Patch Notes

Monday, April 22, 2024

Today we are excited to share with you all the things Patch has coming with it!

Patch 1.6.4 has a major focus on bug fixes and general changes, however paired with it several quite significant gameplay changes that we know many of you have been waiting for.  

Without any delay, let’s get into it!


We have made two changes to Tradepacks to better encourage PvP over Tradepacks.

◈ Tradepacks will no longer require 500 Effort to Sell a Tradepack.

◈ Tradepacks will now require 1000 Effort instead of 500 Effort when Crafting a Tradepack.

The Total Effort required remains the same.

◈ The 20% Silver that previously was provided to the player who Crafted the Tradepack will now instead be burned from the game’s Economy.

This aims to slightly increase the risk of running Tradepacks but also as a deflationary measure for the long term of Ravendawn.


Aether Stones will now additionally provide Silver & Infusions based on the creatures killed (considering the bonus loot as well)!

Previously, only Experience & Creature Loot was being provided at the boosted rate. 


As mining materials have struggled to keep up with other gathering professions output, we are increasing the amount of all Ores given by a node from 1-3 Ore to 2-4 increasing the average amount of Ore obtained by +50%


Higher level fishers (primarily once 50+) have struggled to keep up with the higher weight (and thus health) of fish once reaching certain milestones. This has in many ways made fishing less rewarding once reaching 50+ fishing and discouraged progression, despite the fish being worth more.

Because of this, we have added 3 new Fishing skills (Level 35, 50 and 70) to help smoothen out higher level progression for fishers giving them stronger fishing abilities to catch those heavier and larger fish:

We've also implemented tweaks to Harpoon, reducing the inflicted damage on both the fish and the durability of the rod.

◈ Fish damage reduced from 100 to 75.

◈ Damage to rod durability reduced from 150 to 100.

We are changing the Channel System to work automatically in the backend, much more akin to games like World of Warcraft.

As before, when logging in you will be put into a random channel. However, you will now be able to easily switch to a channel of a friend or group member by clicking on the “Switch Channel” button beside their username. You will now be able to quickly join a Guild Member that shouts out that they’re under attack, or a war is breaking out, instead of having to cross-reference their channel, as well as more easily join a friend who logs in on another channel.

For those looking to avoid someone grieving them, a packed spawn, etc. you will still be able to change channel to a random channel anytime through the channel button.

For Streamers, this will now also by default hide your channel from viewers.

With this, we will also look to more dynamically increase/decrease channels based on player numbers, to account for late night reduced player numbers, peak hour player numbers, as well as prepare for larger booms to the player base during Major Content Updates & Expansions.

We have decided to increase the default light amounts when in caves by ~50%.

We are doing this as many users mention that they get headaches when doing longer mining or grinding sessions underground, especially in deeper floors. While we do not want to go the path that many games do with having virtually no light impact when underground, as we feel this heavily hurts immersion and opportunities for interesting cave mechanics that are slightly hidden, we do feel that a slight reduction in darkness is desired.

Additionally, we already have plans to add a further player light progression in Ravendawn in the future.

It's time to get some energy drinks: the Double EXP & Loot Weekend is coming!

From April 26th to April 29th (5:00 AM Pacific Time), all Adventurers will enjoy double Experience and Loot in Ravendawn! That's it: Hunting creatures and gathering resources across the world will yield twice exp and creatures will also have double loot!

Are you prepared for the boost?! Join our Taverns on Discord and show us the preps for a weekend rush!



 Increased the drop rate of Crafting Materials of all creatures and creature families in ~50%.

Currently, we feel that Crafting Materials dropping from Creatures are disproportionally low, and have significant impacts on the progression of players. We will monitor the impact of those changes closely, and will likely have more changes related to this to come in the near future.

Added a Legacy Level check to the early game Story Quests links ー From now on, if the player doesn't have enough Level to complete specific Quests, this information will be displayed in the tasks descriptions instead of preventing the player to start them.

The step count and duration of Moa Food Buffs will be tracked separately from Stamina consumption ー This change aims to optimize the utility of Moa foods, providing players with a more refined and enjoyable experience.

Added a maximum limit of 3 simultaneously active Elixirs and 1 active Poison at a time from Rangers Company ー This will prevent players from infinitely stacking them, particularly those with more resources.

Added a confirmation window to Creature Trophy claiming.

The ability to change Archetypes when in Combat is now disabled.

Items on the Trade window will now have the same font (# indicators) as Inventory and Bank slots.

Removed the Soulbound condition from all the Cosmetic items rewarded in Environmental and Dynamic Quests ー Players will now have the possibility to trade those items.

Applied adjustments to the description of several Artifact obtainment texts to provide clearer guidance for players.

Applied adjustments to the descriptions of the passives Improved Gunpowder I & II and Swift Artillery I & II to enhance clarity.

Applied adjustments to the Points Distribution tooltip to provide enhance clarity.

Applied adjustments to the Reputation Passive ''Diplomatic Exaltation'' ー Creatures from the Dwarven (including Iceforge Dwarfs), Elven and Goblin Families will not attack you unless you attack them first or gather resources near them. Mindslave Dwarves and Draconic Elves are exceptions to this change.

Applied adjustments to the Story Quest "Into the Rising Sun" ー Players will now have more time to complete the task ''Go to Firslight's docks during sunrise and set sail to the eastern sea" between 5AM and 8AM in-game time.

Applied adjustments to the Level range of two Rangers Company tasks from Hadarak Desert: Emberscale Drakes (from Effective Level 32~42 to 34~48) and Mindslave Dwarves (from Effective Level 41~50 to 34~48).

