Teaser Tuesday: Dueling System & Plunder Channel!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Happy Double Teaser Tuesday, Adventurers! 


In this weekly series, we highlight the upcoming Major Update mechanics that will enrich Ravendawn gameplay.

Since it's our second installment of the series, we've doubled the fun with not one, but two teasers!

Are you up for a friendly challenge to flex your skills, or do you crave the adrenaline of a no-holds-barred battle, where even the last coin of silver is on the line? With the introduction of the upcoming Dueling System and Plunder Channel, we've got you covered! 




Whether you're craving solo action in a 1v1 duel or prefer the camaraderie of a 2v2 party clash, the upcoming Dueling System guarantees safe and thrilling confrontations. No need to worry about penalties for engaging in combat or facing death consequences—losing simply means a reset, with no lingering effects on your gameplay.

Duels can unfold anywhere, peaceful regions included, except in the Safe Zones. So, gear up for intense clashes that can erupt at any moment! Also, Dueling System tracks statistics of wins, losses and ties with other players. Thus, you'll be able to check your progress and improve your skills with even more precision.


Above The Duel, Banner Proudly Soars

Challenging to a duel requires a small amount of bravery and choosing the right option from the checkbox.

To initiate a successful challenge for a duel, you must ensure you're fully healed, outside the safe-zone, and not engaged in any other combat. Upon accepting the challenge, a countdown will commence, accompanied by the appearance of a banner on the ground. The clash begins!


Test The Strength Of Your Friendship

Double the participants, double the fun!

When challenged to a duel while in a party, the system provides the option to decide between a solo or a 2 vs 2 battle. The duel concludes if all participants within one team are defeated. Any attempts, whether accidental or intentional, to heal the opponent will have no impact.


Watch Out For Distractions

Uninvited guests may disrupt your duel, but they also have the potential to turn you into allies during a collaborative battle.

Sustaining any form of damage from sources outside the duel will immediately halt the fight. After all, what matters most is enjoying good sportsmanship and fair play!  


Now, let’s get to the second teaser!:



With the introduction of the Plunder Channel, adventurers will gain access to a higher level of risk in the World of Ravendawn and the opportunity to increase their profits. To enter the Plunder Channel, players must pay a silver deposit. If a player dies on the Plunder Channel, they will drop a chest containing this amount of silver for anyone to claim.  


Enter The Danger Zone

Engaging in the Plunder Channel offers prospects of enhanced profits, but it also exposes you to hazards from greedy rivals.

The Plunder Channel emerges as the most lucrative channel in Ravendawn, providing a 25% Bonus for Tradepacks, EXP, and Loot, surpassing all Warmode bonuses. Like warmode, all regions will be in a constant state of War.  


Survive And Collect The Bounty

In the plunder channel, nowhere is safe. Yet, if you're confident in your abilities, ensure you can bear the weight of all the silver plundered from your enemies!  

We hope you enjoyed another Teaser Tuesday, we are very excited about the next one... It’s the one we know 90% of the community has much been waiting for. Can you figure it out now already from a riddle?


In the arena where darkness holds sway,

A purple surge marks the fray.

Eyes ablaze with Aether might,

Heroes gather to stand the fight.


See you next week!