Patch Notes 1.0.3

Thursday, February 8, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Patch 1.0.3 will be released tomorrow, February 9th! Due to the significant size of this update, Ravendawn will undergo a 120-minute maintenance period starting at 5:00 AM Pacific Time.

This set of Patch Notes will detail everything arriving in the world of Ravendawn during the maintenance, allowing you to read below and prepare for the exciting additions in Patch 1.0.3.


Fishing Buffs

We've increased the base silver value for several fish species. Expect further adjustments to Fishing in the future:

◈ Tench Fish base silver value increased by 30%.

◈ Oversized Mino base silver value increased by 30%.

◈ Princess Fish base silver value increased by 16%.

◈ Sky Fish base silver value increased by 18%.

◈ Angel Fish base silver value increased by 18%.

◈ Rainbow Flounder base silver value increased by 4%.

◈ Gromper base silver value increased by 4%.


New Tradepacks & Tradeposts Unlocked!

We've adjusted internal rules to activate the next certain Tradepacks & Tradeposts sooner by slightly lowering the average player level threshold required to unlock previously inactive Tradepacks and Tradeposts.

After tomorrow's patch, the following will be available based on the new average level thresholds:

Unlocked Tradepacks:

◈ Kabbar's Omelets

◈ Brined Shank

◈ Sailor's Remedy

◈ Seabreeze Rum

◈ Sombreshade's Pie

◈ Sajecho Fruit Basket

Unlocked Tradeposts:

◈ Gilead Island


Missing Average Tradepack Demand Injection

As many of you are aware, we encountered an issue with the self-balancing algorithm for Tradepacks that resulted in the overall average demand falling below 100%. This issue was rectified a few days ago; however, the deficit in average demand persisted. We opted to delay any actions until we were confident that the bug had been fully resolved. Rather than performing a Tradepack reset ー which we believe disproportionately benefits the top percentage of players in Ravendawn, we have decided to directly address this imbalance.

During tomorrow's maintenance, we will be compensating for the missing average demand by adding 13% to all Tradepacks on Angerhorn and 5% on Serafine. This adjustment is aimed at restoring balance and fairness across the board.


Party Experience Bonus Increased

The Party Experience Bonus has been increased from 6% to 10%. With further changes to spawns, we believe this will significantly enhance the viability of Party Hunting. While a 10% bonus may still seem modest to some, the introduction of new creature spawns in Elder Coast, Northern Steppes and additional spawn adjustments will make party hunting a compelling and rewarding experience.


Carnival Cosmetics

We're excited to introduce our new Carnival Cosmetics, available in Ravendawn for a limited time in celebration of Carnival! These exclusive cosmetics, including a Carnival Moa, Carnival Ship, and Carnival Wagon, will be available once Patch 1.0.3 goes live and will last a lifetime, although they will only be purchasable for a brief period.

Additionally, a Carnival Cosmetic Pack will be available, offering all three Carnival Cosmetics at a discount along with a Carnival Bandit Companion and a Carnival House Decoration!

All Carnival Cosmetics can be purchased with RavenCoins in-game. Remember, these cosmetics are available for a limited time only and won't be accessible again after this period.


RavenCoin Package Price Changes

We have also adjusted our RavenCoin Package Prices to be better priced for players to be able to purchase specific commonly purchased items without feeling they need to dramatically overpay to obtain those common items (1 Month of Patron for example).

We understand this is very common practice for most games, but that was not our intent, and have thus changed it.  

Please remember, you can also buy Patron directly on our website to pay the exact amount if you prefer.


Changed the minimum demand for Tradepacks from 50% to 15%.

To enhance the self-balancing of the Tradepack economy within Ravendawn, we've reduced the minimum possible demand for Tradepacks. Previously, a high minimum demand threshold enabled players to repeatedly utilize the same pack and route, securing the minimum payout while still achieving a considerable profit margin. This adjustment aims to foster a more dynamic and balanced economy, encouraging players to explore diverse trading strategies and routes for their ventures.

Applied adjustments to the logic of the dialogues of the NPC Jerault of Trivia ー The NPC is now talking to the players for the correct amount of time and a previous requirement to be in Vanguard rank (Rangers Company) was removed.

Changed internal rules for both Brined Shank & Kabbar's Omelets get activated.


Cooking Recipes

Applied adjustments to Cooking Recipes ー Ingredients, Amounts, Level and Experience:

◈ Spicy Seasoning ー Reduced the required Level from 70 to 65.

◈ Sailor's Seastew ー Changed the ingredient from Corn (10) to Broccoli (6).

◈ Fillet Lucien ー Changed the ingredient from Broccoli (1) to Pumpkin (1) and increased the Experience from 3200 to 3500.

◈ Frozen Sweet Berries ー Changed the ingredient from Sunberry (2) to Cherry (1) and reduced the Experience from 4400 to 4300.

