Patch Notes

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

While the majority of our development team is diligently preparing for Ravendawn’s first major Update, we are thrilled to share with you some eagerly awaited features in today’s patch!


A highly requested feature by the community is finally arriving in Ravendawn! Players will now have the ability to use or open 10 and 100 items simultaneously (simply press CTRL + Click for the option to appear)!

Although this feature may seem straightforward, considerable thought has gone into implementing a system that can open 100 items at once, potentially filling your inventory instantly. Due to these complexities, it was initially placed lower on our priority list to ensure its effective implementation.

We know our SupplyBag hoarders will be celebrating once the servers are back up!


We’ve enhanced the login process in Ravendawn for added security. Post-patch, all players will need to log in using the email associated with their account, rather than the Account Name previously used. Moving forward, your Account Name will be used exclusively on the Ravendawn Forums.


When dying in repeat consecutive deaths, players will now have an increasing respawn timer before they are able to respawn. This new feature will apply only to consecutive deaths occurring within a short timeframe to discourage “Deathrunning” — using rapid respawns to impede another player’s progress with their Ships, Wagons, Tradepacks or to manipulate PvP dynamics. This system is a crucial addition before we introduce Guild Wars to Ravendawn.


Targeting will now automatically select the closest creature if you click and miss a valid target. This enhancement is designed to make targeting feel more intuitive and less frustrating, based on our internal testing. You can disable this feature at any time in the Settings Menu.

This improvement is just one of several targeting enhancements we plan to introduce to Ravendawn, but we chose to implement this one now as it has already passed QA. The sooner we integrate such improvements, the better.


The increased drop rate over the Double EXP & Loot Weekend served as an important data collection opportunity for our team. Although we already had plans to boost the drop rate of Infusions, this test reaffirmed our decision to increase it by +66% in this patch.

We believe this adjustment will help balance the Infusion economy and benefit both veteran and casual players. However, we will continue to monitor and fine-tune the drop rate as necessary.


Additionally, if you missed the Aether Rifts Teaser — a new 1v1 and 2v2 Arena-style system coming to Ravendawn — check it out here: Aether Rifts Teaser.

We can’t wait to share with you all the upcoming Teaser Tuesday on May 14th! If you haven't solved it yet, this riddle will clue you in on what we'll be teasing next Tuesday!

In shadows' dance, where monsters loom,
Tanks' might holds, but tread with care,
For Ravendawn's whispers, a new threat's glare.


Added an Aether Pool indicator to the nameplate — Now, players can see the Aether below their names, similar to Health and Mana bars. This can be quickly enabled/disabled in the Settings Menu.

Directional skills can now be cast towards the mouse pointer's direction — This feature aims to provide more precise and intuitive control during gameplay, and can also be quickly enabled/disabled in the Settings Menu.

Added sounds to Rangers Company actions to enhance the user experience when accepting and completing tasks.

Added names and descriptions to Ships, Moas and Wagons Cosmetics when mouse hovering over them in the selection menu.

Added a Soulbound icon to all Soulbound items (top left corner) to enhance clarity for players.

Applied improvements to hunting spots at Tuskan Highlands, adding more areas of higher level creatures. Also, added a new respawn zone for Sporewalkers between Crowhollow Bog and The Blotch.

Applied adjustments to the description of the Trinket "Dwarven Mining Helmet" and the  RavenCard "Polar Bear" (Feasting Strike) to provide clearer information about their effects.

Enhanced the level progression in the Pirate respawn area beneath Shacklehold, now gradually increasing from level 72 to 76 as players advance through the rooms.

 Enhanced Transport UI pagination behavior to prevent redirection to the first page when selecting a Moa or Ship from pages 2 and beyond.

Changed the position of the Tutorial pop-up HUD element, bringing it closer to the middle of the screen.

Players who respawned without paying to cleanse their Death Penalty, whether intentionally or accidentally, faced challenges in resolving it without additional deaths. To improve this, we implemented the following changes:

Debuff Icon — Added a Debuff-like status icon for the Death Penalty, with a tooltip (visible when hovering over it with the mouse). This tooltip displays the XP debt amount and provides guidance on how to cleanse it, either through grinding or by visiting a new NPC.

New NPC — Added a new NPC, "Deacon Arvan," located in Ravencrest's Temple. Players can now cleanse their Death Penalty status by paying silver to this NPC, eliminating the need for additional deaths to remove the penalty.

Applied adjustments to the skillset of a few creatures from Elder Coast and Frost Steppes:

Draconic Pyromancer — One of its skills (that works similarly to the Wizardry's Pyroblast) was stronger than intended. We've increased its casting time, and reduced its base damage output.

Elderwood Behemoth — The Healing over Time skill that affects a small area around the creature wasn't as effective as we initially planned. We've decreased the duration of the skill, but increased the amount of healing applied per second.

Yornish Scavenger — Changed one of the creature's skills, splitting a single damage into two quick weaker ones. The total damage outcome is the same, and this was simply a visual change.

Removed the Rangers Company's task to kill Emberscale Drakes in Hadarak Desert.
After conducting internal tests, we concluded that this task was too difficult and not rewarding enough due to the limited number of individual respawns available, and expanding the area wasn't feasible.
While players currently on this task remain unaffected and can still complete it, the task will no longer be displayed on the Rangers Company's board.


New Breedings should no longer experience the issue of having to click to advance to the next phase.

Clicking on the PvP Icon (MiniMap HUD element) no longer makes your character start walking.

Pre-Set Build Slots are now properly working and players won't lose their pre-sets when buying more than 5 slots.

The RavenCard "Brotherhood Sorcerer" (Wind Wall) is now properly working, allowing party members to move through the Wind Wall.

The interaction between Moas and the skill Teleport (Wizardry) is now correct, and players are not able to use it when mounted anymore.

If players die during the task "Kill the Vampire Lords and obtain a Cape Chain", from the Story Quest "The Slayer's Guild", they will now be able to proceed with the Quest.

The Trinket "Vanguard Medallion" is now working as intended when the player receives damage from low level Undead creatures.

The "Sort" button is now properly working when the player has both the Inventory (I) and Bank windows open.

Sound effects from drinks are now properly being stopped after the interaction is completed.

Players can now collect Culled Eyes even if they are dropped on the same tile as a stair.

The Loot distribution from Aether Stones is now correctly working when in a Party.

The filter for Mythic (Grade) is now correctly working on the Marketplace.

The Moa Bond Passive (Level 13) is now properly working.

Fixed an issue that was causing movement speed bonuses to be improperly applied, resulting in players maintaining higher speeds than intended ー This affected mainly bonuses that provide percentage-based movement speed increases.

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the interaction with crops (plants/animals/trees) inside Community Land to malfunction, sometimes requiring the player to leave and return to the area.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Party Chat to be unavailable to interact with after death.

Fixed an issue that was causing the 'ESC' button to not properly close the Land Tracker UI.

Fixed an issue that was causing some walls to not properly block some projectiles.

Fixed an issue where players could freely switch channels using the friends/party interface without triggering the cooldown period between switches.

Applied fixes to the skillset of a few creatures from Frost Steppes:

Yornish Ravager — Yornish Ravager's base skill (that works similarly to Brutal Strike) is now correctly working.

Yornish Hunter — Fixed an issue that was causing the creature to cast a ranged skill at melee range only.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!