Teaser Tuesday: Forge Your Legend

Monday, June 24, 2024

Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!

Greetings, Adventurers, and welcome to the final Teaser Tuesday! This is the last teaser ahead of the upcoming Horizon's Call Expansion, but don't fret: next week, on July 6, 2024, we'll be hosting a livestream with our Game Director, Knighter, to share additional teasers and new content coming in the Expansion as well as announce what everyone has been waiting for… the Expansion Launch Date!

In the livestream, we'll provide plenty of additional details about Horizon’s Call, showcase additional new content, answer your questions about the Expansion and the future of Ravendawn, and most importantly, have a great time! We may also have a unique Twitch Drop for it… so don’t miss it!😊


Today, we're excited to reveal what we have in store for those who love deep immersion in MMORPGs. We'll demonstrate how a journey of a single hero will become far more thrilling, not only in PvP but especially in PvE. Every day, we see our community’s love for the world of Ravendawn, their anticipation for new challenges and quests, and their desire to prove their character's strength. We aim to fulfill these expectations, making solo adventures rewarding and memorable. In order to do so, The Expansion will unveil new adventures across land and sea, provide options for new house customization, new gathering and crafting professions, bring new fishing material recipes, add more life with more dynamic events to the Open World, and introduce new legendary artifacts that grant players extraordinary power. So, let's dive into the teaser!



The Arrival of Mysterious Adventurer

Despite the raging storm and the ferocious waves, his will was made of steel and his determination unwavering.

Horizon's Call will introduce a comprehensive overhaul of the current Ocean Balance. Our goal was to enhance the excitement and value of ocean encounters, creating room for more balanced combat. Battles will now be longer, favoring players who adapt to changing environments and deploy the right naval combat strategies. In order to do so, we have thoroughly revamped all ship-related mechanics, including their speed, Hulls, Sails, Cabins, and Cannons.

Ship Movement Speed has consistently been one of the main issues reported by players. The original design allowed speed to be capped with very low investment, and server limitations prevented surpassing a certain speed limit, leading to either very limited progression or wasted progression, no more! With the upcoming rebalance, Ship Movement Speed will be distributed differently and allow deeper and impactful progression. Furthermore, the rules for ship acceleration and movement have been fully redone. The changes aim to preserve swift travel for players outside of combat while promoting more dynamic battles where the use of weapons to manipulate speed plays a crucial role. The new adjustment ship movement will also open up new opportunities for enhancing newly added PvE Content to the Ocean.

In terms of ship construction, Hulls will now feature significantly increased durability and Galleons will further decrease damage received in combat.  Furthermore, Repair skill will have vastly increased cooldown and will now restore a portion of the ship's maximum health instead, ensuring its effectiveness across all hull sizes. These adjustments aim to promise longer and more engaging naval battles, encouraging diverse ship configurations and emphasizing their critical role in combat while adding versatility to the combat roles available to you. Many other enhancements will also be made to individual Cannons. Given the scope of sea-related changes and new naval content, we'll delve deeper into these topics on another occasion. We hope you'll view these changes positively! 😉 



The Hunt for the Missing Fragments

Driven by obsession and ambition, he ventured into the darkest corners of the world in search of the lost fragments.

Considering your feedback to enhance the excitement of PvE battles, we're bringing new content in the Expansion: Legendary Rings! These artifacts possess immense power, and crafting them will pose a significant challenge.

The ten Legendary Rings date back to an unknown time. All that is certain is they were once in possession of both heroes and villains throughout Ravendawn’s history, the likes of Saint Ananda and Lord Skorn, just to name a few. While scattered to unknown locations by mysterious forces today, their fragments still draw in all with the potential to bring the pieces back together. Whether a ring of Darkness or Light, the pull towards greatness is too much for anyone to resist… 

In the quest to forge one of the ten Legendary Rings, an individual must, among other activities, acquire five matching Ring Fragments specific to their chosen Ring, along with one fragment from each of the remaining Legendary Rings. The clip showcases a fallen adventurer driven by a lust for boundless power as they embark on a hunt, securing the Eldritch Coil Fragment associated with the Crowmaidens family and the Unyielding Fortitude Fragment in possession of the ancient Vampires.



Let the Demons Kneel

Unholy alliances would be forged on his quest for power.

With Horizon's Call, we're introducing a range of new systems designed to enhance gameplay in all areas. Understanding our players' desire for a richly filled game world, we're launching the entire Deadlands Journal right from the start of the Expansion. Post-launch, we'll progressively add to and expand the map to ensure ongoing entertainment.

