Frost Steppes: Faith, Death, and Opportunity

Friday, February 23, 2024

Frost Steppes: Faith, Death, and Opportunity

For years, Scholars have wondered what exactly happened to the humans that inhabited Ravendawn before Lucien’s arrival and some even questioned whether they existed at all. Discoveries of ruins and ancient tombs displaying carvings of human beings point to works that cannot be explained with the presence of elves, dwarves or any other such creatures with the intellect to create them. The answer to what has puzzled the Lorekeep of Ravencrest since its very inception, may lie in the cold, unforgiving lands of the Frost Steppes.

Sealed away from the rest of Ravendawn, from the south by the Forsaken Mountains on one side and the Fields of Despair on the other, this region has remained almost entirely unaffected by the powerful influence of Ravencrest. Few would wish to battle their way through hordes of vampires and demons, after all. Protected by these fiends, the Yornish people persevere.

“May the snow cover your tracks.”
Yornish Proverb

Although explorers mapping the coast of the Frost Steppes have reported sightings of humans inhabiting the area, it was not until the recent establishment of the most northern outpost Frostbite, by the Ravenscouts, that these could be confirmed.

Now, as news spreads of the mysterious Yornish people, the race is on to be the first to make contact, for the Frost Steppes appear to be as rich in furs, pearls and ores as it is in dangerous inhabitants. 

While forward thinking entrepreneurs in Ravencrest see an opportunity for profit, others see a chance to spread the faith of the Dawn to a people untouched by the sun’s warm rays. Whispers from the east suggest that a sleeping giant is stirring, looking to challenge Ravencrests’s expansion…

Yet the petty politics of the south do not concern the Yornish, nor the Frost Steppes. Little do any of them understand that the Yornish people do not care for their silver nor their pretty words, only the strength of their resolve and actions. Those who come seeking to impose their will are going to be met with ice and blood. 

“What do the outsiders know of the Wild Steppes where the Mammoths reign over all beasts and men alike? Nothin’.”

“What do they understand of the Albino Forest and the snow covered Elderwoods that crush intruders beneath boulders for disturbing their ancient woods? Nothin’.”

“Even less ‘bout the Titan Claws and the old ways… They’ll learn ta fear.”
Rogaye, Yornish Hunter 

Despite the dangers and the riches to be gained, those most excited are the adventurers who could not join Lucien’s expedition. The Ravenscouts have been rallied and call upon all those with fire in their hearts to expose the secrets of the Frost Steppes into the light of the Dawn. 

It is only through the actions of such individuals that the mysteries behind the origins of the Yornish and Ravendawn’s past will be revealed.

The final frontier awaits. Are you up to the challenge?