Patch Notes 1.0.4

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

We are pleased to announce a significant update coming to Ravendawn, scheduled for Friday, February 16th. This update will introduce a variety of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features to Ravendawn.

Ravendawn will undergo a maintenance period of 120 minutes starting at February 16th, 8:00 AM Pacific Time. During this downtime, the Game Director of Ravendawn will host a live Q&A and Patch Discussion on Twitch & YouTube!

We encourage you to Follow the Twitch Stream in advance to ensure you don’t miss a chance to ask Questions. He may even be doing some giveaways too… Details of the livestream will be announced prior to the maintenance. 


With the upcoming Patch, we are implementing advanced detection mechanisms for dealing with botters and those attempting to exploit. Please be aware that initial service disruptions may occur as we refine these systems post-maintenance, they have caused issues in the past and had to be temporarily removed as we fixed issues they caused. Despite extensive testing on our test servers, the sheer quantity of players on production servers lead to issues we cannot catch internally. We appreciate your patience and understanding, if you are wanting to avoid any chance of playing during a service disruption, we suggest waiting an hour after the Patch to play. 


We are excited to introduce Housing and Breeding to Community Land, a feature many of you have eagerly anticipated. This update has required a comprehensive overhaul to support a heavily customizable, editable & multi-floor housing system for a large user base, sync’d in real time across over a dozen channels. With the complexity of this addition, we have conducted extensive testing to ensure seamless integration into the live environment. However, should any issues arise, we are committed to addressing them swiftly and appreciate your patience.

The new Community Land Housing will have the same initial cost and rent as Small Land Housing. Our first step is to confirm the stability of Community Land Housing. Once we've established its reliability, we plan to introduce Medium & Large Community Land in a subsequent Patch. These Land additions will come with the same upfront costs and rent as their Open World Medium & Large Land counterparts. Concurrently, we will be adjusting the community land resource placement cost to better align with Open World Land cost. Open World Land will retain a slight advantage, offering about 5% more tiles and a 5% lower Resource Placement cost. We understand some will say they want no advantage to anyone obtaining a rare resource, and others will say they want a bigger advantage for obtaining a rare resource, and both sides will be vocal and complain at each other. But we are happy at a 5% benefit for the current rarity of Open World land vs Community Instanced Land.

For those concerned saying “What about Small Open World Land when you add Medium/Large Community Land?” ー Don’t worry, we already have a plan for that, it will be shared on the Patch Notes when we add Medium & Large Community Land. 


Archetype Legacy Skills are now available in Ravendawn!

Legacy Skills are new Skills that can be unlocked when reaching the Soft Cap in Ravendawn at level 75. Every level above 75 will unlock 1 Legacy Skill Point, and can be used to unlock a new Legacy Skill for your chosen Archetype, or increase the Tier of a chosen Legacy Skill (up to 3). Legacy Skill Points cannot be refunded, however there is no limit to the amount of Legacy Skill Points you can unlock with time.

With the additions of the Legacy Skills, we also added a small extra bonus to the experience gained for your Legacy Level only when playing with underleveled Archetypes. This bonus is based on the already existing bonus when killing creatures that has a higher level than the player current Effective Level. Part of this bonus, will now be also added to the gained experience for the Legacy Level.

We want to remind players that while reaching the late game is a desired aspect of Ravendawn, the journey there is equally important. We encourage you to explore at your own pace and enjoy the diverse experiences Ravendawn offers, instead of feeling pressured to rush to a certain part of the game. Take your time, enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to pet your cows along the way 💗


In celebration of Valentine's Day, we are gifting a Valentines Bandit & Valentines Bonnie Companion to all active Patron Accounts on February 20th. Ensure your Patron status is active to receive these companions and add a touch of warmth and love to your new homes!

Bandit & Bonnie be officially added at February 20, 2024, 11:00 AM Pacific Time.


The Follow function is now unavailable when carrying a Tradepack.

To address misuse and enhance gameplay fairness, the Follow function will now be disabled when carrying a Tradepack. This decision follows instances where the function was exploited for transporting Tradepacks with multiple characters at a time, which has led to the permanent banning of over 100 Players.

Reduced the PvP Protection Lockout Timers from 20 to 10 minutes.

We have reduced the Protection Lockout Timers for PvP from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. This adjustment is based on feedback (that we very much agree with) that the previous duration was excessively restrictive for engaging in PvP activities.

