Patch Notes

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Happy Thursday, Adventurers! 

As you already know, we are working full steam ahead on the first Expansion of Ravendawn! Speaking of which, have you already checked out the Secrets of Herbalism and Alchemy, which will also be introduced to the universe of Ravendawn with Horizon's Call?! We promise it's worth a peek... ⚗️🌿

We are very happy to bring another Patch with important additions and bug fixes. This time, we also have content for those Adventurers who enjoy exploration, investigation, and mystery. Time to check out what's new!


Patch introduces two new Story Quests set in Crowhollow Bog and The Blotch. Additionally, we’ve added an Environmental Quest in The Blotch and another in the Fields of Despair!

Did someone mention mystery? A curious message has appeared on an ancient scroll. Can you unravel its secrets?


Bringing more variety and greater challenges for Ravendawn, we are introducing new high-level hunting zones across various regions of the World of Ravendawn! These new spawns are located in the regions listed below.

Zephyr Vale (Thurin's Meadow) ー Level 74-77

Rohna Woods (Corvo Lighthouse) ー Level 76-79

Hadarak Desert (Hadarak Ruins) ー Level 79-82

Frost Steppes (Titan Claws) ー Level 82-85

Moreover, we are also unlocking two areas that were previously blocked in the following regions:

Rohna Woods (Deep Rohna) ー Level 73-76

South Glademire (Chapel of Skorn) ー Level 37-40

Stay tuned for more updates on this front in the upcoming Patches!


In preparation for the exciting new features coming to Ravendawn in the upcoming expansion, such as the Aether Rifts and the Aether Echoes, we are introducing a new Target HUD element to the game, which allows for a more comprehensive interface experience! 

Players can easily enable or disable this HUD element in the Settings Menu > Game > Display target HUD.


Added Open World Rewards for a new hunting ground in Rohna Woods (Deep Rohna).

Added sound and visual feedback to Profession passives to make it easier to perceive when they trigger.

Added brand new Rangers Company tasks to follow the new and improved high-level creature spawns.

Players with Legacy Level 15 or higher now have the option to hide the Tutorial Bandit UI for a more streamlined gameplay experience ー This option can be found in the Settings Menu > Windows > Hide bandit tutorial.

Updated several level brackets for sub-regions on the Minimap to accurately reflect the latest changes and additions to creature spawns.

Significantly increased the chance of finding Artifacts while Fishing in Gilead.

Whetstones can now be placed on the Action Bar and will automatically apply to both equipped weapons when used.

Applied adjustments to the the mouse direction ability casting for improved responsiveness ー Now, when players cast an ability in a direction different from where their character is facing, their movement will be locked for 200 milliseconds.

Applied adjustments to the number and spawn locations of creatures during ''Ghaz at the Gates'' waves to make this Quest clearer and more straightforward.


The Quest Log UI now correctly displays "Dendrion's Memento" as the reward for the Quest "Shadows and Dead Trees".

The Dynamic Event ''Warforged Weapon'' now properly rewards players, regardless of where they are on the map (tiles).

Players can now successfully escape the Froll's prison during the Quest "Missing Cargo".

Players can no longer access Deadbane Halls prematurely by using jump skills.

Players can no longer heal ships belonging to other players from land.

The highlighted position of the NPC Leagros, in Sombershade, is now correct.

The Amulet Mastery Reputation is now applying its effect correctly.

The RavenCard "Lurking Shadow" is now applying its effect correctly.

Yornish Druid's skills are now properly working with the correct area of effect.

Dynamic Events that require item collection and delivery to NPCs are now properly awarding Ravencrest Emblems, as intended ー The Events that were fixed are: "The Astronomers Prediction", "The Shroom Shaman", "Ghost of the Old Mariner", "She Sells Seashells", "Just a Drop", "Reaping Harvest" and  "Never Enough Furs".

Fixed a typo on Concentrated Impact's tooltip.

Fixed keybind combinations that triggered multiple actions depending on the scenario.

Fixed an issue where the Shop NPC Mercier (Quest Store) was buying currently equipped items ー Now, it only shows items that are located in the inventory.

Fixed an issue where players were incorretly receiving Ravencrest Emblems when they failed at crafting.

Fixed some cosmetic item received as rewards from Dynamic Events still being Soulbound.

Fixed an issue where Minimap button positions were incorrect due to save/load position errors.

Fixed an issue with the skill ''Teleport'', where the Global Cooldown (GCD) was resetting right after teleporting.

Fixed an issue where Tradepacks crafted on Warmode Channels did not sell for the correct value when transported on Normal Channels.


We hope you enjoyed Patch Notes We will continue to expand and improve the world of Ravendawn to promote even more fun for all Adventurers. Join the Discord Taverns to chat with us!