Patch Notes

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

While our team is hard at work on a major patch for Ravendawn, with a significant focus on PvP, we aim to refine existing systems, implement further bug fixes, and add depth to areas we believe require more attention, such as Fishing.

Let's dive into Patch!


To deter high-level players from targeting low-level players at Culling Spawns for their eyes, we are making a change: killing players who are 10 Effective Levels below you will now result in normal Infamy gain (doesn't apply to Warmode Channels). This is a crucial initial step, and we may introduce additional adjustments soon.


Ahead of more extensive changes planned for Tradepacks in the next patch, we're implementing several updates in to specifically address Silver Farmers (Oftentimes RMT Silver Sellers, that we’ve found running Tradepacks 16+ hours a day).  

Creating and turning in Tradepacks will now require 250 Effort each. This amount may be adjusted in future patches based on this patches results.

Upcoming additional Tradepack adjustments include doubling the materials required for Tradepacks, as well as the Silver earned, to reduce repetitiveness and serve as a more efficient material sink, reflecting our recent changes to land and material availability.

To ensure fairness, we're delaying these additional changes until we can introduce an additional “cloned” version of all Tradepacks and Tradepack Certificates. This is to prevent those with stockpiled Tradepacks and certificates from gaining an unfair advantage when the Silver amounts are doubled. Quality assurance on this critical system requires additional time to avoid unintended consequences and it was not able to make it into this Patch.

While it would have been worth the pun to say that “Fishing Baits” were indeed just bait and not an actual new feature coming to fishing, the fisher's union may go on immediate strike… so with that as a concern, we decided to add an actual Bait System to Fishing. Bait is a new feature that will allow Fishers to increase the weight of the fish caught without affecting the difficulty of the catch, increasing the fish's value proportionally.

Various types of Baits will be able to be created by Cooks & Weavers, depending on the type of Bait.


Following our highest participation community poll ever (reaching our max of 10,000 responses very quickly), we are excited to introduce Alternate Outfit Cosmetics as an optional way to support Ravendawn's development. The community's voted preference of a hybrid model—where cosmetics can be obtained both in-game and with RavenCoins—was absolutely noted, however, there was a very fair input from a significant part of the community on the desire for a distinction between cosmetics strictly obtained in-game.  

As a result, all T3, T4, and T5 cosmetics will now have an alternate version available for RavenCoins, but the versions obtained in-game will remain distinct.

We extend our gratitude for your patience as our art team developed these new alternate versions and thank everyone who supports Ravendawn by obtaining a Cosmetic (or two, or three..) ❤️


The Mentor System was never intended to be a system utilized for power leveling, but because of how efficient the experience was when Mentoring another player, it became used as such. The core purpose of the Mentor system is to foster an environment where players can invite friends to join in the game and play together, regardless of differing level ranges. This caters to players who may have less time to devote to the game and wish to catch up with friends who play more regularly, as well as to newcomers who are starting out with the guidance of veteran players.  

With these considerations in mind, we have reduced the amount of Experience gained while mentoring by 50% to ensure that the Mentor System remains true to its intended purpose.

This value may be further adjusted based on results from this Patch.


Following the smooth reintroduction of the SA Proxy System, we have reactivated the EU Proxy System, with the SEA Proxy set to follow soon. Many EU players should experience reduced ping and faster connections to our servers.



Increased the time that players can stay out of the battle without losing the fight contribution from 3 to 15 seconds ー This change aims to address situations where players were not receiving rewards for killing a boss after "staying away" from the fight for a few seconds only.

Increased the Health and the silver output of Frost Sturgeon and Bog Prowler, fishes related to Environmental Events, as well as added meaningful items for when those two fishes are sliced.

Increased the amount of Dawn Essence provided upon breaking equipment from Tiers 4/5/6 by 150/200/250%, respectively.

Increased the Oversupply (Crafting Experience) threshold by 50% for all Legacy Level ranges.

Added Effective Level requirement on item tooltips from Cooking Profession UI.

Added more dialogues to the NPC Poopdeck Pete ー Now, the NPC will give more hints on certain tasks.

 Added a new NPC named Mercier, located at South Glademire Fort, that buys and sells Story Quest rewards ー The NPC will only buy and sell items from Quests that players have already completed.

Added ''Get RavenPacks!'' button to the RavenPack Opening UI ー The section ''RavenPacks'' has been removed from the RavenStore and now players can buy RavenPacks directly from the RavenPacks UI.

Added pagination (instead of infinite scrollbar) to all Moas, Ships & Wagons Tabs under Transports (Y) ー This feature will remove the visual limit of 100 Moas, previously added as a temporary fix.

Added a revamped Moa Breeding Selection window with a Breeding Limit indicator ー This change aims to match the current UI and will provide a better user experience.

Added pagination to the Inbox UI ー Now, players can better navigate through the UI if they have a lot of items stored in the Inbox.

