bending the elements to their will, Wizardry users harness the power of Ice and Fire to devastate their enemies. Whether igniting foes in flames or ensnaring them in ice, Wizardry users call upon powerful single-target and area spells to deal massive amounts of damage on the battlefield. With the potential to single-handedly shift the tide of battle, a user of this archetype is truly an arcane force to be reckoned with.

Archetype Bonus: Increases Intelligence by 2 points per 3 levels.

Active Skills


Shoots fireball at target that deals (x) spell damage and (y) more every 2s over 10s, stacking up to 3 times. A new stack resets the overall duration.


Applies 3 Deep Burning stacks on target, each one dealing (x) spell damage every 3s for 6s. Deep Burning reduces healing received by 20%. Applies 1 additional Deep Burning stack per Aether consumed.


Deals (x) spell damage to the target. Cast time is reduced by 0.7s and cooldown is reduced by 3s per Aether.


Deals (x) spell damage to small area around the target and stunning them for 2s.

Flame Tornado

Choose a location to conjure a Flame Tornado, dealing (x) spell damage to all targets in a small area around every second, as well as putting fireball stacks on each target hit. Damage is applied 0.1s faster per Aether, up to once every 0.5s.

Meteor Strike

A massive meteor falls at target after a 1s delay, dealing (x) spell damage in a small area and 30% of the damage in a larger area.


Shoots a frostbolt that deals (x) spell damage and slows the target by 7.5% per frost stack for 10s, up to 3 stacks.

Frost Shards

Shoots 2 frost shards per Aether consumed at the target, dealing (x) spell damage each. The target is also slowed by 50% for 3s.


Deals (x) spell damage to targets within a medium area around you and slows them by 10% for 3s. Slow is increased 10% per Aether consumed.

Frost Lance

Deals (x) spell damage and snares the target in place for 2s.


Teleports to a selected location.


Deals (x) spell damage in a medium area, slowing all targets hit by 20% for 3s and applying one frost stack at them. Increases slow by 10% per Aether consumed.

Passive Skills

Arcane Mastery

Grants 5% chance to generate 5 Aether when you cast a Wizardry spell.


Frost Armor

Anytime you are hit by a melee weapon, it lowers the enemies movement speed by 10% for 2s.



Reduces cast time of fire spells by 20%.



When above 70% mana, all spells cast deal an extra (x) spell damage.



Your spell casts have a 5% chance to automatically recast for free 0.5 seconds later.


Icy Blood

Icestorm no longer requires to be channeled.