Added minimum requirement of 1000 Reputation to interact with the Marketplace.

The Marketplace Reputation requirement was added into Ravendawn for the same reason the Reputation requirement for trading was added. To reduce the capacity of RMT sellers. We understand any change reducing RMT will frustrate RMT sellers as well as normal players, as any limitation is frustrating. We understand many games allow RMT to run rampant, but we believe in actively taking steps to challenge it.

If you read the Changelog posted yesterday, we are reducing the minimum Reputation from 2000 to 1000, as we believe this will better fit for new adventurers while also helping combat RMT.

Added new hunting spots for level 70+ Gazers under the Abandoned Mines (Gilead) and level 70+ Sporewalkers between Crowhollow Bog and The Blotch.

Applied adjustments to the dialogue logic of the NPC Munk Farmer.

Improved the entrance to Hookmask Camp and the path to Captain Krugg.

Reduced the Level for Yeti spawn at Chillmane Crag in Glaceforde.

Increased the density of the creatures in a few respawn zones:

◈ Bog and Cave Spiders under Rohna Woods.

◈ Demons under the Chapel of Skorn (South Glademire).

◈ Chainwraiths under the Beacon Hills (Harbor Isle).

◈ Spikeback Tortoises around the Shellshore Cove (Gilead).

◈ Kaiman under the Shellshore Cove (Gilead).

◈ Mushrooms around Mycelium Marsh (Gilead).

◈ Saurians at the Reptile’s Enclave (Gilead).

◈ Spikeback Tortoises and Zorians at the Ancient Ruins (Gilead).

Applied adjustments to the drop rate of the following Story Quests items:

◈ Increased the drop rate of Explosive Powder, from ''A Goblin Obsession''.

◈ Increased the drop rate of Toad Gland, from ''A Most Wondrous Cloak''.


Icestorm is now properly applying Frost Stacks.

The RavenCard Troll Warlock is now working as intended.

The ''Ignore Player'' option is now being properly displayed in the chat.

The Tradepost search function is now properly updating when closing/opening UI.

The cooldown of the Fishing skills is now properly resetting after finishing the minigame.

Rangers Valor I, from Rangers Company, is now properly displaying the bonus on the Board.

It's not possible to create Buy Offers for Cosmetic items with non existent grades on the Marketplace anymore.

Applied adjustments to the Dynamic Event "Open Waters" ー Improved the trigger of the Event and decreased the rewards and occurrence of creatures.

Fixed issues causing PvP regions to not work properly, leading to scenarions where players would attack without being attacked sometimes.

Fixed missing ''F'' interaction button on the Story Quests ''The Lighthouse Mystery'' & ''Reviving the Glory Days''.

Fixed a visual issue on Community Land that caused some crops/animals assets to disappear.

Fixed the level of some Hoghounds inside Hogfort (Hadarak) that were lower than expected.

Fixed a tooltip displaying wrong values for Tradepack capacity on Merchant ships.

Fixed a minor visual issue on Increased Luck (RavenPacks).

Fixed a wrong description for the NPC Ship Builder.

Fixed a typo on Gilead's Artifact description.


As we prepare to release this substantial update, we are also excited to offer a preview of additional content scheduled for the next Patch!

Bonus Notes: We are looking at further buffs to Fishing. Sit tight, Fishers <3


Patch 1.0.5 will unveil the Elder Coast & Northern Steppes, expanding the Main Continent with over 600 new pieces of Open World Land on both Angerhorn and Serafine. This expansion will introduce new Tradeposts, new creature spawns, and mysteries for players to explore.

We look forward to unveiling significantly more quests and content with the arrival of the Artifacts for Eldercoast & Northern Steppes. Until then, we hope you enjoy all the new land & hunting spawns to explore!


Improving Grinding Repetition

While Ravendawn champions an old-school, grind-heavy MMORPG experience, we are also mindful that the grinding repetition can be further improved to consider more modern MMORPG players as well. We are currently developing 2 new features to better diversify and enrich the grinding experience, aiming to reduce monotony and enhance player engagement in a big game loop of Ravendawn. This is something that is currently in development, it will not be coming in the next week or so, but it is in the works for the near future.

Lastly, we invite you to participate in a single question Poll regarding possible Infamy changes:

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