Patch Notes

Friday, April 5, 2024

Patch is a substantial Quality of Life update. While we understand the anticipation for the larger PvP/Endgame-focused update, Patch is crucial for enhancing the overall player experience in many ways. This includes changes to existing systems, such as Ranger's Company Task Sharing, which many have eagerly awaited.

Furthermore, we believe that the experience of many of these new PvP Systems would be significantly enhanced by the prior implementation of features such as Pre-Set Builds, alongside the Death Saving Optimizations and additional PvP Optimizations detailed later in these Patch Notes to improve the combat experience.

But enough of that, let's dive into all the Quality of Life improvements and system changes Patch brings!


Interacting with the system and fully customizing your desired hotkeys is incredibly easy, with support to even set multiple hotkeys for a single interaction.

We understand how important this feature is for accessibility and customization. We will work hard to continue to add additional quality of life features into Ravendawn with time, but we know this was the largest one for most.


Recognizing the prevalent desire to switch builds, we've streamlined this process significantly with the introduction of Pre-Set Builds.  

Within the Skill Trees interface (K), players can now save up to 10 different builds, naming them as they see fit. New slots can be unlocked using Silver. Builds, including Archetypes, Skills, RavenCards, and Action Bar settings, are saved automatically and can be swiftly switched between in any Protection Zone.


In Patch, you will now be able to share Ranger's Company tasks with party members, a feature many have been requesting. This is one of the multiple changes aimed at improving group play in Ravendawn.


This update introduces a new Death Saving protocol, developed and tested over the past two months. This protocol aims to secure player and account data while enhancing server performance during large-scale (usually PvP based) conflicts. A significant further optimization is planned for future update, but is currently pending final Quality Assurance testing. Our objective is to eliminate all lag in even the largest wars once all these optimizations are implemented, but we hope to see significant improvements already with this update.

Additionally with this change, players will no longer rapidly log-out & log back in when dying, for those that are experiencing kicks from our 3rd party Enhanced Bot Detection, this should hopefully solve that.

While we do not anticipate issues with this significant rework and optimization, we ask for your patience should any arise. Rest assured, we will address them promptly.


In this Patch, we will be making some changes (that most expected) to Tradepacks. These changes are for a handful of reasons, but primarily due to us wanting to somewhat cut down on the total time required to run Tradepacks.

While this was an incredibly quick change originally, a common concern by players was how we would address those who already had Tradepacks stockpiled in various warehouses, or those that were stockpiling Tradepack Certificates. Because of that, we had to take a much more time intensive approach to consider this and create a way for the system to recognize the date of the packs and adjust the value accordingly.


◈ Tradepacks now require twice the amount of materials to be crafted.

◈ Increased the value of Tradepacks (when sold) by 100%.

Tradepacks crafted before Patch will still be sold by their old value.



◈ Reduced the Tradepack Certificates drop rate on Supplybags by 50%.

◈ Halved the amount of Tradepack Certificates that players have (Inventory and Bank), since they now have double of their previous value.

In cases where the amount of Certificates was an odd number, we will add 1 more Certificate due to the change.



After careful review of Effort since the introduction of its requirement for Tradepacks in a recent patch, we will be making a couple additional changes.  

The first change aims to reduce the amount of Effort gained at higher levels (while having larger lands), and the second is simply doubling the current effort required on Tradepack crafting & selling to account for the doubled value & doubled materials for Tradepacks coming in this Patch.

◈ Reduced the Effort regen multiplier for Medium and Large Lands by ~30% (total).

◈ Increased the Effort required to craft & sell Tradepacks from 250 to 500 per action.


Added Quality to Moa Rations — Rations will now have different qualities, and higher quality Rations will have additional Speed and Strength boosts.

Added a new way into Adept Karl Schaffer's room during the Story Quest "Everlasting Freedom" to help players who accidentally left the area to properly progress in the Quest.

Aether Stones will no longer spawn from creatures that are 10 Levels below the player's Effective Level.

Removed the delay to cast skills when a player goes up or down stairs.

The item "Slippery Sole" will now have an active effect that increases Movement Speed at the cost of Defense Power.

Tradepacks are now displaying information regarding the location where they were crafted — The information can be found inside the tooltip description.

Changed the Level requirement to craft Dense Whetstone (from 68 to 70) and Large Sail Kit (from 55 to 70) to properly match the passive required to craft those recipes.

Increased the internal resistance values of Wagons — Wagons were weaker than they should have been, especially at higher Tiers. This change aims to make them more tanky now.

The item Kaiman Scale has been renamed to Flexible Scale, and the description (lore) changed. The description (lore) of Supernatural Thread, Crude Rune Tip, and Twisted Blades has also been changed.

Applied adjustments to the Shifting Library's puzzle inside the Castle of Skorn — The books used in the puzzle became normal Inventory items and can now be stacked. Additionally, reduced the number of books used in the puzzle, making it slightly easier to complete.

Applied an adjustment to Culled Eyes' drop rate logic ー Culled Eyes' drop rate base will remain the same, however, the drop chance will now dynamically adjust based on the creature’s strength, making it so stronger creatures have a higher drop chance than weaker creatures.

Applied adjustments to Creature Loot Drops — Now, over 60 additional creatures are dropping crafting materials between Tiers 4-6 for both weapons and armor. Additionally, many other non-crafting related creature drops have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Following these changes above, we expect that those who actively hunt creatures are going to see more benefits and feel better rewarded for their efforts!

Applied adjustment to the description of the following items to better display their effects:

◈ Small, Medium and Large Fishing Ships

◈ Small, Medium and Large Galleons

◈ Small, Medium and Large Fishing Nets

◈ Merchant Sails

◈ Sturdy Sails

◈ Pirate Sails

◈ Fishing Hook

◈ Double Fishing Hook

◈ Ammunitions Cabin

◈ Large Ammunitions Cabin


The skill Quick Slash is now properly applying critical hits.

Players can no longer join an instanced area while they are in combat during the Story Quest "A Cold Burial".

The item "Corsair's Ambrosia" will now be properly removed only if the Dynamic Event "Gritty General" starts correctly.

Some Quest items are now being properly removed from players' Inventory upon finishing the Quests.

The Reputation passive "Reinforced Hull I" now properly increases the Health of the ship.

The Reputation passive "Trader's Safeguard" is now properly giving shield based on the ship's Health, and it is not being mistakenly activated when receiving damage from creatures.

The loot and Experience provided by some creatures from the Story Quest "A Cold Burial" were removed since those creatures were not supposed to reward them.

Fixed a minor issue with Apple Cider's tooltip description.

Fixed a minor issue with Shark Hydromancer's RavenCard translation.

Fixed minor issues with Flame Tornado, Marked for Death, and Shieldbreak's tooltips descriptions.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to see each other in the Community Land.

Fixed an issue causing DoTs conditions to expire before the correct time.

Fixed minor issues with the Player Outfit Addons "Void Ward" and "Nobility Sign."

Fixed an issue causing DoTs condition not applying damage correctly on PvP after being reapplied.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to get stuck on Community Lands when leaving the House Editor Mode.

Fixed an issue causing players to keep the Ship Outfit even after docking on land (under certain conditions).

Fixed a minor issue related to the dialogue window with the NPC Hoodan, from the Story Quest "Missing Cargo."

Fixed an issue causing the RavenCard Naturalist Praiser, when combined with Lingering Impact, healing for more time than it should.

Fixed an issue on the Gathering Mini-Game that was preventing players from progressing when failing to hit the green bar inside Dynamic Event areas.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!