Aether Rifts

Saturday, May 4, 2024

To share from a previous announcement for anyone who missed it:

“We have some exciting news to share with you! As many of you know, we've decided to significantly expand the upcoming PvP update into a much larger major patch. This massive update will not only introduce new PvP systems but also fresh PvE systems and content, making this an update well worth the wait.

Why did we make this change? Our primary goal is to create a seamless integration of the new PvP Systems and endgame progression, offering a more cohesive experience. We also wanted to increase the potential of these systems by adding significant new progression opportunities, unique features, and improved player interactions.

Additionally, we know that bringing in strong mechanics for returning players and new players is crucial, and we're excited to offer a richer experience for everyone and create a stronger bridge for new players to start adventuring in Ravendawn!

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, and as any engineer or game developer knows, the groundwork for new systems is often the most time-consuming part. Every week moving forward we will have a large teaser on a different system coming in this major Update. You can look forward to much-anticipated endgame PvP features like Guild Wars, Forts & Strongholds, and the new Aether Rifts for intense 1v1 or 2v2 battles. We will also be introducing a major balance patch to align with the release of these new PvP systems.

But that's not all. We don't want to give away everything just yet, but here's a sneak peek at what else is to come that was previously not shared: an improved targeting system, a completely revamped aggro system that lets tanks truly shine, epic World Bosses and new Group focused Boss Battles as well. You will have the chance to team up with friends or group up with other adventurers to tackle challenging bosses far more frequently for some juicy rewards.

We know you're all eagerly waiting for this content. However, we believe that doing a larger, more comprehensive Major Update is better than trickling in each system separately, especially since many of these systems and new endgame progressions rely on each other to work seamlessly.

We promise this update will be worth the wait, and we can't wait to start sharing all the details with you starting next week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and teasers as we prepare to roll out Ravendawn's first major Update.

Thank you for your patience and support. We're working hard to bring you an amazing experience, and we couldn't do it without our incredible community. Happy Adventuring!”


Today we are excited to share with you the first teaser of several that will share new systems coming in the major Update coming soon to Ravendawn!

Embark on a new thrilling challenge with Aether Rifts, a dynamic 1v1 and 2v2 PvP & PvE Arena-style system making its debut in the upcoming major Update to Ravendawn.

Opening an Aether Rift is as simple as wielding an Aether Rift Scroll. Aether Rift Scrolls are earned by destroying Aether Stones and also a chance to be obtained from Supply Bags.

These scrolls serve as keys to open portals to 1v1 Aether Rifts or can be utilized in tandem with another player to open a portal to a 2v2 Aether Rift.

Venturing into Duo Aether Rifts provides twice the riches but also double the risk.

Within a rift, a myriad of formidable creatures await, each holding precious treasures that are relinquished upon their defeat, ripe for the taking by the intrepid challengers!

Once the majority of the creatures fall, a boss at the heart of the rift will be awoken.

Upon defeating the boss, a Rift Chest materializes, offering bountiful rewards to the triumphant. Here, the victors face a crucial decision: seize their rewards and depart the Rift or take a portal into a deeper Rift, challenging another team without the need for an additional Rift Scroll.

With greater rewards come greater risks, as the treasures acquired from the original Rift are also at risk with each continuous Rift you enter.

Your team — whether solo or paired — can undertake up to two additional Rifts after your original portal. By conquering three Rifts in succession, your team will have a chance to obtain one of 5 Rift Trophies, bestowing additional attributes upon your character — In Duo Rifts, both players earn a Trophy.

But heed caution, for time spent within the Rift exacts a toll on sanity, diminishing healing capabilities and inflicting relentless damage the longer one lingers within its depths.

Moving forward, every Tuesday (Starting on May 14th) — now dubbed Teaser Tuesdays, we will share a Teaser on things coming in our upcoming Major Update. For all the community detectives, here is a riddle on what the next Teaser Tuesday will be about 😉

In shadows' dance, where monsters loom,
Tanks' might holds, but tread with care,
For Ravendawn's whispers, a new threat's glare.