Dev Blog - Ravencards

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Dev Blog - Ravencards

Ravencards are one of the many ways you as a player can further customize your character to exactly your playstyle. While we have a very deep character customization system already with Archetypes, Weapon Choices & Reputation Paths, this is yet another way you can diversify your character from another.

These cards enhance your character in-game. This is not a card game - Just to be clear. Maybe one day we will make a little mini-game with them as well, but for now, they are for enhancing your character & your character spells/character’s spells.

Spell Cards

Ravencards are split into two types, Spell Cards and Passive Cards. Every Spell you have unlocked can equip a single Spell Card, further modifying that spell. Anytime you use this spell, the Ravencard effect attached will also occur.

Here is an example of a Spell Card

Having this card equipped in a spell, anytime you use that spell it will increase your Attack Power by 1 for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Because of the stacking effect, this makes this spell card a great card to equip in a spell with a low cooldown, so you can easily stack up the Attack Power bonus early on in combat. With Dexterity lowering ability global cooldown, this makes a high Dexterity build coupled with a card like this a deadly combo.  


Passive Cards

PPassive Cards are slightly different, you will have 5 Passive Card Slots for your character - these are unlocked as you progress through the game - these passive cards you equip are always active for your character and not only on spell use.  

Here is an example of a Passive Card

Having this card equipped in a passive slot, it will increase your Wisdom by 5, increasing your Magic Resistance and Increasing your In Combat Mana and Health Regeneration.


How Ravencards are obtained

The current plan for how Ravencards are obtained will be from Ravencard Packs which can be obtained from Dynamic Quests, Environmental Quests, Story Quests & Tradepacks (Devblogs to come about the quest system & tradepack system soon!). Ravencard Packs will be much like Pokemon Card Packs, and can be opened by the player to find a random assortment of cards. If you don’t like a card, no problem!, you can easily break it down into Emblems to obtain new packs. The different methods of obtaining Ravencard Packs may change closer to release, depending on results we see from the Alpha & Beta.


Some random facts

There are currently 5 different elements of Ravencards; Grass, Fire, Neutral, Water and Dark. The element currently has no gameplay effect (and likely never will), and is purely for the art and lore for the players.  

Every creature in Ravendawn will have its own Ravencard to collect and use! Every card is an image taken of the creature in its natural habitat in the world of Ravendawn, this means you may obtain a card from a creature/location you have not yet explored getting a teaser of a future area!

And to finish off, we will give you a sneak peek at a few more cards ;) Enjoy and thanks for reading our Dev Blog about Ravencards!