The Crystal Eyes scattered throughout the regions surrounding the Forsaken Mountains, Crowhollow Bog and Fields of Despair have been greatly misunderstood by most of those who know of them. Many believe they are simply cursed objects, hidden in lands best forgotten, however the truth is that they are a layer of protection when one disturbs the darkest of places. Through the Crystal Eyes, what is hidden can be revealed, but only to the righteous. Be wary, adventurer, for there will be those cunning enough to entice and use you for their own ends. Friends in unlikely places will emerge and you must use all that is within your arsenal to escape their intrigues unscathed.

The player's desired ring is Voidmind, an ancient relic enhancing physical and spiritual prowess, with its fragments held by Demons. Acquiring these fragments, integral to crafting the ring, requires dedicated effort and time. Completing the Deadlands Journal will provide a significant opportunity to secure them, offering chances to explore and hunt in the darkest corners of the world. 



Forge Your Legend

Even otherworldly corruptions will not prevent the reforging of a Legendary Ring.


Gathering the required Ring Fragments is just the beginning of acquiring legendary power. You will also need the ring's form, obtainable through a high rank in the Ranger's Company and Aether Marked Runes, rewards earned in the upcoming Aether Rift mechanic detailed here. All of these activities are both friendly to solo players and those that prefer playing in a group, while being centered around PvE challenges. If you’re not a PvP player, don’t worry, Aether Marked Runes will be tradable and able to be listed on the Marketplace. 

Now it’s your moment to shine, Adventurer!

Deliver all your gathered components to Lorekeeper Lizdeika in Ravencrest, who will combine them into the complete Legendary Ring. He has studied objects of immense power from Ravendawn’s past for many years and with the opening of the Aether Rifts, finally discovered a path to restoring the Rings their former glory. You can wear two different types of Legendary Rings simultaneously. Now, let's examine some of them:


The dark ring covered in strange markings once belonged to Lord Skorn. Before his tampering with the fabric of reality it even had a different name, however as the door to Pandemonium was opened, so was the ring forever altered. Imbued with the towering intellect of Skorn and the raw power of the otherworldly horrors he unleashed, Voidmind forever seeks its next victim.


Mindsurge is said to allow its bearer to analyze information faster than anyone else and overcome the harshest of physical challenges. The last bearer known to the records of the Lorekeep was a mysterious ice wizard from the distant past. Although little is known, many have speculated that the changes this ring is set to impose cannot be sustained for long.

Swiftseer Band

No human has ever managed to wear this ring to date. It is said that it once belonged to an elven elder, one who had been among the wisest of them all, and one who had glimpsed too far into what is to come. Their name has been lost to time, as was their ring of power.


The ring shines as brightly as the sun itself when darkness extinguishes all other lights. Legends say that it was forged with the help of the elderwoods who sealed the power of the sun’s rays within the ring alongside their own incredible strength...



Return of the Dark King

Through such power are his chains broken, and the real work can begin…

Additionally, the Expansion introduces five new Room types to further customize your Houses! These five new Attribute Rooms, which boost Vitality, Might, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Wisdom, will be upgradeable and can be constructed in all estate types, including the upcoming Strongholds and Forts!

With a limit of one dedicated Attribute Room per estate, players managing multiple properties can boost their stat of choice up to three times. In Strongholds and Forts, these rooms play a crucial role in boosting the entire guild's statistics, offering yet another pathway for character advancement. Of course there are some changes incoming to Attributes and how gear affects them, so also - stay tuned for these!

We believe that the major Ocean Balance, Attribute Rooms, and Legendary Rings will elevate your gameplay in Ravendawn, offering exciting prospects for worldwide exploration, naval confrontations, and epic battles within the realm of Aether Rifts. Character progression, exploration of diverse landscapes, and the joy of gaining power are central to MMORPGs, and we look forward to continuing to enrich these fundamental aspects of gaming enjoyment!

“We hope you enjoyed our weekly Teaser Tuesdays up till now, it was really encouraging for us to see the community excitement behind all the new features, systems, and new content coming for Horizon’s Call. However, we have more to share. I look forward to doing a long awaited Livestream on July 6th, teasing more about Horizon’s Call, announcing the Release Date for the Expansion, as well as answering your questions!” - Knighter

Have a good week, Adventurers!