Patch Notes 1.0.2

Saturday, February 3, 2024

As we navigate through the first weeks of Ravendawn, February unfolds as a month full of news, improvements and rewards! We know how important it is to bring constant and agile updates to the community, and this update reflects our commitment to continuously elevate the gaming experience in Ravendawn.

Let's check out what's coming to the world of Ravendawn with the Patch Notes 1.0.2?!


February Celebrations

For many, February is about Carnival, while for others, it's all about Valentine's Day. Some even enjoy the best of both worlds! In the case of Ravendawn, February is the month for Twitch Drops!

Starting February 5th, everyone can earn 5x RavenPacks by watching their favorite creators play Ravendawn! Every Monday throughout February, new Twitch Drops will be available to be claimed!

Link your Account to Twitch and Follow our Category on Twitch to keep up with every stream related to Ravendawn!

If you haven't completed the current Campaign, make sure to complete it during this weekend, as it will no longer be available due to the new campaigns on Monday!


What's Next for Community Land

We know there is a ton of anticipation surrounding the upcoming addition of housing to Community Land. However, this is not the only enhancement coming to Community Land!

Soon, all Community Lands will offer three sizes of plots: Small, Medium, and Large. Similar to the standard Open World Land, these plots will also accommodate houses of corresponding sizes.

Also, while yes, we want Finite (Open World) land to have an edge over Community (Instanced) Land, we want to make sure that all players are able to get Medium & Large land when no Open World land is available.

While a definitive date for this being added has not yet been set, as it will still need to go through the Quality Assurance process, rest assured that our team is working diligently to finalize these improvements for implementation in Ravendawn as swiftly as possible.

For those concerned if Small / Medium land will have a purpose and reason to have when Community Land has support for Large Land - It will and already has a design behind it that we will share when it is added into the game.


Experience Bonus for Parties

Added a 6% Experience Bonus when killing creatures in a party.

We are very excited to announce that we've introduced a 6% Experience Bonus for parties when defeating creatures. Although this bonus may seem modest, our goal isn't to transform Ravendawn into a game that prioritizes or forces group play. However, we also don't want Ravendawn to be solely focused on solo play. Our aim is to offer players the freedom to choose their preferred progression path, with both options being viable.

While extra experience is always a plus, we recognize that many of Ravendawn's current spawns don't promote group play, which is as significant an issue as the experience gained. To address this, we're not only planning to add new spawns designed for group play soon but also adjusting many of the existing spawns within the 40-80 level range to better accommodate group play and grinding!

Added the possibility to ignore players ー The option blocks all the messages and interactions from the ignored player, and it's available through CTRL + Right Click or simply Right Click on the chat message. Ignored players appear under the Socials tab.

Applied adjustments to the Crafting Oversupply ー The increased tax value will now be charged upon starting the craft (values will be proportionally calculated based on how much of the Oversupply would be reached upon crafting), instead of only after gaining the experience.

Reduced Breeding Experience on Mating Phase (from 24000 to 9600) and increased on Maturing Phase (from 4800 to 19200) ー The final value remains the same, but the distribution was re-balanced.

Returned all the Mobile Munk NPCs to the players that accidentally deleted them ー The NPCs will be added to the inventory or the inbox (if inventory is full).

Returned all the Land Deeds to the players that accidentally deleted them ー The Deeds will be added to the inventory or the inbox (if inventory is full).

The Crafting Minigame wil now automatically save the progress of the item being crafted if the player logs out or gets disconnected. 

Reduced the Protection Zone lock when killing players at the Ocean from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

Aether Stones channelings (activation/destruction) won't be affected by creature attacks anymore.

Land Deeds will now be sent to player's inventory upon deletion ー This will allow you to easier move the placement of your house without losing it.


Applied adjustments to the design of Snow and Blaze Spiderlings, Spiders and Broodmothers to keep consistency with the current design of other Spider creatures ー All Blaze Spiders were buffed by receiving a ranged auto-attack.

The Snow Spiders' cooldowns were adjusted so the creatures are now weaker on direct damage. However, their ability to deal damage over time and control the area they’re fighting was improved.

Both Blaze and Broodmothers were considerably weaker than the other Broodmother spiders, so they received a buff. They won’t summon lesser Spiders anymore, but both received the Broodmothers’ signature “ambush” skill.



Bladestorm is now consuming Aether correctly.

Combustion is now properly applying stun on PvP.

Bee Hives are now properly respecting the placement rules on Land.

Flash Heal is now properly triggering the GCD on the 3rd hit mechanic.

Rubycap Mushroom is now properly interacting with Divine Purpose.

Housing & Land interactions tooltips are now being properly displayed.

Players are now able to properly claim the Medium Land that was presenting some issues at Hadarak Desert.

Fixed an issue causing Frost Shards lose hits while having a high amount of Haste.

Fixed an issue that was causing PKs not being able to target innocent players that were not previously involved on the fight.

Fixed an issue making players to wrongly complete an Artifact task from Harbor Island and removed the completion from players that got it wrongly completed.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes 1.0.2. We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!