Teaser Tuesday: Unveiling the New Threat System

Saturday, May 11, 2024


Today, we're thrilled to show you an enhancement coming to Ravendawn: our fully revamped Threat System!

With the new Threat System, tanks wield control over the enemy's focus, ensuring a strategic balance in combat. Damage dealers and healers must navigate their actions carefully, as generating too much threat could shift the tide of battle. Prepare for a refined experience where every move counts!

Previously, the system was rudimentary, often leading to disengaging PvE encounters, frustrating moments, and tedious fights, especially for Tanks.

We've upgraded the entire Threat System, including bosses, crafting it into a more sophisticated framework in preparation for the upcoming PvE content, slated for Ravendawn's first Major Update!

Now, let's get into the clips:


No More Random Threat Swaps

Witness a serene character having a beer while their aggressive party draws the attention of nearby foes. 

Gone are the days of creatures randomly shifting their focus between nearby players with no rhyme or reason. With the comprehensive revamp of the Threat System, only actions such as dealing damage, healing allies, or utilizing specific abilities will generate threat, akin to more traditional Threat Systems


Pulling Threat on Demand

Watch as a Tank deftly attracts the boss's attention, diverting threat from nearby allies with a single maneuver.

Certain abilities in Ravendawn will retain the power to instantly draw threat from a target, at the same time they escalate your overall threat level with said target.  Furthermore, abilities, most of them from the Protection Tree, will bolster threat generation when employed. Keep reading for further insights on that new system!


Healer Threat

For a bloodthirsty vampire, holy blood is just as attractive as any other, if their protector doesn’t keep up.

Healers will accrue threat not only through damage dealt but also via healing. While healing will incur a reduced amount of threat compared to damaging abilities, players must be cautious to avoid drawing excessive attention during encounters. Additionally, area-of-effect healing will generate less threat than single-target healing spells.


Threat Threshold, Threat Locking & Threat Decay

Watch as the furious beast soon turns its attention to an unstoppable barbarian when the guardian briefly hesitates.

While we won’t bore you with the intricate technical aspects of the revamped Threat System, rest assured it uses various subtle features to ensure a more engaging experience. These include mechanisms such as Threat DecayThreat Locking, and Threat Threshold.


Modified Threat Abilities

As we mentioned earlier, certain abilities will now have more influence over threat levels, either increasing or reducing your threat towards specific targets. While this list will only share three examples, you can expect an extensive range of modifiers upon the release of the new Threat System in our upcoming Major Update to Ravendawn!:



Revenge will now generate an increased amount of Threat.



Illusive will now also remove a significant amount of Threat.


Feasting Strike

Feasting Strike will now generate an increased amount of Threat.



We hope you enjoyed this teaser on the upcoming revamped Threat System, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities waiting for you in our new PvE encounters!

As announced last week, every Tuesday—now christened Teaser Tuesdays—we'll provide sneak-peeks into what's to come in our forthcoming Major Update. For the detectives in our community, here are two new riddles to ponder while we wait for next Tuesday with its TWO teasers!:


In Ravendawn's halls, where heroes meet,

A challenge rings out, a duel to greet.

Blades clash, hearts pound, in this timeless dance,

Where honor's tested, in fate's cruel glance.


In channels dark, where dangers dwell,

A new domain, where stories swell.

In plunder's grasp, fortunes may soar,

Yet beware the cost, as silver may pour.