World Map

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The world of Ravendawn is massive, this world map does not share any of the caves, dungeons or labyrinths to be explored. But this allows you all to get a taste of how the world looks.

As you will see there are many large open areas around the world map, these are all empty for a purpose, they are areas to be inhabited and developed by you the players! Forming small communities, or even Towns!

The Ice continent is one of the higher level areas in the World of Ravendawn, and remains hidden until the first settlers chart it!

Names of established cities, towns, regions and islands are for you to uncover.

This World Map available here is the same World Map & Mini-Map players in-game will have available to explore the World of Ravendawn and everything it has to offer.

Attached in this post is a small resolution of the World Map.


The Full Resolution World Map Image is quite large, to avoid the page loading slow, you can download the full resolution world map here if you want more detail!

Ravendawn World Map Full Version