Patch Notes

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

While the majority of our development team is diligently preparing for Ravendawn’s first Major Update, we are excited to share with you all some new features and content coming to Ravendawn in Patch!

We are excited to announce significant improvements to Creature Loot that aim to ensure a more balanced and rewarding gameplay experience for Adventurers of all levels!

Creature Loot will now drop regardless of your Level, which allows you to receive rewards when engaging with lower-level creatures, although at a reduced rate if the creatures are more than 10 Levels below you!

Creature Trophies are exempt from this reduction, and their drop rate is fixed no matter the level of the creature.


We have been closely monitoring the community's suggestions regarding Mining for quite some time, and we recognize that expanding mining locations across Ravendawn was an obvious step for Mining to take!

As a first response to your feedback, we've introduced several new mines throughout the world of Ravendawn, plus nearly 30 additional locations featuring scattered mining node deposits (including different biomes).

It's time to grab a pickaxe and start mining!


Marcus Goldfeather, the Moa Collector located at Ravencrest Farms, now offers players the chance to engage in enticing trades. Bring pairs of Moas from your collection to Marcus and exchange them for new Moas from his exclusive stash!

When trading with Marcus, there’s a chance you might receive Moas that are even rarer than the ones you initially traded in ー but also lower tier Moas, adding an element of excitement to each exchange!

Players cannot exchange Tier 1 and Tier 7 Moas.


We are excited to share that we are introducing new high-level hunting zones across various regions of the World of Ravendawn! These new spawns are located in the regions listed below. 

The World Design Team is working hard to bring more variety and greater challenges in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on this front in the upcoming Patches!

South Glademire ー Level 75-79

Gilead ー Level 75-80

Glaceforde ー Level 78-82

Fields of Despair ー Level 79-82

The Blotch ー Level 80-83

Moreover, we are also unlocking 2 high-level areas that were previously blocked in the following regions:

Frost Steppes ー Level 73-77

Elder Coast ー Level 75-79


Added icons (to be displayed on the nameplate) that identify the type of ship that players are currently using (Starter, Fishing, Galleon, and Merchant) ー  This addition aims to address situations when someone is using a ship Cosmetic and players cannot tell what type they are.

Added a Mail button to the Minimap HUD element to provide improved visibility of received messages ー This addition aims to highlight incoming mail more effectively. Additionally, this update lays the groundwork for expanded use of the in-game Mail System in the future.

Added a confirmation message (as an additional step) to be displayed when using infused equipment as infusion material.

Added several new NPCs from the Von Thuring family to the farms around Zephyr Vale.

Added new sound effects to all creatures death animations.

The Death Debt cost is now being calculated based on the Legacy Level instead of Effective Level ー This adjustment aims to balance penalties for players and also lays the groundwork for the implementation of the Plunder Channel.

Pressing 'ESC' or sending a message in the chat will now close the chat window ー Players can opt to disable this behavior on Settings Menu.

Increased the time players have to complete the Fishing minigame based on the rod's durability, which results in fewer lost fish.

The minimum Level for Goblin Mechs to drop Gadget Fragments has been lowered to Level 25.

Applied adjustments to the Level range of creatures within the Pirate's respawn under Shacklehold, at Harbor Isle ー The level progression now begins at the old minimum Level 74 and extends up to Level 78.

Applied adjustments to the stair hopping mechanics to enhance combat fluidity. Now, creatures that are far away no longer hinder the player's movement.

Applied adjustments to the map around The Blotch's dock to prevent players from getting stuck in the waters.

The Reputation passive "Weapon Mastery" will now use a rounded-up value to guarantee that even with lower amount of stats, players can receive a minimum bonus instead of the previous 0.

Updated the description of the Task 4 from the Story Quest "Chaotically Brilliant" to provide clearer instructions.


Players can no longer obtain Culled Eyes from Death Gazers in Gilead if the Culling Spawn is active in the Fields of Despair.

Players who died during the Task 17, from the Story Quest ''Green Sabbath'', will no longer get stuck.

''Sinister Sigil'' is now properly causing Fear in creatures and players who are more than 5 Effective Levels below the caster.

Applied adjustments to the descriptions of Moa Treats to accurately reflect their in-game effects.

While in a Safe Zone, players can no longer use Healing skills on allies that are outside the Safe Zone.

Dying in specific ice tiles will no longer disable the possibility to walk diagonally.

Clicking on any item in the Inventory no longer cancels the target.

The Land Tracker is now properly displaying the maximum Effort value.

All Ship Emblems now have correct names displayed in their tooltips.

The Milk Tea Buff tooltip is no longer displaying decimal points.

The Moa Bond Level 20 is now properly working.

Fixed the possibility of casting other skills while casting Bladestorm.

Fixed an issue that was preventing Crafting Gloves from being removed with the Right Mouse Button (RMB).

Fixed an issue causing the Jackal Scout to be summoned in an unreachable area during the Story Quest ''Sands of Conquest''.

Fixed an issue causing players to not properly progress through the Bandit Tutorial, leaving the HUD element stuck in their screen.

Fixed several minor map issues, including the possibility to attack through some map objects that should block skills projectiles.

Fixed an issue where "Thread of Hag Hair" was being incorrectly counted as "Wisp Remains" during the Story Quest ''Green Sabbath''.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!