Gameplay Updates

Friday, April 30, 2021

Couple Gameplay Updates from the team!

Game Design changes frequently happen in Game Development as systems are tested and played more. We find things we once liked, that now feel could be enhanced or improved, and certain things we once didn't feel fit into the game, now feel like a great addition to adding depth to the games experience.  

We love seeing all the theorycrafting and design by the community, and want to continue to feed you all game design information as we add or make changes, so you are all able to continue your planning, build prospects and theories!  

So we want to update you all on a change to the Archetype Resource System.

Previously, each archetype had it's own resource pool. While we originally felt this added a huge level of depth to combat, after a few weeks of consistent combat testing, we decided it actually achieved the opposite of it's intention. It actually made combat feel overly complicated, hard to track, difficult to focus on key play making ability and actually encouraged players to focus even more into simply 1 or 2 Archetypes. We have decided to combine the 8 resource pools into 1 resource pool called "Aether". The way this resource is generated and consumed by abilities is the same for each Archetype - we have now updated all the Archetype Dev Blogs with Aether and the respective amounts.

While Aether is able to build up to a maximum of 10, the maximum that is consumed by a spell is 5. This means players can build up for 2 "max empowered" spell casts at a time, allowing for quite some interesting combo's.  

After quite a bit of playtesting with the new Aether system, we find it a much more fun & engaging mechanic.


Additionally, a user today helped us notice a small mistake we made on 3 of the Archetype Dev Blogs - This mistake was not all Archetypes saying X Attributes Per 3 Levels, instead saying Per Level. This was a mistake by us and all Archetypes should be Per 3 Levels, total Attribute amounts will be the same across all classes, the only difference being the amount of each attribute.