Tavern Journal: The Beginning to an Epic Adventure!

Monday, January 22, 2024

Tavern Journal: The Beginning to an Epic Adventure!

The Official Launch of Ravendawn has been an incredible journey. We have reached numbers of players and viewership on Twitch we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams... 

However with that massive growth, came growing pains...

While the first 5 days of Launch players experienced a lot of server lag issues, we are incredibly happy to have solved 99% of the lag issues with yesterday's maintenance, and the remaining issue (the worlds lagging once every 30m when the worlds save) we already know how to fix and are working on a fix ASAP.

Despite these issues, Player Numbers have grown significantly every day since Launch. The fact that now Serafine and Angerhorn are nearly identical populations, both reaching near capacity, is crazy for us to think about and not something we ever could have imagined.

We are now excited to share with you what's next...


Roadmap: What's Next

Looking towards the horizon, we are excited to share with you our Roadmap, which shares the main features that will be introduced to the world of Ravendawn in the upcoming months.

We understand many players love having dates on Roadmaps. However, we have seen that this is frequently used in the MMORPG industry to over promise and miss deadlines with the attempt to drive hype, only to continue to lose the trust of the Community as deadlines are missed. Our team prefers to Under Promise and Over Deliver. With this, we do not give specific dates until the new feature, system or content has gone through the full QA process so that we do not promise dates (to try hype) only to possibly miss them. When we provide a date, it is a date we will do everything we can to commit to.

Click here to see the full-size image.

*Only Major Features/Systems/Content are shown on the Roadmap, smaller features, content drops and balances are not mentioned as this image would have to be 50x the size to include everything we have coming.

Now we want to hear from you! Please share in Discord with everyone what upcoming Roadmap feature you are most excited about!


Limited Edition Bundles

Many of you have been asking for us to add a way to support us more than just a $8.00! First off, we hope you understand this means the world to us that you feel this way, we feel we made an amazing game here, and we are excited to expand and grow this world for years & hopefully decades to come.

While we had these Cosmetic Bundles prepared for Launch, we did not feel comfortable allowing users to purchase anything else from us until we first upheld our promise, duty, and expectation to all of you. Making sure that the Servers were stable and everyone having a smooth and enjoyable experience playing Ravendawn.

To celebrate the launch of Ravendawn and a now incredibly smooth gameplay experience for everyone, we are excited to unveil 2 Limited Edition Bundles: Adventurer and Trailblazer!

These bundles will serve as reminders of the beginning of this grand adventure: customize your character and house with unique cosmetic addons & decorations and other special rewards (like and Exclusive Discord Badge & Name Color) that will set your presence in Ravendawn apart.

Get your Bundle here now and receive a Free Entry to a 1 of 100 Baby Demon Companions (Trailblazer Bundle) Giveaway for your house!

Adventurer & Trailblazer Bundles will be available for a limited time, so don't miss the chance to secure yours!

''We hope this last week has shown our passion, dedication, commitment to you all, and how much Ravendawn means to this team. We will not let you down. Thank you so much for all your support in us building Ravendawn bigger and better for decades to come!''
- From Knighter, Game Director

To receive your Badge & Name Color, send your Order ID (from Transactions Tab) directly to the bot Ravendawn Role on Discord!


Community Land Buffs

Additionally, for anyone who hasn't seen yet, re recently implemented a buff to Community (Instanced) Land yesterday (January 21st) increasing the amount of farm tiles for players at level 25.

But this is not all! While yes, we want Finite (Open World) land to have an edge over Community (Instanced) Land, we want this gap to be smaller than it is now, and soon (hopefully in the next 24-48 hours) will be increasing the Community Land size from 7x7 to 8x7. The reason for this is to not only provide slightly more tiles of farm land, but also to better allow placing 2x2 animal pens and trees. With this, Community Land will have only 3 less tiles than Finite Land.

To ensure Finite land keeps a slight edge as intended, it will have these additional tiles (5% more tiles) as well as have a 25% cheaper cost to place things on your finite land.

Lastly, we also want to make sure all Community Land owners also have access to Housing on their Community Land, this is a huge feature of the game and important to us that everyone gets their own house to experience that part of Ravendawn. This will take longer for us to add, as it is quite a complex system to Instance your house that can be customized, modified, decorated and more. So please be patient on this, the team is already working on it and once it is through QA process we will announce it to everyone.


Aether Stones Changes

Continuing the saga of improving the gameplay experience according to what we hear and see from our players, we understand that many of you may feel frustrated by the fact that their progress in Aether Stones can easily be stolen by another player that is passing by.

Our Game Design team is already working to make the experience of interacting with the Aether Stones better, but without harming their initial purpose, which is to bring even more dynamism and fun to hunts.

In the next couple days, we will be applying a change to Aether Stones where they will now require 8s to shatter & absorb a completed Aether Stone instead of 5s. However, with that, Aether Stones will now have a 5s grace period where only the owner of the Stone can interact with it (starting, or absorbing it).

This will still allow players to fight over Aether Stones in PvP Zones, while ensuring players are not blindly robbed Aether Stones in PvE Zones.


Legacy Skills

Many of you  want to know more about how the end-game content of Ravendawn looks like, and we're happy to share that Legacy Skills are one of the mechanics that players will dive into when they reach higher levels (75+).

As no one is close to 75 yet and won't be for quite some time, we have left it out for the moment, but as players get closer to later game stages of Ravendawn, we will add the Legacy Skills for everyone to see in their Archetype Trees!


Discord Weekly Patron Giveaway

Every Wednesday, 11:00am Pacific Time, we will be giving a Year of Patron to someone from our Discord that has "Playing Ravendawn" as their activity status! For this Wednesday, we will be giving away 10 of these!

It takes 15 seconds to do, and is fully automatic once you've set it up!

Winners will be selected at random day and time during the week from our Discord, then announced on the Wednesday each week in the #events channel in our Discord.

Share that you're Playing Ravendawn on Discord now and win Free Patron Time!


Global Chats

In today's maintenance, we are adding a Legacy Level 15 requirement to use Global Chat to reduce spammers and silver sellers.

We have big improvements coming to Global Chats and the ChatUI in the near future, such as adding additional channels, LFG and more!


''After an incredibly exciting launch week, there's nothing more special to us than sharing with our community what awaits them in the near future. We can't thank you enough for everyone's patience and trust in what we're creating here. This is just the beginning of an epic adventure.''
- From Knighter, Game Director