Applied adjustments to the Environmental Quest ''Possessed by Resentment'':

◈ Increased the chance to receive the Artifact "Forsaken Earring".

◈ There's now a short delay between tasks to address situations where players were overwhelmed by next waves of creatures;

◈ Applied adjustments to "Spawn of Jealousy" ー Improved its cooldowns, buffed a few spells' damage, added 2 new skills and also increased its Health.


Players that deleted their Open World land can now properly place decorations in their new houses.

Added improvements to Ships and Moas regarding the speed and walking behavior, regardless of whether players use keyboard input or mouse clicks.

The DoTs applied by the RavenCard Ghaz Archer is now being correctly applied when players use Eternal Worms.

The Baby Minotaur (House Companion) is now properly working.

Players now have access to the Broulotum's basement at any time.

Purchases notifications are now correctly appearing in front of the RavenStore UI.

"Shift+Right Click" is now correctly moving Equipment and items stacks on Storage.

Orcs from Orkvesh and Hadarak Desert are now properly counting towards the Rangers Company task.

The RavenCards Icicle Gazer and Elf Assassin now have the correct Portuguese description.

The Fishing Mini-Game is now displaying the timer in the correct position.

The Quest Log now displays the correct Reputation amount (rewards) for Quests.

The Dynamic Event ''Gritty General'' is now correctly rewarding players that are in a Party.

Players are not losing Bonus Status from Accessories upon dying anymore.

The blessing from NPC Ailsa at Saint Alsek is now working as intended.

Crowd control skills are now correctly applying PvP Status to players.

Both Medium and Large Fishing Nets now have the correct description.

Moa Bond buffs are now correctly working with Moa foods.

The Breeding Profession UI is now correctly displaying the Level Requirements to breed Moas.

The Item Water Pumps (Ship) now has the correct description.

The item ''Butcher Medallion'' is now applying its effect correctly.

''Hullbreaker Cannon'' is now applying damage in the correct area of effect.

''Ammunition Cabin'' is now properly reducing the cooldowns of the cannons.

The Drop Notification interface is now properly showing all the gathered items.

Drinks (Buffs) are no longer being incorrectly removed upon relogging.

The RavenCard ''Captain Boone'' (Disengage) is now properly being activated upon killing an enemy.

The Whetstone buff icon is is not disappearing from the Buff HUD element after death anymore.

The ''Drinking'' sound effect is now properly being paused when the interaction is over.

Creatures are now properly being pushed if they are in the middle of an attack animation.

Applied adjustments to the Story Quests "Missing Cargo" and "The Slayer's Guild" to fix situations that could prevent players from progressing.  

The Map highlight from the Bog Spider's task (Rangers Company) is now properly working.

Players can now properly select Quality for Deluxe Cookies on 'Buy Orders', inside the Marketplace.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to lose their Tradepacks (Wagons) upon logging out while on a ship.

Fixed an issue on the Trade Window that was making it possible for players to use more than 5 slots (and trade more than 5 items) at a time.

Fixed an interaction issue between players turning into a Bat while they were mounted on their Moa.

Fixed an specific issue that was preventing players from placing crops, animals and trees into their Open World Lands.

Fixed an issue that was causing the PvP Status to be unintentionally changed from Defensive to Offensive.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from crafting equipment during the initial Story Quests.

Fixed a minor issue on Aether Stone's loot distribution while on Party.

Fixed a typo in the Equipment Grade Celestial.

Fixed an issue (asset-related) that was preventing players from properly obtaining the Chase Eagle's Keys (Open World Rewards Chests related).

Fixed an issue that was causing multiple Wind Walls and Minotaur Duelists (RavenCard) applied to the same tile to temporarily bug the map tile.

Fixed an issue that caused the Health Bar to display incorrect values upon undocking (ship).


We have some exciting news to share with you! As many of you know, we've decided to significantly expand the upcoming PvP update into a much larger major patch. This new patch will not only introduce new PvP systems but also fresh PvE systems and content, making this an update well worth the wait.

Why did we make this change? Our primary goal is to create a seamless integration of the new PvP Systems and endgame progression, offering a more cohesive experience. We also wanted to increase the potential of these systems by adding significant new progression opportunities, unique features, and improved player interactions.

Additionally, we know that bringing in strong mechanics for returning players and new players is crucial, and we're excited to offer a richer experience for everyone and create a stronger bridge for new players to start adventuring in Ravendawn!

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, and as any engineer or game developer knows, the groundwork for new systems is often the most time-consuming part. But we're thrilled to announce that starting next week, we'll be starting to tease the new systems coming to Ravendawn in this Major Patch. You can look forward to much-anticipated endgame PvP features like Guild Wars, Forts & Strongholds, and the new Aether Rifts for intense 1v1 or 2v2 battles. We will also be introducing a major balance patch to align with the release of these new PvP systems.

But that's not all. We don't want to give away everything just yet, but here's a sneak peek at what else is to come that was previously not shared: an improved targeting system, a completely revamped aggro system that lets tanks truly shine, epic World Bosses and new Group focused Boss Battles as well. You will have the chance to team up with friends or group up with other adventurers to tackle challenging bosses far more frequently for some juicy rewards.

We know you're all eagerly waiting for this content. However, we believe that doing a larger, more comprehensive Major Update is better than trickling in each system separately, especially since many of these systems and new endgame progressions rely on each other to work seamlessly.

We promise this update will be worth the wait, and we can't wait to start sharing all the details with you starting next week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and teasers as we prepare to roll out Ravendawn's first major patch.

Thank you for your patience and support. We're working hard to bring you an amazing experience, and we couldn't do it without our incredible community. Happy Adventuring!