Teaser Tuesday: Introducing Guild Wars

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Welcome, Adventurers!

Today, we can officially reveal that the Major Update will fulfill our Roadmap feature by bringing a substantial new system to guilds, but also a bonus one highly requested. Our focus has been on developing systems that add new quality and a refreshing dynamic to this part of the game, emphasizing the importance of guild membership in character development, particularly at advanced levels.

We'll delve into improved guild management and dedicated Guild Wars, where you can battle your enemies for territory and fame. So, let’s get to it!


In the near future, Guild Wars will be introduced to Ravendawn, allowing members ranked higher than Initiate to engage in 15v15 battles. In this new zone, you and your guild will fight to capture and keep control of the territory, by attacking and defending four towers and capturing a flag. These battles will carry high stakes, as the outcomes will determine which Guilds receive or maintain keys to one of the Open World Forts!

Guild Wars will be held once a week, allowing more time to develop thorough battle plans. While on the subject of planning, let's talk about a new feature: Guild Banks:


Toss a Coin to your Guild Leader!

Contribute silver to the war effort and emerge as a benefactor... of your guild.

To facilitate better planning for guild development, we are adding the Guild Bank system to the game. Hopefully, you and your mates are generous, as the silver deposits will prove essential for planning bold ventures and expanding guild influence and power. 

The Guild Bank will allow members to deposit silver into a collective account, managed solely by leaders and vice-leaders, without the option for withdrawals. The silver balance and depositor activity will be continuously visible. Funds in the vault will be reserved for guild activities, including Guild Wars. Additionally, with this new system, you will receive a 2% bonus of silver earned from certain activities, such as monster hunting that will automatically be provided to the Guild Bank.

Participation in a Guild War starts with a bidding phase. Contribute enough silver to secure your guild's position among the top 20 bidders to fight over the ownership of a Fort. Attaining this prestigious rank grants the chance to compete for Forts during Guild Wars and boosts your guild members' abilities and damage power throughout the event, depending on the bid placed.

If your guild is smaller in size, don't fret! Even though the battle for Forts is exclusive to a prestigious group of twenty squads, bidders outside the top 20 will still have the opportunity to compete for a special Warforging currency that will be teased next week ;) For now, we’ll say this much – it will be worth it to lead your team to the battlefield each week!


Brace Yourself!

Picking the right path could be the first step to winning the battle.

Once the bidding phase concludes, participants can enter the Guild War. First, they will start in a designated camp arranged thirty minutes prior to the war’s start. This setup enables the gathering of warriors and the planning of strategies before the battle truly begins!

After this period, the main gates will open, providing entry to the battlefield with shrines, towers, and a central area housing a Golden Flag


The Four Towers

As it turns out, setting up a banner is a challenging task.

The map will feature Four Towers, located in the four corners of the land. These are neutral structures that, once captured, will start generating points for the team that controls them. The war concludes once one side reaches 1000 Victory Points.

Within every tower lies a Gray Banner, symbolizing neutrality. Seize it to capture the tower. Once the tower is successfully captured, the flag's color will transition to blue. However, if the enemy takes control, a red banner will be hung instead.

Ownership of banners can change hands endlessly. What's important is to retain control of the tower for as long as possible, as each tower held by guild will generate additional points for the team every fifteen seconds. The current status of the towers' control will be represented by a UI element, displayed in the middle-upper part of the screen. 


Capture the Flag

Those who arrive late must take on the challenge of defeating the standard-bearer.

Positioned prominently in the map's center is a Golden Flag, a major objective for both Guilds in the Guild War. This flag can be picked up by a player, and is dropped upon death. Successfully delivering the Flag to a Tower results in a significant amount of points to the capturing Guild.

In Guild Wars, participants will respawn at one of two shrines on their side of the battlefield, without the usual death debt being applied.


Emerge Victorious!

After the golden banner is claimed, a sprint begins.

Once the game is over, your guilds will return to the open land, but this time with a bounty of rewards!

So, don't miss the next Teaser Tuesday, where we'll share the additional unique prizes attached to Guild Wars, including more details about Forts

Until then, we wish you pleasant adventures in the world of Ravendawn


In the forge's glow, where hammers strike,

A power awakens, strong as pike.

Weapons rise with a newfound gleam,

As Warforging crafts the hero's dream.