◈ Settler's Stew ー Changed the ingredient from Broccoli (8) to Bean (20) and increased the amount of Basic Seasoning needed from 2 to 4.

◈ Smoked Sausage (old Smoked Garlic Sausage) ー Changed the ingredient from Garlic (2) to Pepper (2) and increased experience from 3100 to 3400.

◈ Bittersweet Roast ー Increased the amount of Beef from 5 to 6, increased amount of Cherry from 3 to 5 and changed ingredient from Orange (3) to Broccoli (5).

◈ Lucien's Waffles ー Changed the ingredient from Cheese (1) to Corn (3), increased the amount of Eggs from 4 to 6 and increased the amount of Strawberry from 5 to 8.

◈ Iced Fruitmilk ー Increased the amount of Milk from 2 to 5 and Moonberry from 1 to 3, changed the ingredient from Watermelon (1) to Orange (2) and from Cherry (5) to Sunberry (3).

◈ Dwarven Purple Shank ー Changed the ingredient from Orange (2) to Watermellon (2), increased amount of Grapes needed from 4 to 7 and reduced the Experience from 8800 to 8700.

◈ Blueberry Pie ー Changed the ingredient from Egg (4) to Butter (2), changed the ingredient Ground Flour (5) to Rich Flour (2), increased the amount of Blueberry from 7 to 10 and increased the Experience from 2300 to 2800.

◈ Roasted Chicken and Veggies ー Reduced the amount of Chicken from 2 to 1, reduced amount of Carrot from 6 to 1, added new ingredient Cheese (1) to the recipe and increased the Experience from 3520 to 4000.

◈ Firered Chicken Kebab ー Reduced the amount of Chicken needed from 4 to 3, changed from Pepper (4) to Garlic (2), changed from Pumpkin (1) to Orange (1), added new ingredient "Spicy Seasoning" and increased experience from 7200 to 8200.


Our commitment to delivering fully functional features and fixing bugs requires development time and a thorough quality assurance process, especially for more significant updates. Rest assured, if a feature or fix isn't mentioned in the current Patch Notes, we are diligently working on it or it is currently undergoing quality assurance for a future release.


Stalk ー The skill is now working correctly, not requiring Mana to reactivate it.

Fissure ー The skill is not causing damage on Protection Zones anymore.

Light Blade ー Fencer's Escape is now properly removing stun from Combustion.

Light Blade ー Fixed a gameplay issue with the Light Blade weapon where adaptive damage was incorrectly stuck on Spell Damage, ignoring Weapon Power when it was higher than Spell Power, resulting in reduced damage output.

We understand the frustration Light Blade users experienced and appreciate your patience as we worked to identify and correct this bug. 

The Land Tracker is now properly working for everyone.

Players are now able to use the character "%" in the chat.

Healing Bond is now providing the correct amount of healing.

Editing the action bar when Fishing won't cause wrong interactions anymore.

Weak Racks is now being properly displayed in the categories of the Marketplace.

The Gathering tooltip is now properly disappearing after completing the actions.

The Level 8 Perk from Moa Bond is now working as soon as the player achieves it.

The Lighthouse Mystery ー The dialogue regarding the Twilight Lamp is now working as intended.

The Lighthouse Mystery ー Players won't be stuck upon entering rooms before the correct task.

The Long Road Home ー Fixed a minor issue on Task 7 that happened when gathering more than the required amount of items.

The Whistler's Relics: The Ring is now properly working and letting players finish the Quest upon killing Serafine.

Fixed an issue causing the Tradepacks Global Demand being wrongly displayed ー This was visual only and didn't affected any demand calculation.

Fixed an issue causing players to not being able to attack their targets at some areas containing specific map assets.

Fixed the possibility of using certain consumables that would affect only the character (not the Ship) while in the Ship.

Fixed a typo on the Inactive Skill Points tooltip at the Skill Tree UI.

Fixed a typo on the Coup de Grace tooltip (PT-BR version).

Fixed typos inside the Journals window (Artifacts UI).

Fixed an issue with Sceptre tooltip.


Community Land Housing & Medium/Large Land Additions is Coming as Fast as Possible!

This is an incredibly complex and large rework to the current system, but we also know how important it is.

We understand it is frustrating waiting for this enhancement to come, but we promise it is coming as fast as possible without risking the integrity of the game being damaged. Anytime we work in instanced systems that save across 20 channels at a time, this requires an extensive QA process to ensure we avoid risking potential server crashes, land saving issues, or worse, introducing possible dupe bugs.  

We will always prioritize extra time in QA to avoid game-breaking issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we ensure a seamless integration.


We extend a heartfelt thanks for your trust, patience, and unwavering support as we tirelessly work to enhance and grow Ravendawn.

Your dedication motivates us to push boundaries and improve the game every single day. Stay tuned for an epic Patch 1.0.4 coming next week!