Teaser Tuesday: On Strongholds, Forts and Warforging

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

As we gear up for our Major Update, we're pleased to welcome you to another Teaser Tuesday. As you’re already aware, the update will introduce new PvP and PvE systems, creating new opportunities for mid to late-game engagement.

This week, we’re wrapping up our conversation on guild-related systems, specifically the rewards and new opportunities they offer. If you missed the previous teaser, you can find it here. For those already up to date, we're glad to have you for part two:


One of the most interesting aspects of an MMORPG is the ability for players to band together to form powerful Guilds, creating lifelong friendships, alliances, and the conflicts that can arise with other Guilds. This update will feature two new types of open-world land for guilds: The smaller Guildhouses, Strongholds, and the larger, Forts. First, let’s delve into the former:


Your Guild's New Homebase

They say that the appetite grows as you eat. We, in turn, are confident that the size of strongholds will satisfy many.

Tailored for guilds, Strongholds are open world land structures that can be acquired and preserved by winning a monthly auction. Surpassing the size of Large Estates, they offer a Guild access to both Rooms and the encompassing land around the Stronghold. Following the update’s Release, we will progressively introduce the ability to also upgrade Strongholds up to three total Tiers, changing not only their strength but also the visual appearance.

Twenty Strongholds will be available, each going up for auction on a different day of the month. This also means that each month a Stronghold will go back up for bid, giving the existing Guild an opportunity to retain ownership of the Stronghold. Losing the bid means the land & rooms are reset, with ownership transferring to a new guild.


Memories of War

Traumatic memories of the war? Not when victory secures you a fort!

Last week, we introduced Guild Wars, a new weekly Guild vs Guild PvP Event. Open Land Forts are fought over in these Guild Wars, with Fort locations scattered across the world of Ravendawn. However, what we didn't reveal at that time were the specifics of seizing a particular Fort and the rewards awaiting participants.

For further information on the previous teaser, click here. To recap, the event initiates with a bidding phase where the top twenty guilds with the highest silver contributions contend for ten Forts. Within the Guild Wars UI, each of these guilds will designate their preferred Forts order. The system then distributes the Open Land Forts to the ten winners based on their initial bid rank and preferences. Consequently, retaining ownership of the Forts may prove to be quite challenging. We advise you to start saving and enlist your finest warriors for the task!

In the video provided, we recap the gameplay mechanics of Guild Wars. This confrontation unfolds weekly and spans a duration of up to 30 minutes, concluding either when one faction accumulates 1000 points or when the time limit elapses. Participants must maintain control over key points of interest, skillfully oversee their subordinates, and engage in fierce combat.


The Thrill of Triumph

Bask in the glory of victory and broaden the influence of your guild... until the next battle

Forts tower over the world at 900 total tiles large, being accessible by all Guild Members. Enclosed within the walls and four towers, there are four rooms, and a Warforge, details of which will be disclosed further. Fort rooms are free to configure and will provide Guild wide buffs.

Keep in mind that it's crucial to retain control of your Fort each week. If you emerge victorious in the Guild War and your bid exceeds that of other contenders, you'll retain ownership of the same Fort, and the room layout will remain unchanged. Otherwise, the Fort's rooms will be reset.

Rooms are Free to claim in Forts & Strongholds, so you don’t need to worry about the sunk cost of upgrading them.


Forge of War

One forge to rule them all…

The Major Update brings forth a new Warforging system. Warforging your Equipment enhances not only it’s attributes, but also Warforged Weapon Skills. All participants in Guild Wars, whether competing over a Fort or not, will earn Warforging Fragments, based on the Guilds performance. Even if your Guild is not in the top twenty bidding positions fighting over a Fort, you will also be awarded Warforging Fragments.

Within each Fort, as well as in Ravencrest, a Warforge will be available. However, the Warforge in a Fort has a weekly Free Charge

Warforging a weapon increases its Attack Power, Attributes, and Sub-Stats, while also upgrading its Weapon Skill to a superior Warforged Variant, enhancing the Weapon Skill to have further capability. 

Here is a teaser on a couple Warforged Weapon Skills:


Warforged Dagger

Gain additional 20% critical chance for 8 seconds. 
Warforged: Applies a reduced healing to the target of 10% for 4 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Every subsequent stack will refresh the duration.


Warforged Hammer

Deals (200% Weapon Power) in a large cone area in front of you. 
Warforged: The Hammer’s Area of Effect now also hits your own tile (but does not deal damage to you). The Hammer’s Area of Effect now applies Blessed Earth to the tiles hit.


Warforged Staff

Increases the damage of your skills by 15% at the cost of 15% more mana or health for 10 seconds. 
Warforged: Your next Casted Spell is an Instant Cast (Legacy Spells excluded). 


Warforged Greatsword

For 8 seconds, increase the damage of your skills and basic attacks by 12%, but you will receive 5% more damage for the same duration. 
Warforged: Now pulls a target that is up to 5 tiles away to you.

All warforged skills are subject to balance changes before the Expansion, as they continue to go through final balancing.


Enemies on the Horizon

As Ravendawn's defenses grow stronger, a new era is on the horizon

We hope you enjoyed today’s Teaser! Remember that each update marks the beginning of a new chapter in Ravendawn's evolution. As seen in both teasers, guild-focused content corresponds with the roadmap we introduced alongside the game's launch, paving the way for future endeavors.

Our teaser series is slowly approaching its conclusion, and with that, we’re thrilled to officially announce that from this point onward, the Major Update will be known as the first Ravendawn Expansion, Horizon’s Call. Please look forward to more information about it! While there will only be a few teasers left, they are certainly no less exciting, and we may even have some bonus stuff to share as well. We believe the next teaser will generate quite a buzz :) 

Until then, we hope you have a fantastic week ahead Adventuring!


In realms where whispers echo deep, 

Paths untold from secrets keep. 

Where essence weaves in nature's dance, 

Unlock the arcane, take the chance.