Added interaction buttons to walls that can be climbed using Climbing Gear, and also added the possibility to climb down these walls.

Added sparkles to map assets from the Story Quest "Working Conditions" so players can better recognize the objectives.

When opening Supplybags with full Inventory, items received from it will now go to the Inbox.

Updated the message displayed in the confirmation window that appears when the player is about to learn a new Legacy Skill.

Changing the recipe for Spiced Rum: Instead of Spiced Oil (1), it will now require Pepper (1) ー This change aims to better align the recipe with the level progression of the Cooking profession.

Applied adjustments to Fishing Treasure Chests, reducing the chance for items that were generally only useful for later stages of the game to appear, while adding items that will be more useful throughout all the steps of player progression and not only the later stages of game.

Applied adjustments to the Environmental Quest "Gritty General" ー To prevent players from completing the Quest without being in the Level range and therefore not receiving rewards, the Quest will now always sync level automatically.
Players who already completed the Story Quest "High Class Hostages" but still didn't get Galien's Earring will receive a soulbound Corsair's Ambrosia so they have a chance of getting it from Gritty General.

Applied adjustments to the respawns from Icesteps and Wild Tundra ー In order to improve the experience upon completing Elderwood and Mammoth tasks from Rangers Company, we separated both creatures into these two different spawn areas.

Applied adjustments to Frolls, Yetis and Blizzard Beasts ー Balanced cooldowns and damage values, which made these creatures slightly stronger, but closer to the balance of other creatures with the same Level range.

Applied adjustments to the requirements to unlock the addons Golden Protector (Protection Weapon Tier 2) and Ravensong Enchanter (Witchcraft Weapon Tier 2) ー The amount of Emeralds required to unlock those addons have been reduced to match other addons of the same Tier. Players that have already unlocked these Outfits prior to the change will have the difference in Emeralds refunded.

Mobile Munk NPCs can no longer be summoned near other NPCs (World).

Moas' Stamina gauge won't be consumed while in Protection Zones anymore.

Changed the font from the number indicators (inside Inventory) to make the amount of stacks more visible.

Applied adjustments to the Murderer Protection Zone lock duration:

◈ Upon killing (or contributing to kill) a player on land: From 10 minutes to 3 minutes.

◈ Upon killing (or contributing to kill) a player in the ocean: From 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

◈ Upon attacking a player: From 3 minutes to 2 minutes.


Players can now properly mount near the Gilead Shrine.

Frost Lance is now correctly causing critical damage.

Fireball's 3rd hit effect is now properly applying the DoT on targets.

The RavenCard Toadstool Warrior is now applying the correct damage.

The RavenCard Astor Demon is not causing slow to the caster anymore.

The RavenCard Phoenix is now applying the correct amount of heal from Dawn's Light.

Casting Bladestorm when going upstairs or downstairs will now properly apply its cooldown.

Trying to reset Reputation Points with no Dawn Essence will not activate the 7-day cooldown anymore.

Players can now properly click inside the highlights and map icons to navigate trough the Minimap.

Moas are now properly displaying different Ornaments/Light Effects in tooltips and mount widgets.

The description of the item ''Pirate Whiskey'' is now displaying the correct duration (20 minutes).

The Event ''Bad Hookup'' is now properly triggering the Events' HUD element when the players are inside the correct area.

Players are now able to go down the stairs and properly complete the task  ''Explore the Temple of Alq'walen", from the Story Quest ''Trials of the Dunes''.

Fixed an issue that was causing some Events and certain pieces of equipment only being correctly triggered on Channel 1.

Fixed an issue that was causing Breeding to require interaction to proceed after the transition from Mating to Hatching phase.

Fixed an issue that was causing players not being able to properly remove Moas from stables.

Fixed an issue that was causing players not being able to use Legacy Skills after resetting Archetypes Skills.

Fixed a visual issue causing inaccurate silver amounts to be displayed for certain characters.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to be able to join two different Guilds at the same time.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Sex Change to not properly work under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue that was causing the RavenCard Zorian Shoreguard to set Smiting Smash off Global Cooldown upon activation.

Fixed an issue that was causing the amount of consumables set in the action bar being incorrectly displayed if the new amount would become 1.

Fixed an issue that was causing creatures from Rangers Company displaying the Rangers Company icon on their nameplate, even if they were not in the correct level range for the task.


We originally planned to have Pre-Set Builds support available in this Patch, however, in final testing we realised that releasing it in it’s current state would not be ideal from a user-experience, as we wanted to add support for Pre-Set builds to also remember your ability loadout on your hotkey bar so you would not need to also set your abilities each time you quickly change builds. We plan to have this added in a mini-patch soon.

We are also preparing a balance patch for Legacy Skills. Given the permanence of Legacy Skills, we will be resetting everyone's Legacy Skills when this balance patch is implemented in case the balances would change your decision of your preferred Legacy Skills.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!