Teaser Tuesday: Secrets of Herbalism and Alchemy

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Welcome, Adventurers!

Last week, we have revealed that the Major Update we have been hinting at will be Ravendawn's First Expansion: Horizon's Call. The expansion will offer plenty of high-energy combat content, however we don’t want to neglect those in the community who prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience and exploring the world at their own pace. 

With that in mind, today, we're excited to share that Horizon’s Call will bring two New Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy!


Trackers with a keen eye will be the first to discover and take note of where the rarest reagents lie. To master these new professions you will traverse the map in search of Herbs, cultivate them in your own land, and combine them into Potions, Elixirs, Poisons, and other useful concoctions! Nature holds both life-giving and destructive powers, and it will be up to you to wield them!

Are you ready to embark on this journey to find the best ingredients? Then let's begin!


A Journey to the Edge of the World

Rise with the sun to collect the herbs before everyone else!

Once the expansion launches, various Herb Plants and Mushrooms will begin to grow across the game map. Herb Plants are typically found on the surface, while Mushrooms are primarily underground. Their locations will depend on the specific region of the world. Avoid well-trodden paths and venture deep into nature, as no herbs will be found on the roads.

Some Herbs will be commonly found, while others will be prized rarities. You won't see many Herbs growing close together, and certain species will appear individually. Initially, there will be twelve species of Herb Plants and twelve species of Mushrooms to collect!


The Herbalist’s Home

It’s time to take care of your garden!

By achieving sufficient Harvesting level, you can cultivate almost all types of Herbs, including Herb Plants and Mushrooms, on your land, as well as having the capabilities of gathering them in the open world.

Each Herb Plant and Mushroom will have three growth phases, with Harvesting possible only in the last phase. Their growth rates will vary. Each Herb will provide varying ingredients when harvested in the wild or cultivated on your land.

Let's get a closer look at ingredients you can obtain from Pirate's Bliss, that can be found in Sajecho, and Toxic Mushroom, which grows in the caves of Zephyr Vale:


Pirate’s Bliss

Pirate's Bliss

A tropical flower with a sweet and intoxicating scent, it’s often sought after by pirates and smugglers for its calming effects.

Juicy Roots

Thick, succulent roots that are rich in moisture and nutrients, prized for their sweet, refreshing taste.


Toxic Mushroom

Toxic Stem

A mushroom with a vibrant, toxic appearance and a pungent, acrid smell, it’s often avoided due to its poisonous properties.

Shimmering Spores

Small, pulsing particles that emit a soft, eerie glow in the darkness, leaving a faint, tingling sensation on the skin and a curious, slightly metallic scent.


The Art of Alchemy

Make sure you don't mess up the recipe!

Now let's discuss the second new Profession: Alchemy. The expansion will introduce a new type of Room for player houses where you can experiment with various ingredients collected from Herbs. Alchemy will enable the creation of four types of concoctions:

Potions: Basic magical drinks with immediate effects, such as health or mana restoration.

Elixirs: Powerful enhancing mixtures that offer a unique effect, temporarily increasing stats or boosting regeneration. Only one elixir can be active at a time.

Poisons and Oils: Substances that briefly enhance basic attacks, with effects that can weaken or poison your target. Poisons work on melee weapons, while oils are for ranged weapons.

Breeding Beverages: Mixtures uniquely beneficial to the Breeding profession, these potions increase the chances of successful moa breeding.


Potions, Elixirs, Poisons, and Oils will come in different Tiers. Crafting Higher-Tier Alchemy Products will require their Lower-Tier equivalents and additional ingredients obtained through Harvesting


Against All Odds

“Sadly, those who believe it’s cheatin’ to use poison in a fight are no longer with us… KEKEKE!” - Cheesefeet

Potions have the potential to sway the outcome of a battle in your favor! Now, let’s delve into some of them, shall we?:

Crushing Impact Tonic

With this tonic, your blows will land with greater Impact, leaving your enemies reeling from the damage!


 Sharpshooter's Precision Tonic

One sip of this potent tonic and your attacks will carry the Precision of a centuries old elven bowman!


Tonic of Swiftstep

If you meet with danger, this tonic is no stranger! It will remove any slowing effect and grant you a potent movement speed boost to escape unwanted trouble.


Frigid Poison

Coat your ranged weapon in this rare poison and watch as your foes become frighteningly frosty after each hit, barely able to pursue after you!


Tonic of Gold

A golden colored liquid boosting every core attribute, from Might to Wisdom. It's ascension in a bottle!


The best potions will only come from expert Alchemists, so focus on perfecting your craft and nature knowledge to excel beyond all others, leaving the likes of Basil and other vendors behind.


We are excited for you all to experience the two new Professions coming to Ravendawn in Horizon’s Call and we wish you good luck finding the rarest Herbs to craft the most potent Potions to aid you in battle!

Keep an eye out for our final Teaser Tuesday next week! The week after that, the expansion Horizon's Call Launch Date will be Officially Announced!

May the time fly by for all of us, and in the meantime, have fun contemplating the theme of our final teaser with the final riddle😊


Legends forged in rings of old,

Unlocking potential, stories unfold.

Rooms embrace with warmest grace,

Expanding homes where dreams find place.