Tavern Journal #2

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Tavern Journal #2

Currently, we are doing brief daily maintenances to get changes and improvements in as fast as possible. In the future, we will look to do larger weekly patches, which will have a news post announcing each. Until then however, you can see daily changes in the #changelogs channel in our discord anytime. However, today’s Changelog we wanted to do a News Post on to provide some context on some changes, and answer some common questions as well. You can view the full Changelog in the Discord.

But first… Let’s share some things that are Coming Soon!

A Small Experience Bonus for when playing in a Party ー We will start with a very minor buff. Our intention is not to make Ravendawn a forced group game at all. We want solo players & group players alike to find a viable experience in Ravendawn. Currently, we feel groups need a bit of an added benefit to make it more viable for standard play (not bosses etc).

Ability to Ignore Players

Breeding on Community Land

& a million more things! We wanted to mention these 3 as they are frequently asked and requested.

Also… In our recent Community Poll, when asked what type of content players would like to have next, Dungeons received 65% of the votes... We’re devs of the people. The people have spoken.


Open World Land & Community Land

Community Land has had some significant buffs since launch, and many are very happy with it’s place in the game now, especially knowing Houses are coming soon to Community Land as well.

Also, while yes, we want Finite (Open World) land to have an edge over Community (Instanced) Land, we want to also make sure that those who do not get Medium or Large Land are not left in the dust longterm because of it. We already have a strong idea we like an are finalizing on and then moving to implementation. Please be patient, it’s important we implement this in a good way that keeps the vision of the game the way we want it but also making sure everyone can have Medium and Large Land as well. This is our goal, we will achieve it, it may take some time to do it right.

If you are feeling dread knowing you will not be able to get Medium or Large land, please don’t. We will make sure you’re not left out to dry just because you were not able to play as much as another.

Lastly, I think it’s important to remind everyone that we are not even 2 weeks post-release, players are still in the infancy stage of what Ravendawn has and will have to offer, dont panic and enjoy the journey, even if you’re not playing at 99% efficiency (we know it’s hard, we are all power gamers most the time and we can completely relate). It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The world of Ravendawn is not going anywhere, and unlike most MMORPG launches, we have consistently been growing in players. Ravendawn is a special game and will be here for years/decades to come.


Warmode Tradepack Bonus Increased

We have increased the bonus value that Tradpeacks provide when created and sold on the Warmode Channels from 10 > 20%. We feel that the benefit to running Tradepacks on the Warmode channel is not currently worth the risk, and it needed to be increased. We will continue to monitor this value and make further changes accordingly.


Low Level Fishing Buff

Low level fishing was not rewarding enough and discouraged many from continuing fishing into stages of the game where fishing is a very rewarding profession to have. Because of this, we have reduced the Health pool for all fishes between Level 3 and 15 by roughly 30%.


 Reduced Protection Zones Lockout
(When Attacking or Defending Against a Murderer)

We have reduced the PZ (Protection Zone) Lockout from 5 minutes to 1 minute (for Land and Ocean). While some lockout duration is neccesary for many game mechanics in Ravendawn, this duration was simply too long and could lead to easy griefing and frustrations.


Clarifying Situations/Confusion on RMT (Real-Money Trades)

As many had concerns on if they would get banned for X or Y, we wanted to clear up a few common concerns:

1. Trading Silver or moving silver to an Alt on the Marketplace is fine.

2. Having a Marketplace character is fine.

3. Gifting someone Patron or some Coins is fine.

4. “I’m running a ring of 10 million silver a day with over 40 buyers” is not fine.

We apologize if normal players became paranoid of getting banned. Please understand, we know what to look for. We’re a studio of MMORPG veterans. We know how to differentiate a large Silver Seller vs a normal player. Our priority is catching large sellers of Silver first and foremost. If you are panicking thinking you are going to be banned for something that was not nefarious at all, please don’t be.

Also, we are aware of a bug causing certain buffs to last longer after exiting a ship leading to some players being harder to kill than they should be. This has been fixed and we will be looking into certain players that heavily abused this and will be banning them. Please note; just because someone noticed this, and replicated it, does not make them a heavy abuser. Several of these players brought it to us in reports and led to it being solved significantly faster. Players that abused this to a certain degree will or have already been banned. Do not DM us calling for the banning of X Y Z player or you will be blocked, we investigate these situations on our side and have plenty of data to make those decisions. 


Wiki Applications

We are also excited to announce that we are looking for Wiki Editors! If you are interested in helping build & grow the wiki, you can apply by clicking on the link below:

Click here to apply and become part of the Official Wiki!

Thank you very much for your attention, and we see you in-game! Have fun, Adventurers!

The Ravendawn Team