Dev Blog - Spiritual Ravencards

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ravencards | Spiritual

Creating barriers of wind to protect allies, hastening their movements and refreshing their Mana. This is how Spiritual is imposed on the battlefield. With the new Ravencards, some say they are invaluable to any team!

The rarity of the Ravencard directly influences its impact in-game, as the different numbers (%) present in the Ravencards' effects below relate to the different rarities: Grand / Rare / Arcane / Heroic / Mythic / Legendary

Please note that the values of the Ravencards' effects are not final, as they are still undergoing balancing changes on an ongoing basis.

Goblin Glider ー Cyclone

Cyclone is no longer ranged nor bounces. Instead, Cyclones now appear around you, dealing 75% / 100% / 125% / 150% / 175% / 200% of the original damage to targets adjacent to you.

Goblin Gliders are thrill-seekers, often found near cliff sides and mountain peaks. These creatures love to fly, and this fearlessness makes them useful as scouts. As a result of their obsession with the open sky, only one of every five Goblin Gliders survives to adulthood.

Mysticap Mushroom ー Refresh

 Targets affected by Refresh have their skills mana costs reduced by 5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10%.

When a Mysticap reaches maturity, beautiful and bulbous fungi begin to sprout from its head. On nights when the sky is clear, these pale blue mushrooms absorb the moonlight, charging themselves with healing magical energies the Mysticap can later release to mend itself of any harm.

Many-Eyes Trunk ー Barrier

When your Barrier breaks or expires, it will explode dealing (35% / 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% / 60% Spell Power) spell damage to adjacent targets.

The Many-Eyes is truly a horror of the deep forest. Their heavy stump is studded with many red eyes, constantly swiveling around — each of its eyes cast a specific spell. Simply glimpsing this creature can drive someone mad, as they become afflicted with drunkenness, blindness, or worse.

Bat ー Whirlwind

Whirlwind also Disarms the affected target for 6s. Disarm reduces AP from the target equal to its weapon AP. Monsters have their total AP reduced by 50%. Cooldown of Whirlwind is increased by 25 / 23 / 21 / 19 / 17 / 15 seconds.

Caves and caverns are often home to vast colonies of Giant Bats, whose guano is used as fertilizer throughout the farmlands of Ravendawn. All Giant Bats can use their sonar abilities to confuse both prey and enemies.

Blademaster Djinn ー Wind Wall

Wind Wall can be reactivated to make it explode, pushing any adjacent target 2 tiles aways and applying a 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20% slow for 3 seconds.

Blademaster Djinns are seasoned fighters: agile and skillful, many great swordplayers lost their lives after underestimating these proficient beasts. When you delve deep in a Djinn temple, you’re sure to be caught in a storm of steel.

Naturalist Praiser ー Healing Air Sphere

Targets affected by Healing Air Sphere generate 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 Aether per second.

Naturalist Praisers are druid-like humans that have grown highly resentful of industriousness and the development of society, which they perceive as the destruction of natural order. They will not stop until roots and vines cover up and strangle any instance where humans have offended nature.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the effect of the Spiritual Ravencards and how they will impact the gameplay. Stay tuned, as we have 3 more Devblogs about cards on the way!